Names of 99 Caliphs of Sayyidina Mahdi

Names of Wuzara, Caliphs and Deputies of Sayyidina Mahdi Alayhi’s Salaam Whoever reads the names of these guided ones daily, Allah will open guidance to their heart as through them, they will be guided. Whoever seeks forgiveness from Allah for their sake, or for resolution of a problem, relief from difficulty, or for a marriage.... Continue Reading →


Grand Wazirs Of Sayyidona Mahdi A.S

Sahibul Zaman Sayyidina Muhammad al Mahdi alaihis-salam Mawlana Shahmatul Fardani Mawlana Yusuf as-Siddiq Mawlana Abdul Rauf al-Yamani Mawlana Imamul Arifin amanul Haq Mawlana Lisanul Muttakalimin Awnallah Sakhawi Mawlana Arrifal Tayar al Ma'ruf bil Mulhan Mawlana Burhanul Karama Ghauthul annam

Heavenly Titles of Grandshaykh Abdullah Al Fa’iz ad’Dagestani (Q)

These are the Heavenly titles of Grandshaykh (q) dressed by Allah Almighty and Sayyidina RasoolAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم from Pre-Eternal to Eternity. These names are translated into English from Mawlana Shaykh Adnan's book Futuhat al-Haqqaniyah.  Please recite Al-Fathiah for the Soul of Grandshaykh (q) and by reciting these titles,  you attain the blessings associated with... Continue Reading →

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