-By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahirق

(Extract from Suhbuh given 26/01/2017 in Columbo, Sri Lanka)

The one of us who are weak servants. He needs Allah Almighty to send for us a Guide. A Waliyan Murshida. An Awliya but to be a murshid also. Whom already practising in this way to reach Allah Almighty through Rasool’Allahﷺ. And they are sending him back to bring people to the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. For this Allah Almighty saying in Surah Al-Kahf, the one whom Allah Almighty dressed by guidness, honouring him Allah Almighty from his generosity he sometimes puts people and dresses them like Prophets, like Awliya’Allah, like Sahaba, already without doing anything he dressed them by guidance by hidayah. The one who missed the way, the one who forgets Allah Almighty. The one who forgets Rasool’Allahﷺ. The one who forgets himself who he is from Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. Whom created him. Who activated him, how he is taking, how he is seeing, how he is hearing, how he is doing, how he is eating his food. How he is digesting. How he is surviving. The one who forgets then Allah Almighty saying never he will find for him a murshid a guidance but must be a Wali an Awliya’Allah Waliyan Murshida. The one whom Allah Almighty loves, he will send for him an Awliya’Allah but not an ordinary Awliya. There are plenty of Awliya even high rank Awliya but they are only for Barakah for blessings and for dua. There are some Awliya for guidance. To take your hand and dress you by special spiritual wings and make you fly in the Heavenly stations of the Divinely Kingdom and Throne of Allah Almighty. Like this you must search, asking Allah Almighty to send one like this. To dress us by wings Spiritual wings like Makaikah to be flying in the Heavenly Stations in the Throne of Allah Almighty. Making Tawaaf around the Throne of Allah Almighty. To be making sujood in between the hands of Allah Almighty like Rasool’Allahﷺ he did in the Eve of Mi’raj. And for this our Imam Sayyidona Ali Ibn Abi Talib Radi’Allahu Wa Anhu Wa Karamallahu Wajhu Khalifa of Rasool’Allahﷺ. Listen well! He said, “Never I made a sajda to an unseen God.” Whenever he used to make sajda he used to see Allah Almighty and do it between the hands of Allah Almighty. And the Sahaba they reached, Rasool’Allahﷺ make them to reach, making them to converting their chemistry, changing their elements to be Godly ones. Divinely ones always in the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. Nowadays all the people, all of us forgetting Allah Almighty. Forgetting Rasool’Allahﷺ. But only remembering when we are crowded in such as crowd which Allah Almighty blessed this crowd. It is under the Almighty hand of Allah Almighty. As Allah Almighty saying that My Almighty Hand is over any crowd which is crowed on the love of Allah Almighty. The love of Rasool’Allahﷺ. The love of Zikrullah. The love of Salat WaSalam on Rasool’Allahﷺ. Specially which is connected with Grandshaykhs, with Awliya’Allah, with Sayyidona Abu Bakr Siddique, Sayyidona Ali Ridwanallah Alihi Ajmaeen, with Sahaba, with Ahlul Bayt, connected with Rasool’Allahﷺ. Then Rasool’Allahﷺ will connect us with the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. Such a crowd we are under the hand of Allah Almighty. We are under the hand of Rasool’Allahﷺ. We are under the hand of Sayyidona Shah Naqshband the Imam of the Naqshbandiyyah Aliyyah Way. We are under the hand of Siddique-Ul-Akbar our father Sayyidona Abu Bakr Siddique. We are under the hand of our Imam and our father Sayyidona Ali RadiAllahu Anhu Wa Karamallahu Wajh. We are under the hand of Sahib Uz Zaman. More than this, we are under the hand of Seal of Awliya Khatm Ul Awliya ق. We are under the hand of Sultan Ul Awliya ق. And so the one who crowded himself under the hands of all these appreciated Godly ones. Then under the hand of Rasool’Allahﷺ, under the hand of Allah Almighty then never Shaytan, never Devil, never Satan, never the egoistic life of him, never his Nafs, never his desires can take him from under the hands of Allah Almighty. There is no power to take you from under the hand of Allah Almighty. Because Allah Almighty is the creator. He is the All Powerfull Allah Almighty. The one whom Allah Almighty covering him anyone can take him from under the cover of Allah Almighty? Never! And for this tho blessed meeting of Zikrullah and Salat WaSalam on Rasool’Allahﷺ, Allah Almighty sending by the witnessing of Seal of Awliya Grandshaykh ق and Mawlana Shaykh ق and by the witnessing of Rasool’Allahﷺ and Sayyidona Abu Bakr Siddique RadiAllahu Anhu and Sayyidona Ali RadiAllahu Anhu and Sahib Uz Zaman. Allah Almighty sending Malaikah circulating us. Circles over circles till the Throne of Allah Almighty. And continuesly forever all our zikr all our Salat WaSalam on Rasool’Allahﷺ. For example if we did a little bit of Salatu WaSalam but these Malaikah will continue forever. Continuing this Zikr and Salat WaSalam on Rasool’Allahﷺ. And Allah Almighty making it written in our books. Not to be written by the hand of Malaikah but to be taken directly by the Almighty Hand of Allah Almighty without how. And for this Mawlana says and Grandshaykh says, endless blessings will be dressed over the ones whom they are connected with Seal of Awliya and Sultan of Awliya and Sayyidona Abu Bakr Siddique RadiAllahu Anhu and Sayyidona Ali RadiAllahu Anhu , Sayyidona Shah Naqshband ق with Rasool’Allahﷺ. Then Allah Almighty will upgrade them to be in the neighbourhood to Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty will take all this crowd while we do this zikr we where in Mi’raj until we reached to be in the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. Under the eyes and lights of the Holy Essence of Allah Almighty. Under the reality and holy essence of Rasool’Allahﷺ. And when we finish by Salat WaSalam they descend us back to our place here where we are sitting. Our Souls our spirituality our ruhaniyyah it is dressed by wings flying. We are depending on Allah Almighty. We are depending on Rasool’Allahﷺ. We are depending on Awliya’Allah whom Allah Almighty is promising them that anyone who enters into their heart and crowds himself on love of them. Allah Almighty will look at their hearts and look at them. Allah Almighty will dress them to be Rabbani to be Godly ones. To be Divinely ones. You will see if you reach in this time the time of Sahib Uz Zaman you will be dressed by all this. If you make seclusion if you smash yourself. You finish your humanity then you will be dressed by all this and then you can see it. Not as a vision but you can see it and touch it and you will be stepping in these all Heavenly Stations. You will be stepping in the Ocean of Wahdaniyyah of Oneness of Allah Almighty. You will be stepping into and swimming in the Ocean of Ahadiyyah of Allah Almighty. Otherwise the one who leaves himself only for this life but to be good servant in the meantime. When he will be passing away, never he will pass away Mawlana ق says and Grandshaykh ق says except in the last seven breaths where his soul is coming out. Then Allah Almighty will open for him all these high ranks. And he will dress it to him. And he will be taken not by the Angel of death. Angel of death cannot approach the one sitting in our crowd of love of Allah Almighty and love of Rasool’Allahﷺ. The Malaikah will be burned from their light. The soul will be stuck to the rising hand of Allah Almighty which will be shining over us. And our soul will be stuck on the hand of Allah Almighty then we will return to Allah Almighty. We will be taken by the Almighty Hand of Allah Almighty. Rasool’Allahﷺ will be the Waliyan Murshid for us. The guiding one for us. The Imam for us who will take us and give us directly to the Almighty Hand of Allah Almighty.


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