Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

The Oceans beyond All Oceans. Transcripts of Suhbahs from Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (q)


May 2016

Love (2012)

Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad, madad Ya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani Assalamu alaykum First of all salams from Mawlana Shaykn (qs) for everyone and he is giving all his love and salam and respect to all of you and always you are in his heart, mentioning & praying for all of you. Insha Allah soon he will be in between us again, as before. Now only sending salams and love and cares for all who come to visit him, even they are not able to see him but it is already malaikah that they have been as if sitting with Mawlana and they are blessed and they have the good tidings of when Sayidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq (ra) on his last visit to Rasulullah (sas) when he was so sick and he came to visit him and was not able to see him except only looking on him. Rasulullah (sas) gave good tidings that on every step of Sayidina Abu Bakr Siddiq(ra) on the way until he reached to Rasulullah(sas) Allah making all malaikah of heavens and earths to bless and give mercy and high maqam to S. Abu Bakr (ra) for this visit.

If all the Sahaba were not able to have this good tidings and this maqam which Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) got for his last visit to Rasulullah (sas). Mawlana says that at the end of time the one who is visiting Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs) he is sick and even were not able to see him come to his awliya, to dergah, it is enough, Allah will give them. Mawlana say, Rasulullah (sas) was giving good tidings to all Sahaba that this was given to Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) like this but at the end… if anyone visits the one who inheriting my Divinely secret and he is a good believer and he is Awliya especially Sultan of Awliya if Allah Almighty will give whatever He gave to Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) and to Sahaba, it is not going to be enough he said. Allah is going to be as if he is in not enough to give them all these good tidings, 70,000 times more Allah is going to open oceans of high maqams and blessings 70,000 times more than was given to S. Abu Bakr (ra) & Sahaba If anyone visiting at the end of the Ummah, the end of the time near time when the signs of Yawm al Qiyamah appearing they will be given for every step 70,000 times higher than what given in the time of the Sahaba. Because Rasulullah (sas) he said, “You are my Sahaba, you are my companions, but at that time, the Ummah will be beloved to me. You are my Sahaba, my Companions to me but I am so anxious so in love to see the end of my Nation, the end of my Ummah by these eyes. I love them, they are beloved to me, because they believe in me, they respect me, and when my name is mentioned they give salat-u-salam & they cry from love and they didn’t see me. If they saw me what will happen? And for this they are beloved to me”.

Sayyidina Umar (ra) says “O Rasulullah can be at that time, can be sharing these good tidings?” He said “No Umar, no Umar, no Umar,” 3 times, “these good tidings are only for the end of the Nation.” This Ummah, which we are now living, and for this the main important thing and the title for our small meeting today is ‘Love’. Rasulullah (sas) built Islam on love built faith, iman on love, on love of Allah almighty, of Rasulullah (sas), love of Ahlul Bayt, Awliya Allah love of Mumins to each other, not to be in enmity, & hatred & jealous from each other but to love each other, to love Rasulullah (sas). To love Allah Almighty as Rasulullah (sas) saying “no iman, no faith will be dressed to anyone to whom I will not be beloved to him from his money, from his father, from his mother, his family & children, if I am not the most beloved to him from his self , from his soul. Then no iman will be dressed to him. Like this Rasulullah (sas) built Sahaba and his Ummah on love and to love each other saying also no iman will be given to the heart if you don’t love your brother as you love yourself. No iman if you don’t love, “La yu’min ahadukum hatta yuhibbah li akhihi ma yuhibbah li nafsih”

He who doesn’t love good things for his brother as himself also, he will not be dressed by iman. How about us who are the students or lovers of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, murids of Mawlana & we say we love Mawlana Shaykh but we don’t love this or that, or we don’t love each other, then we will be a bad example for people all over the world because everyone coming here by love to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. So everyone must love each other as they love Mawlana Shaykh Nazim otherwise we will not be dressed by the fruits of spirituality. They will not be given spirituality, they will not be given vision they will not be given connection with Allah Almighty, & Rasulullah (sas) & Mawlana & Awliya. Even if they imagine they are something important, they have title, or they are big awliya but in reality it is all imagination, illusions. Because to be like this you must fill your heart with love, even respect the cat on door of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. How about his murids? How about the ones serving Mawlana Shaykh Nazim? If you don’t love, that means your heart is empty of all kinds of spiritualities and from all of mercies and all kinds of blessing coming from Allah almighty to Rasulullah (sas) and from Rasulullah (sas) to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs). Because as Rasulullah’s (sas) revelation from Allah almighty the same, the revelation of inheritance of secrets of Rasulullah (sas) will be his revelation coming from Rasulullah (sas). Never he say anything except by what Rasulullah (sas) will make revelation to him to say. He never speaks from himself but speaks according to what revelation is coming from Rasulullah (sas). Or sometimes he will tell the one who doesn’t care to listen from him according to the ego of the one, he will tell him like this, but it doesn’t mean that Mawlana is happy from what he is saying to him. And he is not happy from that one. Mawlana likes everyone to love each other and to respect each other and to be all of them as one. Not to be different hearts and different bodies and all of them they are sitting together in the same dergah & zawiyah & no one is respecting & loving the other.

You must only be one group, group of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Allah says to Rasulullah(sas) “All your Sahabah, Ummah are one group.” They are the party of Allah Almighty and they are the successful ones. They are the party of Allah almighty and Sayyidina Isa (as) was saying to Disciples and Children of Israel “man ansari il’ Allah -those supporting me for the sake of Allah Almighty who support Allah Almighty, Allah doesn’t need to be supported, He is supporting all of us but Allah likes to see people who are supporting & raising the name of Allah Almighty by love & so He say “O who is supporting the name of Allah Almighty, who is supporting Allah Almighty who is supporting me for the sake of Allah Almighty and the real lovers the real true ones say, “We are the supporters of Allah Almighty & for you & witness us to be good Muslims, Which means good ones submitting ourselves to Allah Almighty & to you”. This for Sayyidina Isa (as), how about you Nation of Rasulullah (sas)?

All over the world how much you must be supporters for Allah & Rasul (sas). Specially murids of Mawlana Shaykh how much they must love each other respect each other & be good with each other. And to respect each other as they respect Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Don’t differentiate between anyone, don’t say “this is good this is bad” All of them have baya’ with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. All of them are under the eyes of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim all of them are under the Shafa’a of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. And for this deed Mawlana always happy, & don’t make him ashamed in front of Rasulullah (sas) or shyful, because Rasulullah (sas) will tell him “Your murids are in their hearts in enmity to each other and don’t love each other. Why? And I am giving you all power to make them love each other.” Plenty of shaytans in between the murids plenty of satanic, and devils who try. Satan tries to take the jewels of the Naqshbandi Way the Light of the Naqshbandi Way, the Light of Reality steal the Light of spirituality from their heart, he plays with them to make them talk on the back of each other to take from them this light and they will go to bed and he will laugh “Why you follow me, I was only trying to make fitna between you? Why did you listen to me? Why are you following me? And you have Sultan of Awliya to follow, follow him. I’m not telling you to follow me but you are following me as you like, since you follow me, go to Hell”. And so no one to follow his thoughts specially devils’ thoughts.

