Disobey Shaytan and obey Allah Almighty

-By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahirق

(Extract from Suhbuh given 27/01/2017 in Columbo, Sri Lanka)

Disobey Shaytan and obey Allah Almighty. And you see in this time which we are in no one is obeying Allah Almighty. All they are obeying Shaytan. They are obeying Shaytan by obeying their mind, by obeying their selves. By obeying their egos. What they think it is good they are doing by it, which Allah Almighty or Rasool’Allahﷺ never like it. And for this Allah Almighty making Lawhil Mahfooz (Preserved Tablets) where this in the seven Heavens Sayyidona Gibrael AlayhiSalam is keeping it. Where Allah Almighty either confirming or erasing depending on if you are really obeying Allah Almighty or not. If you are obeying Allah Almighty, then he will give you all success. If you are disobeying Allah Almighty, then he will give you all harmful. The one who obeys himself he obeys Shaytan Allah Almighty will make his life all suffering. Never he will be successful. The one who always respecting and obeying Allah Almighty. And he is making his best to please Allah Almighty then all his life will be successful. But still no one is accepting. All the people they think that whatever they are doing is the right thing. Even if it’s the worst thing. Because they are not taking or asking any advice from whom Allah Almighty saying and ordering to All Mu’mins, to All believers, to All Mankind. What Allah Almighty saying, Oh people obey Allah Almighty dressed by Taqwa and take for yourself a true one. An Awliya, search to have a Sadiq. Don’t do anything except to ask him, to do or not, is it good for you or not, you think like this or not. Because the true one, the Awliya’Allah Allah Almighty opening all the veils and he can see what is written on the Lawhil Mahfooz. And he can tell you what Allah Almighty is confirming for you and what will be the best for you. And what Allah Almighty saying don’t do because it will be giving you a suffering time. But no one now is searching to find a good one a true one. A Sadiq or a Siddique. To follow him to accept him, even though there are plenty but no one accepting them. Because everyone now is full with proudness. Only seeing himself as knowing everything and all the others know nothing. Everyone following his mind but Allah Almighty making the mind to be limited. Allah Almighty making the mind to be only a limited thinking, giving you troubles and a suffering time. While Allah Almighty making the one whom follows his heart. Who follows and accepts a guide in his life, a true one. To take him as a guidness for him. To think for him. To advise him. According to what he is seeing written for him. How Allah Almighty programming this one. What Allah Almighty writing for him the best for his life. He will tell him. And he will do by it and he will be successful. Otherwise you will see all the people they are under revenge and punishment of Allah Almighty. No one is happy in his life,why? Because it’s a punishment from Allah Almighty. Everyone has a headache – punishment from Allah Almighty. Everyone has a sickness – punishment from Allah Almighty. Everyone not happy – punishment from Allah Almighty over him. Because no one anymore is following Allah Almighty. No one is following the Shariah of Rasool’Allahﷺ. No one following Awliya’Allah. And for this Rasool’Allahﷺ he hide the Awliya’Allah. He hide the Siddique and the Sadiq. Because no one know searching for a one and to follow and to ask him. Now everyone taking his advice from his his Shaytan from his devil, from his mind from his nafs. He will ask her shall I do this and she will tell him, “Yes very good.” And then he will do it then he will be punished by Allah Almighty. Rasool’Allahﷺ says and the hadeeth is very clear. And the Ayah in the Holy Quran very clear. That always if you are not finding a good advisor for you a Sadiq a true man. A Siddique a true one an Awliya. Then take your ego yourself to be your advisor. Ask her shall I do this.. and if she says yes very good do it Rasool’Allahﷺ said don’t do it! Do the opposite to it. Disobey it. Do totally opposite to what she advising you to do. It will be good advisor to you. Allah Almighty saying that the man must be controlling the women not by the meaning of female but by the meaning of your nafs your ego of your self. Your inside your Satanic world inside you. You must control it. Not to let your ego control you. Not to make your Satanic world to control you.


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