Allah Almighty Loves Us Before We Love Him

Allah Almighty loves us before we love him, Allah Almighty mentioned our name before we mentioned his, Allah Almighty dressed us by realities and secrets before we even try to reach to realities and secrets, Allah Almighty said he loves us so he created us, Allah Almighty created us so we can be one whom representing him, as Allah Almighty said to the Malaikah, I’m creating on earth a Khalif whom representing me, I’m making a creation to represent the Godly will of Allah Almighty, to represent the Godly power of Allah Almighty, to represent the greatest name of Allah Almighty, which all Malaikah, all Heavens, all Earths, all creation which where scared to carry this Amanah from Allah Almighty, to carry this trust from Allah Almighty, only Mankind, Adam and his children claimed in the Divinely presence “we can carry this Amanah Oh Allah Almighty, give it to us and we will carry” and for this Allah Almighty choosing them, and dressed them by his greatest name, and made them to be Khalif of him and represent him, but when they came to this earth, they were betraying Allah Almighty, they were doing everything against the will of Allah Almighty, they forget what they promised Allah Almighty on the day of Promises, Any one of you remember what you promised Allah Almighty, when he called all of your souls on the Day of promises? When Allah Almighty was making a covenant with everyone of you, when Allah Almighty was making a promise with everyone of you, what was that covenant, what was that promise you made to Allah Almighty? Anyone remembering? No! And for this Allah Almighty sending his prophets & Seal of Prophets to remind his people by what they promised him, and what they come to this earth and this life and not fulfilling what they promised Allah Almighty, and Allah Almoghty saying, I’ve created Jinn & Mankind only to worship me, I didn’t create them for anything else other than worship, when they came to earth all of them thinking. Allah Almighty sent them here to disobey Allah Almighty, and to obey their Shaytan, and to obey their egos, and to follow to always be far away from Allah Almighty, and if you want to enter the way to Allah Almighty, quickly the ignorant Ulema will come and say, Shirk! Bid’ah! Kufr! – you are out of Islam. They are the ones responsible for everyone to keep the shariah of Rasool’Allah but they are making everyone to run away from the Rasool’Allah and Allah Almighty, before, all our ancestors and grandfathers used to by keeping all the five prayers with Jama’ah in the mosque, mostly always full, if you where missing the one you would find him attending a scholar who is giving an advice in the mosque, now who is giving advice in the mosque? Who is making circles of ilm of knowledge in the mosque? The mosque totally empty, even during five prayers you will see mostly one or two rows full only – in this big mosque.. Only some older ones who are near to their grave saying let us now pray a little, while the young ones no one, because we have in front of us plenty of life to life, plenty of age, let us now enjoy ourselves, then will come a time we will repent and go after Allah Almighty, but no one is guaranteed that the Angel of death isn’t going to take his soul any minute, the Angel of death only waiting the order of Allah Almighty, never differentiate between a young one or a old one, he doesn’t care, when Allah Almighty telling him go and take the soul of this one, finished! Quickly he will be descending and taking the soul, Allah Almighty appointing a Angel Sayyidona Izrael to take the souls as he has no mercy but other Angels they have mercy.
–  Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahirق

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