No one to follow his imagination. Always follow teaching of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, always follow to love each other because Rasul (sas) built us on love and Maulana Shaykh built us on love, all Grandshaykhs built us on love. And you can see through books, because no one was in time of Sahaba. How they loved each other & loved Rasulullah (sas) that they give their soul and their bodies and selves to save Rasulullah (sas) in battles and all the wars. How about all of us nowadays, murids of Mawlana in this time how much we must be united ones, loving each other to be good examples for everyone to come & join us in this line of spirituality and reality to reach safely to Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (sas). May Allah Almighty forgive us & bless us. Ila Sharaf al Nabi… …on the intention Mawlana Shaykh, Allah give him long life & health and to be between us soon bi hurmat al Habib bi hurmat Al Fatiha.

By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (Q) – 2012 – Lefke



Respect (2012)

Audhu Billahi min as shaytan al rajim Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim Don’t forget the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sas). Keep siwak all the time with you. Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad. First of all we say: Audhu Billahi min as shaytan al rajim Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim & we ask madad of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, may Allah raise his station always, Sultan ul Awliya, & madad of Grandshaykh, Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah al Daghestani. Nazar and madad and support from Rasulullah (sas). And Allah Almighty dress us by His divinely presence and lights. We are so weak servants on the door of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

First of all, salam from Mawlana to all of you who are here & all over the countries & the world, murids of Mawlana, & the Ummah of Rasul (s), salams from Sahib al Zaman Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani. Allah raise his station and support him always. O Allah almighty dress him with all means of prosperity & health, cureness near him O Allah almighty. Give him long life to remain & be Imam over us in the time of Mahdi (as) & Isa (as) & to be with him O Allah almighty. Giving salam to everyone with prayer & plenty of love & respect because Allah almighty built his element from love & respect for all Creation. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim said our Naqshbandi way is built on respect. To respect everything, not only each other, but everything Allah created. Even a stone on the road, don’t kick it by your feet Mawlana says. No, take it by your hand, put it aside because Allah created it. Everything contains… the element of everything really it is from the light of Rasulullah (s) & light of Allah almighty. Everything is created from light of Allah almighty. Allah almighty merging His light with the light of Rasulullah (sas) so that this planet & Creation can carry. Otherwise if it is the light of Allah almighty they will be totally melted, finished in the Ocean of Unity of Allah & not appear on this earth. And the Will of Allah almighty to appear because Allah almighty saying “I am a hidden treasure, My will is to be known, I created Creation so that they know Me by Me,” by Allah almighty. The first to appear in the divinely godly world of Allah almighty from the Word of Command was the divinely godly World of Light which was taking the picture & figure of Muhammad urRasulullah (sas). & Allah almighty then creating everything from light of Rasul(s), telling him, “O My Divinely World of Light If you are not, never would anything appear, I would not create anything. Through you they know Me & by Me they know Me. And for this everyone is invited to annihilate in Allah (swt) & Rasul (SAW) But he must change his state to another state change his humanity to another humanity.

Don’t remain with the humanity which is full of jealousy, enmity hatred, bad manners. No, change it to be a humanity of love, of respect – because “Allah perfected my manners and my discipline” – Rasul’s (s) hadith. Mawlana says, Rasulullah (s) starting with Sahaba, Ummah & all nations & all Children of Adam by saying Allah almighty ‘behaved’ me & He ‘well-behaved’ me. Which means Allah almighty dressed him by divinely, godly manners, godly soul, godly self. Dresssed him by godly light, by godly respect so that Rasulullah (sas) said, “O Mankind, respect each other. See the light of Allah almighty from which you are created, the soul of Allah almighty is in everyone of you. See Allah almighty in everyone of you & respect this light. Respect Allah who is with you as Allah almighty telling Musa (as) & his brother Harun (as) when they went to Firawn – “Go, don’t be scared, I am with you, Allah almighty with you, seeing, hearing. I am the one talking, not you. You are tools of Me. I am with you.” Allah almighty is with everyone as He says in Holy Quran: wa nahnu aqrabu ilayhi min hablil warid (50:16) I am so close to you, closer to you than your veins which is making the circulation of blood going on in you. “I am more close to you than your soul & your self. Only remember Me & realize Me.” And respect everyone because I am with everyone. Resect all, because I am the ‘All in all.’ This is the first teaching of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim when I was in seclusion with him in 1974.

At the end he told me wisdom of seclusion, “Respect all because Allah almighty is in all”, with everyone Allah almighty, & you are respecting Allah almighty. And Rasulullah (sas) once in the funeral of a Jew, was crossing the roads of Madinat al Munawwarah Rasulullah (sas) with Sahaba, stopped with adab until funeral passed & all Sahaba also behind him did as he did respecting & then they told Rasul (sas), he is Jewish, unbeliever. Why are you respecting him. He said no I am not respecting his kufr. I am not respecting his badness but the light of Allah almighty from which he is created. I am respecting the soul, which is the secret of Allah almighty over his coffin walking with him. For this I respect Allah almighty. I am not respecting his Jewishness no, I am respecting Allah almighty.

If Rasulullah (sas) like this teaching Sahaba, how about you, his Ummah? You are the Nation of Rasulullah (sas) and all of you searching for realities & spirituality. And Rasulullah (sas) says, I am the city of realities & secrets & Siddiq (ra) is the door of the city of wisdom & realities & secret. I am the city of knowledge & Sayyidina Ali (ra) is the door of city of knowledge. All of you are asking divine knowledge -ilm al ladunni. You are asking realities, spirituality & for Allah and Rasulullah (sas). And like this, Rasulullah kept this way for Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) to be till the end, Yawm al Qiyamah, and for Sultan al Awliya, to be in our time, Mawlana Shaykh (qs). He is the one representing the spirituality of Sayyidna Abu Bakr (ra) and spirituality of Rasulullah (sas).

The title Sultan al Awliya or Ghawth cannot be given to anyone not representing the spirituality of Rasulullah (sas) & Abu Bakr (ra). All 40 ways, their Imams, they reached taking their secrets from S. Ali, karramallahu wajh, until they reached the maqam to be busy with the divine world of names & attributes of Allah almighty. Why the Siddiqi Way, Naqshbandi Way, its Grandshaykhs & nowadays Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana shaykh (qs) till the time of Mahdi (as), till the time of Isa (as), is going to be the Imam & Shaykh of the Naqshbandi Way. He is making everyone who is searching & seeking for reality to reach, to be busy not with names & attributes but with Essence of Allah almighty. Because Siddiqi Way to be busy with the Essence of Allah almighty, with the lights of the Essence of Allah almighty, much higher than the world of names & attributes. All Imams like Sayyidina A-Qadir alJilani, Sayyidina Ahmed arRifai, Sayyidina Sh. Muhyuddin Ibn Arabi are very big awliyas & imams who not only used to shake the Earth but shake the Throne, even though they reached only the divine names & attributes.

