Enter Your Cacoon & Come Out Flying

-By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahir ق

(Extract from Suhbuh given 28/01/2017 in Columbo, Sri Lanka)

Everyone has a buraq but no one knows how to use it. Even we are not even asking for it. No one is even asking to have it. No one is saying, “Oh Allah Almighty send me my Buraq.” Everyone Allah Almighty created for him a Buraq. A horse to fly on. And for this if you are not asking why should Allah Almighty give you then. Allah Almighty, how many time Mawlana ق and Grandshaykh ق gave us many examples and how much from their station we are telling you this example. The worm of silk, the silk worm which makes silk. And plenty like this story. The worm she will be eating for 2 or 3 months from green leaves. And after eating from it she will make its own grave it’s own cacoon from it. She will build and build and build. Then after finishing it as a worm she will enter and close it tightly. And this cacoon will be a silk cacoon which you cannot cut by your hand. You need knife or scissors to cut it. 40 days a full seclusion of 40 days. If you open it before 40 days you will see this worm turned into ashes, nothing just dust inside this cocoon. If you leave it as it is for 40 days as Allah Almighty decides and programmed for it. You will see that after 40 days with just some saliva and not scissors she is able to cut a hole out of this cucoon and come out. To enter as a worm then dust, ashes as nothing then come out as a butterfly. Dressed by wings and able to fly now. From a worm to a butterfly now flying. No need for water. No need for food. Never eating. Never drinking. Then Allah Almighty will make her to put small seeds for a new generation. Which means to give benefit to hundreds of seeds for worms to be after a full seclusion for them. When you keep them on a cloth then after a while from the seeds they will emerge as small worms more silk worms again. And these butterflies after 3 or 4 days Allah Almighty will make them to disappear. You won’t even see them die either, they will totally disappear. From being a worm to ashes dust being nothing to then coming out of the cucoon to being a butterfly. How about you children of Adam AlayhiSalam. You are much more honoured than all Angels, all Jinn, all Animals, all insects, all reptiles, all all worms. Allah Almighty honouring us. If the worm Allah Almighty gave it this power to do this then how about you? If you try your best to make Allah Almighty pleased from you. Then to build up your own grave, your own seclusion, your own cucoon. And stay inside until you finish all your humanity. To be no more existing then Allah Almighty will be dressing you by Divinely life. Then you can come out from this cucoon in a different shape, in different creation which looks like human being but no longer human being. As holy Quran saying about Rasool’Allahﷺ that he ﷺ is a human like you but heﷺ is not a human like you. His elements different from you. Heﷺ is a one who has a face with me and a face with you. Heﷺ is a one who has revelations connected with the Heavens. Heﷺ is not a earthly one anymore. And like this after 40 days of completing. Allah Almighty completing and perfecting you and Rasool’Allahﷺ and your Shaykh. You will come out totally changed, even he looks like himself but will be totally changed like the butterfly, like the worm dressed by wings to fly. To fly in the Divinely Godly world and to give, to guide people and bring new a new generation to bring them and guide them in these ways of Heavens to reach to the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty by the Will of Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ. And to swim in the oceans, in these oceans of Uniqueness of Ahadiyyah the oceans of oneness of Wahdaniyyah of Allah Almighty. Like this Allah almighty Almighty giving power to his Saints. Rasool’Allahﷺ giving power to his Ahlul Bayt. To his holy family. To his companions. To all his Saints whom inheriting from his secrets. To well brought up everyone who is asking. No more existing but as only lights of Allah Almighty to be existing in him. And to be a spiritual one, a Godly one. And then all his spiritual senses not physical senses but all his spiritual senses related to his soul, through physical senses from eyes, ears, touching and feeling and the sensors which can feel and observe whatever going around you from Heavens to Earths. From Throne to Throne. What is going on up and down in the Kingdom of Allah Almighty. You will be seeing. You will be hearing. You will be one activating in the Divinely kingdom of Allah Almighty. But you are happy in this waste life only eating and drinking like animals and then sexual desires. Then at the end of the day coming and sleeping. This is our life until the Angel of Death will come. Then you will wake up! Then Allah Almighty will take off all veils and your eyes will be sharpened. No more these eyes will be working but the eyes of your soul of your heart seeing what Allah Almighty prepares for you to reach and be dressed. But you missed them because you where wasting your time following bad friends who make you to miss Zikrullah. To miss the way of Allah Almighty. And you will be complaining why I didn’t take the way of Rasool’Allahﷺ, and the companions and Awliya’Allah to be with them and take the way, remembering Allah Almighty in every minute. Was much better for me than to follow these friends and money. Money not benefiting me.

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