The Secrets behind Grandshaykh’s Dua al-Mathoor

What is the secret and benefit of reading Grandshaykh’s Dua al Mathoor?

Every Awliyaa has a speciality. So Seal of Awliyaa (Shaykh Abdullah Al-Faiz Ad Dagestani). He was ordered by RasoolAllah to use the Du’aa of every unknown ones who was accepted by Allah Almighty and used to be the worst. But he used to make Du’aa by this, Allah upgrade him from a very criminal one to an Awliyaa accepted by Allah Almighty.

Since Grandshaykh is tolerating all the sins of all Children of Adam. Not only the Nation. So he chose the Du’aa of every worst sinners in the earth. Then he end them by the Du’aa for the sake of the seclusion between Allah Almighty and RasoolAllah and by the secrets of all Lovers beloved to Allah Almighty and for this seclusion, accept my Du’aa and all this Du’aa is IstighfaarTawbah. For this, he chose it.

This special Du’aa of Mawlana Sultan’al-Awliyaa, anyone will read it, Allah first of all will fulfil for them anything in their mind from this Du’aa.

Then they will be cleaned and under the eyes of Allah Almighty. People they spend so much money to go to Arafat to stand. Either Allah will look or not. Not every year Allah looking. If Allah look at them, they will be cleaned. This Du’aa, every time you read it, there is a looking from Allah Almighty over you, there is a looking from RasoolAllah over you, looking from Grandshaykh Sultan’al-Awliyaa over you, looking from Sultan’al-Awliyaa Mawlana Shaykh Nazim over you, then all the ministers of Sayyidina Mahdi Alayhis salaam looking over you.

For this, it is a very important Du’aa for all the coming Awliyaa til Day of Yaum al Qiyaamah. 

Click the link below to read the Dua al-Mathoor of Grandshaykh Abdullah Al Faiz Ad-Dagestani (q)




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