Only Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) in between all Sahaba & for this he was known as Siddiq & all his descendents, grandshaykhs till Mawlana Shaykh, Sultan al Awliya, are ones who are busy with the Essence of Allah almighty. Rasulullah (sas) made them reach the maqam he reached in the Night Journey to make sujud in between the Hands of Allah almighty. Meeting the Divine Lights of Allah almighty while all other through Sayyidina Ali (ra) karramallahu wajh, reached the maqam of Sayyidina Jibril (as), Sidrat-al-Muntaha. Over Sayyidina Jibril (as) no one is allowed except Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, Grandshaykh & Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) to ascend with Rasulullah (sas) to make sujud, bowing on throne between the Hands of Allah almighty. And for this Rasulullah said, innamal amalu bi ‘niyat – all your deeds depend on intention. If your intention is good, Allah will reward you according to intention. innamal amalu bi’nniyat wa likulli imrin ma nawa faman kana hijratuhu ilallahi wa rasulih, fahijratuhu ilallahi wa rasulih wa man kana hijratuhu ila dunya yusibuha aw amratin yankihuha fahijratuhu ila ma hajr ilayh. Everyone according to his intention. If you immigrate to Allah almighty & Rasulullah – (sas) which means, if you immigrate from your bad manners, your inhmanity to dress by a godly body from Allah, to be a godly one; only you want Allah almighty & Rasulullah (sas), then you will be welcomed by Allah & Rasulullah (sas). And the guide in this way to reach you to that maqam is only one.

In every period of time there is only one Sultan al Awliya to make you reach that maqam & in this time it is Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs). If you accept or not accept, this is the Reality – this is what Rasulullah (s) announced in his holy assembly in Diwan and all awliya, all are under the order and under the respect of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, all of them. Even Sahib al Zaman Mahdi (as) must respect & take his order from Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. It is like this. The big awliya, no one can balance them, no one can imagine in which situation or state they are. And the one immigrating, if his intention is for this decorated life, for collecting money, for making business, making good life for himself, or to get married, then his immigration according to his intention, it will not be for Allah almighty & Rasulullah (sas).

A big Grandshaykh in our Naqshbandi Way, I think, Mawlana says Sayyidina Ubaydullah Ahrar, how he got his secret and to be Sultan al Awliya in Naqshbandi Way. He was yet a murid to Sayyidina Yaqub al Charkhi & was yet studying Shariah also. He used to cross the roads & feel everything is created by the Hand of Allah almighty so I must respect Him, as Allah almighty created everything by His Light. And so if he saw a cat, or even a dog passing he stood by adab until they crossed the road & then continued walking. If he saw something, never by foot pushed it, but by hand put aside. For this adab Allah dressed him to be Gr.shaykh & Sultan in Naqshbandi Way. Even on the Day of Promises, before he came to this Earth, before coming to this life he was a Sultan, Gr.Shaykh in Naqshbandi Way. This good manner made him reach quickly to that in this life.

And like this, how about you? -Murids of Mawlana all over world. Don’t be in groups, don’t be split. Be one, loving and respecting each other. You are murids, the ones Allah blessed to know Mawlana Shaykh, to be in his Way. He is accepting us, this is a blessing from Allah. There are billions of people who don’t know Mawlana, only some millions who love Mawlana because Allah loved them & chose them to be in this Way. In the Way of Mawlana Shaykh, Grandshaykhs & S. Abu Bakr (ra) in the Way of Sayyidina Ali (ra) karramallahu wajh, in the Way Allah chose for Rasulullah (sas) in Holy Quran saying: waallawi istaqamu ala altariqati laasqaynahum ma’an ghadaqan (72:16) If they keep this Way which I chose for you My Beloved (sas) I will make them drink by a water by heavenly water, by Water of Life, godly Water of Life because My Throne before creation was on water. wa kana arshuhu ala’l ma’i (11:17) This Water of Life, only given to ones who are true in their intention, in their walking in the Way of Awliya Allah.

All of which is teaching good manners, respect & love. And this cannot be, except by yourself to change yourself. You cannot say ‘Allah will change me’, no, Allah will change you when you want to change yourself. Allah & Rasulullah (s) will change you but to follow shaytan & say ‘Allah will change me’, then never will Allah change you. And for this the dog of Ahlul Kahf, People of The Cave, was an animal but he had love in his heart to those who loved Allah almighty, respect and worshipping Allah almighty. What Allah did with this dog? He told them to kill him, throw him out? No, Allah almighty said ‘Keep him, don’t throw stones on him, but respect him, love him, keep this dog with you, because this dog, I am going to change him from dirtiness to purity & enter him to Jannah, Paradise with you. All animals will be sand Yawm al Qiyamah, except the dog of the People of The Cave. He is going to enter Jannah with them because he loved & respected the people who loved Allah almighty.

Good believers, how about you Mankind, Nation of Rasulullah (s)? If you love each other, love Mawlana, love Awliyul Allah, if you love & respect Rasulullah (sas) & Allah almighty, what do you think, where is He going to put you? But if shaytan enters between your hearts & splits you up & makes you groups to be against each other, then what do you think Allah is going to do with all of you? What do you think Rasulullah (sas) will be happy? Mawlana will be happy? Any father will be happy if his children are against each other? And for this don’t be against each other. Don’t be following ego & your shaytan -you are in the Right Way, in a way which all prophets before Rasulullah (sas) were asking Allah to keep them till the time of Sayyidina Mahdi (as) & to the end of the Nation of Rasulullah (sas). Because Allah almighty showing what He is going to dress this Ummah to the end of this nation. What Allah is going to dress what Allah will give them.

So all of them said “O Allah we don’t want prophecy, keep us to that time.” Allah said “No everyone will appear in his time.” And Allah almighty giving the last Ummah what cannot be imagined, even not opened in time of Sahaba these lights, these mercies, forgiveness, blessing, reward from Allah almighty. Until Rasulullah (sas) said, “Anyone who revives my Sunnah in the time when everyone kills my Sunnah he will be rewarded” good tidings of 100 shaheeds for every Sunnah. For the turban, between all Sahaba, only Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) he was Siddiq, Mawlana said, Rasul (s) told them at the end that when no one covering his head, anyone in prayer putting a turban, for every round of the turban he will dress by reward and good tidings of a Siddiq. As big as you make it you will have more & more maqam but don’t make it so big they think you a scholar, they will curse you, people. Because shaytan following ulama & making them attack sufi people, attacking awliya, because shaytan likes attacking. He knows that they are stealing from him the people making them enter Jannah & he tries to make them enter Jehennam. So he is behind the murids of all awliya Allah, specially the murids of Mawlana, to make them hate each other, to not respect & be against each other because he knows that by this he can steal the light of iman, the Light of Reality, the Light of spirituality from their hearts. He sees, he will not come to a ruin to steal it. He will come to a place that is full with jewels.

Your heart is full with jewels & for this shaytan always behind you. Allah almighty never leaving you and for this Allah almighty sending plenty of tests & burdens to clean you but the one who will be walking good, and he is straight in the way of Mawlana, Awliyallah of Rasulullah (s) & Allah, never will he have a burden on him; never will he suffer. Allah will take off all burdens & suffering. What Allah says in Holy Quran is like a loaf wama kana allahu liyu adhdhibahun wa anta fihim wama kana Allahu muadhdhibahum wahum yastaghfirun 8:33 Never Allah will punish them when you are between them Rasuls (s) light always between Ummah through G.Shaykh & Sayyidina Abu Bakr (r) & all inheritors to Yawm al Qiyamah & now he is between the Ummah by Maulana’s representing in this time. So he is between us & Allah, “I am never punishing your Ummah, My Beloved, if they are saying ‘Astaghfirullah’.” Which means they are always remembering Allah almighty, they are repenting to Allah that every breath of ours is sin coming from us. O Allah almighty forgive us, mercy on us, we say Astaghfirullah!” Allah says ‘Who says Astaghfirullah never will be punished by Me.’ Never will he have any sickness, never will he have any punishment. No burden on him, I am carrying the burden from him but remember Allah.

