Look Only At Yourself & Don’t Break Anyone’s Heart

-By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahir ق (Extract from Suhbuh given 24/01/2017 in Columbo, Sri Lanka)

Don’t depend on your deeds, don’t depend on your worshipping. Don’t depend on your practising. Only depend on the Shafa’ah of Rasool’Allahﷺ. Depend on Allah Almighty. Train yourself as much as you can to be humble to each other. To love each other. To serve each other. To be polite with each other. Don’t backbite each other. Don’t make enmity between each other. Don’t be rude to anyone. Don’t insult anyone. Allah Almighty will then forgive you and upgrade you and dress you to be an Awliya to Allah Almighty. Even if you don’t have any worshipping but you have strong Imaan in Allah Almighty and love Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. To show love of Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ, when you love all of the creation of Allah Almighty as you say you love Allah Almighty. Then really you love Allah Almighty. When you love everyone of the Nation of Rasool’Allahﷺ then really you love Rasool’Allahﷺ. Then you will be entering into the heart of Rasool’Allahﷺ. And Allah Almighty looking everyday into the heart of Rasool’Allahﷺ. Whoever in his heart they will be under the eyes of Allah Almighty. Also when you respect all the mureeds all the mu’mins. All the Sufi ways. All the mureeds of all Shuyukh and Awliya’Allah . Then you really love the Awliya’Allah and then really you respect them. Then you will be in their heart and Rasool’Allahﷺ will be looking in their heart and Allah Almighty. And like this you will be upgraded. But the ones who don’t care and who are living only to be a one whom tracing the badness of everyone. Looking at the badness of everyone. What they are doing wrong. Then Allah Almighty is going to first of all without questioning send them to Jahanam (Hellfire). To be well washed in Jahanam before to enter Paradise. Allah Almighty saying in the hadeeth of Rasool’Allahﷺ if you break down the Kabbah which is baytullah it is easier than to break down a heart of one of children of Adam AlayhiSalam. He didn’t say a heart of a Muslim or Mu’min. But the hadeeth says to break or ruin a heart of one of children of Adam AlayhiSalam. Which means to insult him, to be rude to him. To break his heart. To make him unhappy that you ruined his heart. Allah Almighty saying no forgiveness for this one! Because the heart of everyone of my children of Adam AlayhiSalam is My house. I didn’t neither Heavens or Earths choose them to be a house for me or Kabah or Madinah or Quds asharif. Only I chose the hearts of the mu’mins of children of Adam AlayhiSalam to be my house. To Allah Almighty all human beings before they came to this life to Allah Almighty they used to be mu’mins. In the Day of Promises they all announced their shahadah to Allah Almighty. They announced their Islam. They announced their Imaan and they all accepted Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. They accepted all Prophets. All Holy books and Holy Quran. All of them announced and submitted themselves. And for this to Allah Almighty they are all mu’mins. When they came to his planet this Earth. Rasool’Allahﷺ he said that every born one is born on Islam. Either his father or mother make his Christian or a Buddhist or a Jewish. They are converting him but Allah Almighty created him and make him to be born on Fitra on Islam. Rasool’Allahﷺ said that can a created one remove the Stamp of Allah Almighty the creator on this jewels which Allah Almighty make it in the children of Adam AlayhiSalam to be born on Imaan and Islam. No never they can. If this room is full with waste and smoke. Will this lamp be wasted or will it still be giving light? Nothing can waste the light of Allah Almighty. All Jinn, Angels, Children of Adam AlayhiSalam and all creations are created from the light of Allah Almighty. From the light of Rasool’Allahﷺ and light of Adam AlayhiSalam. Any waste can it badness or dirtiness can switch off the light of Allah Almighty? Can it switch off the light of Rasool’Allahﷺ? Can it switch off the light Adam AlayhiSalam? If yes then shaytan and bad things will be much more powerful than Allah Almighty. Can be? No! Cannot be! “Hasha Thuma Kala”. There cannot be anyone more powerful then the creator Allah Almighty! Allahu Akbar Ul Akbar, Allah is the All Mighty, All Greatness is for Allah Almighty. All Power is for Allah Almighty. And nothing can switch off the light of Allah Almighty. No one can dare to challenge Allah Almighty. Don’t challenge Allah Almighty! Don’t be enemy to Allah Almighty. Don’t challenge Rasool’Allahﷺ and don’t be enemy to Rasool’Allahﷺ. And all Prophets and all Awliya’Allah and all Ahlul Bayt Un Nabi and all Sahaba. Whatever you see from them you have nothing to be interfering in between them. Look at your self who is under your cap. Who is under your scarf. It’s yourself! Allah Almighty saying dress by hidayah and guidance. Make yourself to be very good member and lover to Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. Change your behaviour and manners to good ones. And don’t look right or left on anyone else. You have nothing to do with anyone else. You are not responsible for anyone. Why you want to. Everyone Allah Almighty will question him alone. If you did something bad you will be punished not anyone else. And you have nothing to do with him. So try and change to be best one and real one. To be a spiritual one. Try to immigrate from your physical state to your spiritual state. Try to immigrate from your physical body to your spiritual body. To the body which related to the Heavens. To the ocean of Wahdaniyyah of Allah Almighty. Try to reach to where you came from. We came from the ocean of Wahdaniyyah of Allah Almighty. Passing by the attributes of Allah Almighty. Then to the Divinely Godly world of names of Allah Almighty. Then we where brought up to the Divinely Godly world of deeds to be appearing like as we are now.  


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