Adab Of The Day Of Ashura

On 10th of Muharram (Saturday 30th September) Pray 4 Rakaat Sunnat’ul Ashura Between Sunrise And Sunset. After Fatiha 11 Times Ikhlaas Shareef In Every Rakaat  70 Times Hasbunaallah Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Ni’mal Mawla Wa Ni’man Nasir  Read 7 times : SubhanAllahi ‘adada shaf’i wal watri. SubhanAllahu mil al Mizan wa muntaha ‘ilma, Wa mablaghal rida,... Continue Reading →


Practises Of Muharram For Welcoming The New Year

As advised & following beloved Mawlana Sheikh Nazim's ق practices on the Adab of Muharram: 1. Insha'Allah one should fast on the 1st day of Muharram. However if unable to, then one can make sadakah instead of fasting. 2. As observed by Mawlana ق, he used to performed 4 rakaat of Salat'ul Tasbih, 3. 100x... Continue Reading →

Try To Be A Spiritual One!

So try and change to be best one and real one. To be a spiritual one. Try to immigrate from your physical state to your spiritual state. Try to immigrate from your physical body to your spiritual body. To the body which related to the Heavens. To the ocean of Wahdaniyyah of Allah Almighty. Try... Continue Reading →

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