How you remember nowadays Allah, O Murids of Mawlana & all your groups? In every country you see 2, 3, 4, 5 groups. Even on internet you will see 5, 6, 10, 18, 20 groups. And everyone fighting the other. And they all say, “This Mawlana Shaykh ordering.” I don’t know where they are getting these orders from Mawlana Shaykh? I think Mawlana Shaykh in pocket of everyone when they want, take him out “..this we do Mawlana?” ‘Eh, do good!’ And the smart ones between them don’t want to attack by themselves. They find some murids around them, they put the internet in their names. And they start to fight through the names of different ones around them. And like this all over the world. Why? Allah is one, Rasulullah (s) is one, Mawlana is one, our Islam is one. Why fighting? What do you want, everyone? To be shaykh? Make shaykh. Who is telling you not to make shaykh? Want to be awliya? You come to feet of Mawlana Shaykh, to be on his door, to respect, love him, to be like a dog on his door, then you will be awliya. Like this be given.

You must respect everyone. You must respect the lowest one & the highest one, the rich one & the poor one to be the same level to you because they are related to Mawlana, Naqshbandi Way, to Islam & Rasul (s), to Allah almighty. Then if He likes He will dress you by Light of Wilayah. Light of Wilayah in the Hand of Allah almighty, not in books, or in the hand of anyone, no. Allah almighty keeping Jannah in His Hand. Whenever He wants He will enter him to Jannah. You cannot force Allah almighty to enter you to Jannah? No, but you can do by the people of Jannah Allah almighty will enter you. If He doesn’t want He will not enter you. To Allah almighty same, Light of Wilayah, do like Awliya, imitate them respect, love, be good with everyone, always repent to Allah almighty. If He wants will dress you by Light of Wilayah, if not will not dress you. You can’t force Allah fa aalun lima yurid (11:107) Allah almighty will do whatever He wants. No one can force Allah almighty to do according to himself, what he wants from Allah almighty, no. Allah almighty is always with the weak one, with the poor one.

Allah Almighty is with the generous one, with the humble one. He is with everyone who loves & respects His Creation. All creations, human beings, malaikah, jinn, animals, plants, trees. And respect them seeing that Allah almighty created them and for the sake of Allah almighty I am respecting them. Rasulullah (s) saying, man tawada li’Llah rafahullah – The one who humbles himself to Allah almighty Allah almighty will raise him up & dress him by Lights of Wilayah. How to be humble to Allah almighty? Anyone can reach Allah almighty? Show me Allah almighty. You cannot because if someone says show me the soul in your body can you show him the soul? How you are going to show anyone Allah almighty who is like the soul, with everyone Allah almighty. Can’t see Him in this life, but in Akhirah. When no more this Humanity, only Lights of Allah almighty, dressed by this Humanity will appear Yawm al Qiyamah by the Eyes of Allah almighty you can see Allah. By the eyes of physical body, never can anybody see Allah almighty. Rasulullah (s) said, in the Night Journey when he met Allah almighty, he saw by the Eyes of Allah almighty, ‘By the Eyes of Allah almighty I saw. Not by my eyes, by His Eyes I saw Him.

For this, how to respect Allah almighty so He may raise you up? Is it by this? Or keeping yourself practicing Buddhism and all this worshipping 9 points, & 15 points, & 20 points, I don’t know how many points, by this you will reach, or by Yoga. By all this you reach Allah almighty, respect Allah almighty? No no, no. As Rasul (s) says, as Mawlana teaching us, how to respect Allah almighty; how to be humble to Allah almighty; how to show humbleness to Him? When you will show humbleness for the Creation of Allah almighty, when you are humble to all Children of Adam (as) then this humbleness goes to Allah almighty. The humbleness from you to everyone of the Children of Adam (as), humbleness even to animals, humbleness to everything Allah created. If you will be humble enough, showing humbleness, respect & love then this humbleness goes to Allah almighty. Like this Mawlana says, & Rasulullah (sas) in the hadith & then Allah will dress you by Light of Wilayah & Realities, you will be then matured in spiritual way.

Sayyidina Musa (as) was one of the 5 highest prophets. Even though Allah’s order, “O Musa (as) what you did for Me? By what did you serve Me?” I am fasting, I am praying, I am giving Your message to people, I am spreading Islam between Your people. He told him, “All this benefit is coming to you. What are you doing for Me? By what are you serving Me?” Sayyidina Musa (as) was so surprised, “O Allah almighty You must help us. How am I going to serve you?” But he forgot to ask Allah almighty how to serve Him. He was not able to answer Allah almighty. Then Allah almigthy told him, “O Ya Musa, I will answer. You know when you will serve Me? When you will do something for Me?” Yes, tell me Allah almighty, teach me what to do, how to serve You. To bring for You some water? To bring for You some food? How to serve You? He told him, “When you serve Children of Adam (as). When you serve My Creation, then you are serving Me. This coming to me Ya Musa (as), serving each other.” Whatever you do for each other by serving, anyone who has somethng & his brother in Naqshbandi Way, in Islam can help him & he helps him then this serving goes to Allah almighty. This serving Allah & Rasul (s). Whenever Children of Adam (as) serve each other, this means serving Allah almighty. When they are stealing from each other, talking behind the back, when they are against each other, they are against Allah & Rasul (sas).

Then Allah almighty wants to test Sayyidina Musa (as). He sent to him a 90-95 year old priest. He was against Sayyidina Musa (as) cursing him all the time. He came to Sayyidina Musa (as) one day, knocking on the door. Sayyidina Musa (as) opened the door, he told him ‘I need a hammer to use’. He said, ‘You are Kafir, go out!’ He kicked him out, closed the door. Allah talked to him, “O Musa, he is 95 years old. I am giving him food. I am serving him. I am curing him. I am giving him his dress. I am not saying he is non-believer? I am not saying he is Kafir, a priest against you? I give him everything. He needs from you one thing, you kicked him out & closed the door on his face. Is prophecy telling you to do so? I teach you to do so? O Musa, by My Almightiness, if you don’t ask excuse & apologise to him I will kick you out of Prophecy. So Sayyidina Musa (as) took the hammer & was following, running. Sayyidina Musa (as) had a huge body, was sweating, until he reached him. Running, saw the sweat coming… “O Priest, forgive me, excuse me. This is the hammer take it.’ He said, ‘I am not taking now.’ While you were relaxed, in comfort in your house I came to you for hammer. You cursed me, closed door, kicked me out & said I will not serve a Kafir. Now you are running after me to give me what I need?’ And you are a big prophet, with huge body, sweating, coming behind kafir like me, as you say? I don’t want. “Please take it, forgive me.” He said ‘I will take it & forgive but I want the wisdom of it.’ Sayyidina Musa told him, ‘I was blamed by Allah almighty, telling me this Kafir, Allah will not say Kafir, this old, 95 year old priest I am not looking at him as a non-believer. I am dressing, curing him, giving him food, sending mercy on him, giving him everything in this life, in other life, another thing and you represent Me Musa (as). He needs something, you will not serve him? If you serve him you are serving Me. And for this Allah is ordering me to follow you & apologise to you.’ He told him like this, God, Allah almighty and ‘I say, ashhadu an la ilaha ila’Llah wa ashhadu anna Musa Rasulullah.’ Like this Mawlana is teaching. If we love & respect each other even a non-believer will enter Islam. You will be good example for people. But when you split yourself & are enemy to each other and everyone following his mind & ego then who will follow this Way? But Alhamdulillah Allah is protecting. He says I descended the dhikr which means the Holy Quran & all the spiritual teachings I protect. If I am leaving it in between your hands. Children of Adam, you will be sick, you will will melt away. So the advice is to love & respect each other, to love Mawlana Shaykh & all awliya – to love everyone Allah created & serve, be humble with everyone. Then this turning & humbleness will go to Allah & Rasulullah (sas). May Allah almighty forgive us & bless us & give mercy to us & make us in the right way of Mawlana Shaykh & G.Shaykh Abdullah & Sayyidinas Abu Bakr, Uthman, Umar & Ali (ra) & Fatima Zahra (ra) & way of Rasulullah (s), Islam & iman until we meet him & he is pleased with us. O Allah give curing and health to Mawlana Shaykh, give him long life & make him to reach time of S.Mahdi & S.Isa (as) & make us reach with him. Make us love, respect & be good with each other, respect all who are related to Mawlana & all who have bayat with him. And to respect & serve all Ummah of Rasul (sas).

O Allah almighty make us reach time of S. Mahdi (as) S. Isa (as). Dress us by sincerity & Lights of Your Holy Face O Allah almighty. Lighten our hearts by the love of You, of Rasulullah (sas), by Your Holy Face, by Rasulullah lights & love of Ahlul Bayt & Companions of Rasul (sas). Dress us by the lights of Mawlana Shaykh & G.Shaykh & all G.Shaykhs. O Allah almighty & make us sincere awliya to you, sincere followers to Sahib al Zaman, Mahdi (as). Bi hurmat al Habib, bi hurmat al Fatiha. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (Q) – 2012 – Lefke 

The Time Of Sayyidona Mahdi A.S (2012)

Dastur Ya Sayyidi Madad! Assalamu Alaykum. First of all salam from Mawlana S. Nazim (qas) to all you murids of S. Nazim. He is giving salams to everyone. By one by his name, by love & respect & praying for all of you. Alhamdulillah he is very good.InshAllah all the time he will be very good, improving day after day Alhamdulillah. Insha’Allah he is very happy also. Sitting all the time with Rasulullah (saws). Grand Shaykh, with all grand Shaykhs, Awliya’, Sahib Al Zaman – they are in Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. For this he is happy! Like an ocean, swimming in this ocean of Rasulullah(sas). As-salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. First of all we start by Audhu Billahi min ash shaytan ir rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, We ask Allah Almighty to open our hearts to this… to make us hearing this… Divinely Knowledge coming from the heart of S. Nazim (qas), Sultan of Awliya, to our hearts. And only I am listening as you are listening and translating whatever coming from the waves of the ocean of Mawlana S. Nazim Sultan of Awliya (qas) to my heart. I am translating in a very bad English. Not a very good English. What I do? This is my English not very good, everyone a little bit they understand and I am listening as you are listening. I am not a Shaykh, I am a dog at the door of Mawlana S. Nazim. G: Astaghfirullah. Sitting. Whatever he throws to us some bones, we eat from these bones. But if he throw for us from the meat from the food of Awliya Allah,which is given to Awliya Allah then we will fly. So we are at the door barking for some bones. Alhamdulillah Rabb il ‘Alamin that Allah Almighty makes us to be His servants; creates us as children of Adam(as).He didn’t create us as a donkey or animal, then what we will do? Or like a sheep or a cow they will take us & slaughter us. Alhamdulillah He Created us to be children of Adam(as) & make us servants to Him. Alhamdulillah Allah Almighty blessed us & make us to be the ummah of Rasulullah (saws), the nation of Muhammad (saws). And Allah (swt) Blessed us to be lovers & followers of Mawlana S. Nazim Sultan of Awliya’, Grand Shaykh or Grand Shaykh S. Abu Bakr Al Siddiq, Rasulullah (saws). And we are asking Allah Almighty first of all to give long life & cureness & health to Mawlana S. Nazim & make him with with us to reach the time of Sahib Al Zaman. Sayidina Muhammad Al Mahdi (as) & Sayidina Isa (as). Where at that time it will be the earth Paradise. It will be Jannat, no more earth. It will be a Paradise where all who will be at that time, Mawlana says, they will hear the voice of Allah Almighty. As Allah Almighty used to talk to S. Musa (as) Prophet Musa (as) He will talk,Allah Almighty, to all whom they are in the time of S. Al Mahdi(as) and S. Isa (as).

Even at that time Allah (swt) will take off all letters from The Holy Quran. If you open The Holy Quran, you won’t find any letters. Only you will find The Secret of The Holy Quran. The Letters of The Holy Quran they are like taps – if you open the tap, water will come.The tap is nothing only it’s instrument,tool to bring this water & like this these letters at that time of S. Al Mahdi (as) no more in need for them. Because Allah Almighty Promising Rasulullah (saws) that is going to come a time before Yawm Al Qiyama, “where I Will Make you, My Beloved Muhammad (saws), to open the secrets, this water of life of The Divinely Words & Knowledge of Allah (swt) which is endorsed on The Holy Quran because under every letter Mawlana says, there is 24,000 oceans of secrets & realities and all Awliya’ swimming in these oceans. Every letter and every letter how much it is repeated – its oceans it will be different from the other.For example Alif or “A” how much Alif is repeated in The Holy Quran, every under Alif 24000 oceans of secrets & realities. And at that time of S. Al Mahdi (as) the spirituality of Rasulullah (saws) even with his physical body will be appearing again & he is going to plant and dress the secrets of The Holy Quran, Mawlana says, in the hearts & in the soul & for everyone who will be following S. Al Mahdi (as) & S. Isa (as). Where at that time all children of Adam (as) all of them will be following S. Al Mahdi(as) & S. Isa(as). No one will be an unbeliever at that time. For 40 years they will rule & they will be all children of Adam (as) here believers. Not like nowaday we are imitated believer – believers, who only by tongue we are saying believer- Not really dressed by faith- by Iman, by the reality of Iman. At that time they will be all of them, like sahaba of Rasulullah (saws). Spiritual Sahaba of Rasulullah (saws) they will be whom they will be dressed by real Iman-faith.They will be real believers everyone of them seeing the spirituality of Rasulullah (saws). Allah Almighty saying in The Holy Quran “Fa’idha Qara’nahu Fa Attabi Qur’anahu Thumma Inna Alayna Bayanahu” (75: 18-19) If we recited, follow the reciting of S. Jibril (as), only recite! The letters, coming a time where we are going to, no more letters, we are going to make it well, shining and clear for everyone, the secrets of these letters. The water of life which will survive the hearts of children of Adam (as) at that time. And you, My Beloved Muhammad (saws), you are going to take them & to plant in their hearts & to dress them by the secret of The Holy Quran”. And for this Allah Almighty saying in another Ayat “Inna Al-Ladhi Farada Alayka Al-Qur’ana Laradduka Il√° Ma`adin”(28:85) The One who dressed – descend on you The Holy Quran – is going to return you for an appointed time before Yawm Al Qiyama. Which means the time where he will also spread the secret now of The Holy Quran. Now we are only reciting letters, at that time we will recite the secrets & realities. The Divinely Knowledge which is under the letters of The Holy Quran. And for this, the one whom Mawlana says. The one who following Awliya’ Allah (swt). The ones who following Sultan of Awliya’ Mawlana S. Nazim, and this line to grand Shaykhs, to Abu Bakr Al Siddiq (ra), they are well trained & well dressed, through Mawlana that in time of Sayidina Al Mahdi (as) they will be the first whom these secrets of The Holy Quran will be dressed in their hearts.

While the common ones, common people they will take time to be trained by S. Al Mahdi (as) to dress them Rasulullah (saws) by the secrets of The Holy Quran & by the reality of Iman. Nowadays, Mawlana S. Nazim even spiritually no need to be dressing through sohbat or in-between people. But spiritually he is training & dressing everyone of his murids of his lovers, of these ones whom they are…Allah Almighty & Rasulullah in The Day of Promises appointed for him as followers & nowadays all the ummah of Rasulullah, they are under his his training, under his teaching. And he is the one who is training them. But the ones who following him he is planting in their hearts now these seeds of the realities & secrets of the letters of The Holy Quran. At that time all of them, they will be shining! And the tree of the secrets of The Holy Quran will be growing & giving fruits. The fruits will be water of life, they will be survived by it. in the time of Sayidina Mahdi (as) & Sayidina Isa (as). And for this Mawlana says, as much as you can make yourself always to be in good manners, respecting, humble. How much you will be humble, how much Allah (swt) Will raise you up! How much Allah (swt) will dress you more by spiritualities. How much you are proud & seeing yourself important Allah Almighty will make you then out of the eye of Rasulullah (saws), out of the eye of Awliya’ Allah (swt). The one who is always seeing himself as nothing, less than a zero, even no existence for him, making only that the existence of Allah Almighty, Rasulullah (saws) Mawlana Sultan of Awliya’, he is existing in him then this one quickly he will be approaching & approaching & close to spirituality & to reality of Sultan of Awliya’, & to Awliya’ Allah (swt) & to his reality also and will be dressed by kind of lights of Divinely Knowledge & blessing from Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws) will open his heart. And for this Rasulullah (saws) said “the one who finds, who found in his heart, less than an atom proudness, never he will enter to Jannah, Paradise.” “who has an atom of proudness, will not enter Paradise.” (Hadith) Rasulullah (saws) saying, “if anyone less than a tiny atom which cannot be seen in his heart, never he will enter to Jannah.” Because Allah Almighty likes people whom they are humble. Humble people, whom they are always respecting Allah Almighty & seeing Allah Almighty with everyone. Allah (swt) Saying “I Am with everyone. Respect Me. This soul in view, it is My soul. This Light which you are created from, it is My Light. So respect this light, respect the soul.” And Allah Almighty saying to S.Musa (as) “I Am with you”. When he sent him to Pharaoh, He Told him “I Am with you.” And your brother hearing… seeing, “I Am with you.” Hearing, Listening to you & Seeing. Because Allah Almighty, He is with everyone. He is All in All. Everyone of us is existing by Allah Almighty. If Allah Almighty takes the secret,light from us it will be funeral, finished! They will take us to grave. And for this respect, the Light of Allah Almighty in everyone of children of Adam (as) your respect, it will go to Allah Almighty. If you serve each other serving will go to Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty telling S. Musa “by what you serve Me, S. Musa?” “O P.Musa by what you serve Me?” He told Him “I serve You, by giving messages, teaching prayers to people, like this. He told Him benefits coming to you. By what you served Me? He told Him, “i don’t know, what.

You are Allah Almighty You are serving us. By what do we serve You?” He told him If you want to serve Me serve My people, serve Children of Adam (as). Then you are serving Me. So S. Musa told Him, first to serve You, O Allah, I invite you for dinner. You come to have dinner with us, Children of Israel. He said, yes I will come, why not? I accept your invitation. For example, when You will come? I will come on Friday to be with you. S. Musa (as) before a month of this Friday was preparing with all Children of israel, a big dinner for Allah Almighty. All kinds of food. Slaughtering sheep, goats, cows. Allah coming to eat with them. He accept the invitation of S. Musa (as). Ans so, there was no house enough for all Children of Israel to sit with Allah Almighty & to eat & to drink. So they made it in the roads, they built huge tents, and huge… what you call pavilions, huge tents, huge buildings, specially for the respect of Allah Almighty & they put a dinner perhaps one kilometer. All kinds of food, all kinds of juice, everything. & all Children of israel. Between them S. Musa going coming, going coming… Noon time Allah didn’t come Friday, Asr time Allah not coming. S. Musa was so surprised. Children of Israel -food is going cold, difficult to warm it again, so what you will do? He said wait till Maghrib, perhaps Allah eats Maghrib time. S. Musa used to talk with Allah, Allah taking wisdom from him. No wisdom because he talks. One with wisdom will not ask Allah anything. Allah will not talk to him except by revelation by Jibril (as), by wahy. So Sayyidina Musa (as) was allowed to talk to Allah directly & so Allah taking wisdom from him. Who dare to talk to Allah? Everyone must respect Allah, for Sayyidina Musa (as) it is okay. And so it was Maghrib time also then all Children of Israel were very hungry, they want to eat. The food no more is hot, it is cold. Then an old, handicapped one from Children of Israel coming, What… what you are doing, why you are waiting? The food now is cold. He was sitting on one of these cushions, and started to eat, I am not going to wait, I will eat, I will eat. Then S. Musa coming, scolding him, beating & throwing him out. Go bring some water & warm it, make a fire, warm the water so if Allah wants to wash His hands before eating, He can. Instead of sitting & eating. He was blind also, old man, handicapped. The Children of Israel were giving pity to him, this old man, how Sayyidina Musa (as) in strong body was dealing with him. Was throwing him out, go bring wood, make hot water for Allah! Coming to eat. Anyone dare to start before Allah to come? Then ‘Isha was coming, midnight, morning, Fajr prayer & Allah never… Allah eats? If Allah Almighty eats food, then food will be god for Allah Almighty. Allah doesn’t eat. He is not in need for food like us, Allah created food for us. Then S. Musa (as) was so angry at Allah Almighty, that he was saying you are making me to be a liar in between Children of Israel. All of them are saying to me now, ashamed from you Musa (as), you are Prophet & asked Allah coming to eat & we prepared all this food. We spent all our money on it, Allah didn’t come. How you say so? You are lying to us. How Allah Almighty, you look? He say Ya Musa, by My Almightiness, I came, and was eating but you came & you scold Me, & you throw Me out, telling Me go pick wood, make hot water for Allah to wash His hands. Ya Musa, if you’re Prophet Musa, & saw Me with this man,handicapped who was sitting, eating then you would have realized I was there. I am with My people, I am Allah Almighty with everyone. I am with everyone of Children of Adam (as). I am so close to everyone, much more close than themselves. See Me with everyone then you will realize that I came and I was sitting to eat but you kicked me out Ya Musa (as).

Like this Allah likes the ones who see Allah Almighty with everyone, see Rasul (saws) with everyone, see Awliya’ Allah with every murid. Then they will realize the secrets & the realities of the Sufi Way, the Naqshbandi Way. Sayyidina Imam al Ghazali, Mawlana said a story about him. He was against sufism, against Awliya’. He was so much fighting with Awliya’ Allah, like Ibn Taymiyyah & Ibn al Qayyim, first of his life. He used to have a brother & his brother was an Awliya’. And so, Sayidina Imam al Ghazali was so famous scholar, ulama at that time, that the Khalif of Muslimin appointed him to pray the Juma, Friday prayer. The imam & the khutbah for the Khalif & all the ministers and people. At that time, they didn’t pray in several mosques the Khalif, all ministers, believers & Muslims at that time in Khilafah, gathered themselves, all together in a very huge place and they put a mimbar, and the Imam, Shaykh ul Islam, was S. Imam Ghazali, who made the khutbah for all & they prayed Juma. His brother Ahmed, never attending Juma prayer with him, he ran away. Then S.Imam Ghazali was complaining to his mother, O my mother, I love you, why my brother doing like this with me? Always running away from Juma prayer, not praying with Khalif, ministers. All high people, low people, all the citzens praying behind me, except my brother running, playing with small boys in the street. Making a brush, like a stick for a horse, & running in the ways, in the roads. Why? Then the mother said, O my son Ahmed, to the brother of S. Imam Ghazali, Allah bless you & I will bless you for my sake at least go once & pray behind your brother, the Juma prayer. So he said, yeah, O my mother as you are ordering I will go. Then he went & started to pray. S. Imam Ghazali after the khutbah, start to pray 2 rakats of Juma prayer. Starting, Allahu Akbar! And all the khalifs, ministers, & people saying Allahu Akbar after Sayyidina Imam Ghazali, then a big voice coming from the brother of S. Imam Ghazali. You spoiled the prayer for all of us, you are a bad one, you are not an imam! You spoiled the prayer! He ran away from between the people, pushing Khalif, ministers behind his brother directly, pushing all of them, running away from mosque. He said, you spoiled our prayer. Then S. Imam Ghazali finished the prayer, went to his mother & now he was complaining that his brother made him so embarrassed & shyful from the Khalif & from all who were praying behind him that instead to pray, to say Allahu Akbar, he said, you spoiled the prayer & he ran away. The mother called son, brother of Imam Ghazali & said, what you did? Better not to pray. Why say, yes my mother, I accept what you ordered me & went & prayed, behind him & you didn’t pray but cursed him, & said you spoiled our prayer & you ran away. He said, because just as he say ‘Allahu Akbar’ I saw he is saying not to Allah, but swimming in an ocean of blood. He was swimming in ocean of blood, saying Allahu Akbar to this ocean. He was not connected at all to Allah but his heart & mind in ocean of blood. For this I am not going to pray behind one who is not praying to Allah. He made us all to miss the prayer & for this I ran away. She called her son S. Imam al Ghazali, she told him the sory is like this: he said, you are swimming in an ocean of blood. Then S. Imam Ghazali, Allah make him to be wake up by his brother. To know about Awliya’ & sufism, & so he say, yes my mother, because just before the prayer, 4-5 big ulama from another city coming to me to make fatwa for them for the period of women. Every month how they will act, if allowed for them to recite Holy Quran, salat wa salam on Rasul (saws); fast or not fast, if it is more than 7 days. & so they were in a hurry for a fatwa. And just the prayer coming so all the khutbah & the praying I was thinking from where to collect for them the hadith of Rasulullah (saws), and what is mentioned in the 4 mazhabs about the period of women. Really I was in an ocean of blood. And for this, I know now that my brother, I know that the Awliya’ and the ones who are connected with Allah Almighty, what kind of knowledge they have which we don’t have.

So S. Imam al Ghazali left all his knowledge, all his books, all whatever he was collecting from these books of knowledge & Shariat, and then he say I want to be a sufi one & he enter into a seclusion. And he start to be in the way of Awliya’ Allah. Until he put plenty of books after this, all about Awliya’ Allah, how to be in the Way of Allah Almighty. And Shariat is a good way only to make you to reach to the Way of Allah Almighty but there is another way then you must walk on it to reach Allah, as Allah Almighty saying: “Wa Al-Ladhina Jahadu Fina Lanahdiyannahum Subulana” (29:69)

The one who struggle well in Shariat, I will open for them ways leading to Me, the Divinely Presence of Allah, and to Rasulullah (saws) & they will be divinely ones, for whom Allah saying: Ya Ayyuha Alladhina Amanu”Kunu Rabbaniyina”(3:79) Be godly ones or divinely ones, O Believers, be divinely ones related to Allah Almighty, related to Rasul (saws) where the one who reach that maqam will meet the spirituality of Rasul (saws). Meeting the spirituality of Rasul (saws) means meeting that of all prophets, all Sahaba, S. AbuBakr (ra), Ali (as), all Grandshaykhs & Awliya, you will be with them, for you S. Mahdi (as ), will already be appeared. No need to wait for him. As for Mawlana, S. Mahdi already appeared & visiting with him & sitting with him. He is not one waiting like us to reach time S. Mahdi (as) he is already reaching Mahdi (as) & Isa (as). And he is the one who is making the program for S. Mahdi & S.Isa (as) for everyday. Like this, Sultan of Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Like this Grandshaykh used to say about Mawlana. It is not from me, because I love Mawlana, no, Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani used to say about Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs). And like this S Imam al Ghazali was struggling, & struggling till he was meeting the spirituality of Rasulullah (saws), & he passed away & they buried him, & the cemetery was full with Awliya & those who passed away from Sahaba & Awliya & Prophets who used to see S. Imam al Ghazali after his death & still he is ascending, Rasul (saws) making him to ascend to Divine Presence of Allah. It is known if anyone dies, finish, nothing more is written for him. The books will be folded & the malaikah will go with the soul. But for S. Imam al Ghazali, he was still going up & up, ascending ascending as if still alive, to Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. Rasulullah (saws) making him to reach where he reached the Night Journey to be making sujud in between the hands of Allah Almighty, to reach to the Divinely assembly of Allah Almighty. Then all of them were astonished & surprised, the dead ones, & they asked, O Allah Almighty how this happened to servant Ghazali?

Allah Almighty told them guess why he reached to that maqam that he is still ascending, I want answer from you? Allah knows but He wants to teach them. So all of them say, for example, that he left his knowledge & he make dervish himself, & humble, & was in the way of Awliya’ & he was defending Awliya’ & sufi people & he was fighting the ulama who are against the Awliya. Some of them say because he was pious, because he was struggling in the Way of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty told them not for all this I gave him this maqam. Why I gave him this maqam, Allah Almighty informed them, O People of sa’adah, People of happiness, O Mumins, Allah Almighty telling all who are dead ones, seeing how S. Imam Ghazali was attending to Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. Why I gave him this maqam? Allah informed them that Imam al Ghazali once was in seclusion and it was the night of Mawlid, birthday of Rasulullah (saws), night of 12th Rabiul Awwal & he was writing a fatwa according… for people who were in hurry to get fatwa from him. It was nighttime, & candle, he was writing was the ink, the fatwa, at that time they had the feather of bird, put in ink & write. And he was in his seclusion, writing, then a fly coming, & she was coming upon the feather with which he was writing & she was drinking from the ink & he was even so in hurry but he stopped so not to bother her & he say this night is birthday of Rasul (saws) & all of us Allah created for the sake of Rasulullah (saws) even this fly, also Allah creates her for the sake of Rasulullah (saws) and to kill fly is sunnah but since it is birthday of Rasul I let her drink, as a gift & mawlud to Rasul (saws). He stopped his finger, until she drink, drink, drink, after she fly. Then he started to write. For this goodness, even nothing in your eyes but for this small goodness he did, I gave him all this maqam, to ascend to Allah Almighty.

For this, Mawlana always teaches us even a small goodness dresses you by Ridwanullah Akbar. To make Allah pleased from us. And even sometimes a small badness nothing, in Shariat, it is makruh, not important, but perhaps it may make the anger of Allah Almighty come over one and kick one out of reality & spirituality. So don’t say this is a small badness, it is okay if we did it. But always repent & ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty. And even it is a small badness don’t enter into it and also don’t say that this is a very small goodness, good deeds nothing, we did it or not, perhaps it will be so high & big in the eyes of Allah Almighty, & He pleased & dress you by blessing. Even a date to give it as a donation will be pleasing Allah Almighty for one. Don’t say I have nothing, I will not give anythhing. At that time Allah looking at us & it will be very good tiding from Allah Almighty & don’t say, this smoking nothing or this badness is nothing, it is makruh, not forbidden. But perhaps it will bring the anger of Allah over the one & He may disconnect the one & make him out of reality & spirituality. And for this Allah saying in the hadith of Rasulullah (saws) la tussagghiru sayiatan wa la tuazzimu ma’mufan.

Don’t say this is small sin, it is okay, perhaps it will be very big. Tahsabuna Muhayan an wa Huwa inda Allahi Al Azim You will think that it is nothing but to Allah it will be very great. & Allah will dress you anger, & disconnect you & make you far from spirituality & Reality, and He will not send guidance to you. And don’t say these good deeds, goodness is nothing, so small, perhaps it will be very huge and great in the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. In the old times there was a very bad woman always sitting in pubs & with men & like this Once she returning nighttime to her house, and she saw that a dog… the dog barking, so thirsty, but not able to reach water to drink. She take off her shoes, she put water in it, & gave it to the dog. For this goodness Allah making the malaikah to erase all whatever, big badness she was doing. All whatever bad she did & since changed them to good deeds & when she died she entered Paradise by shafa’a of Rasulullah (saws), for a dog, to give him water to drink

And like this always be careful, seeing & noticing Allah with us, never to approach even a small badness and don’t say this is nothing, even a small goodness, do it! Perhaps Allah Almighty at that time opening heavens & looking at us & dress you by high maqam like S. Imam al Ghazali to be ascending even after death to the Divine Presence of Allah. May Allah forgive us & mercy us & dress us by all means of forgiveness & mercies & blessing. And make us sincere servants to Him, sincere lovers to Rasulullah (saws) followers, lovers & murids to Mawlana Grandshaykh, all Grandshaykhs & Sahib al Zaman Mahdi (as). Ila Sharaf Al Nabi…. Fatiha!

22 March 2012 – Lefke Cyprus – Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani Q


Practices on Blessed night of 15 Sha’ban Nisful Sha’ban/Laylatul Bara’ah

Spiritual Practices on Blessed night of 15th Sha’ban Nisf’ul Sha’ban/Laylatul Bara’ah
By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani ق

From the teachings of Grandshaykh Abdullah Al-Faiz Daghestani ق and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani Ar-Rabbani ق

This is a special night in which our physical and spiritual provisions in the year to come will be set. In order to observe the Night of Bara’ah, one should remain awake on this night as much as possible. If someone has the opportunity, he or she should spend the whole night in worship and prayer.

  • Before Maghrib by 1 hour to perform Ghusl on the intention of Grandshaykh and Mawlana to welcome this holy night and pray 2 Ra’kats Tahhiyatul Ghusl.
  • Read Adab of Tariqah to enter this night with all the heavenly Tajallis
  • Pray Maghrib with all the Awrad, i.e.Awwabeen, Surah Sajdah.
  • After Maghrib , recite 3 Surah Yaseen’s with the following intentions,
  1.  With the Intention for  Rizq/sustenance, ask Allah to make it easy for you, and that  you are dependent on Him, and not on creation, for your rizq.
  2.  With the intention for protection from troubles, misfortune, problems and disasters.
  3.  With the intention for a long life in faith, and filled with good deeds done sincerely for Allah.
  • Then, recite Nifsul Sha’ban dua (Click on Link in Blue)  after each recitation of Surah Yaseen
  • Grandshaykh’s  Ad Dua Ul ‘Azam’ul Mathur once
  • Khatm’ul Khawajghan
  • Pray Salat’ul Ishaa with all the Awrad. i.e Surah Mulk
  • 4 Rakats of Salat ‘ul Tasabeeh
  • 2 Rakats of  Salatu Shukr with Qunut invocation

Grandshaykh and Mawlana always prayed these 100 rakats on 15th Sha’ban and 27th Ramadan for the honour of this night. If one is unable to pray the full 100 Rakats may do as many as they can and intend on the intention of Grandshaykh Abdullah al-Faiz Dagestani and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani, Shaykh Adnan Kabbani and Shaykh Mehmet Adil Ar-Rabbani in honour of celebrating the Mawlid of Prophet (s). Insha’Allah by this intention, whatever the shaykhs have intented and done will be written for you and Angels will complete on your behalf. The Key is the sincere intention from the heart.

PRAY SALAT’UL KHAIR – which consists of 100 Rak’ats

In each rak’at (cycle); Recite Suratal Fatiha and 10X Suratal Ikhlas

You may prayer 50 sets of 2 raka’at prayers, or 25 sets of 4 raka’at prayers, though the first option is better.
Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, used to prepare a matchbox with 50 matches, and after each 2 raka’at prayer, he would remove one matchstick. When the box is empty, you would have completed the 100 raka’at prayer.

You may modify the prayer as follows:

  • In the first raka’at, you read 1 Surah Al-Fatihah and 2 Surah Al-Ikhlas
  • In the second raka’at, you read 1 Surah Al-Fatihah and 1 Surah Al-Ikhlas.

In this way, you complete the 100 raka’ats, and 150 Surah Al Ikhlas.
You then complete the balance 850 Surah Al Ikhlas, outside the prayer, later on, throughout the night.
The aim to to complete 100 raka’ats, and 1000 Surah Al Ikhlas during the course of the night.

Try to do your best to do this salah. Whoever does it, will be protected from misfortune, wars, sufferings, heaviness and burdens in that year. They will not suffer from poverty, and the doors of Akhirat will open for them in this duniya. They will have a good death (husnul khotimah), they will see Prophet (saw) before they leave this world, and they will leave this world with lighted faces and be written as one who leaves this world in faith (iman), and they will not leave this life before seeing their maqam (station) in Akhirah.

  • Have Suhoor and intend to fast 15th day of Sha’ban on the intention of Grandshaykh and Mawlana celebrating Mawlid of RasoolAllah (s)
  • Rest until 1 hour before Fajr to Pray Salaat’ul Najaat and make Sajdah after Taslim. In this Sajdah, Allah Almighty will accept any dua made during this sajdah and your soul will be presented to Prophet (s) and all Awliyaa who will dress you in their heavenly blessings.
  • Pray Fajr with all the Awrad i.e. Dhikr, Surah Yaseen, Asma al-Husna
  • Pray Ishraq and rest til Duha and pray 8 ra’kahs Duha
  • For the remainder of the day to complete the following
  1. 1000 La ilaha illah
  2. 1000 Surah Ikhlas
  3. 1000 Salawat
  4. 1000 Astaghfirullah al Azeem wa atubu ilayh
  5. 1000 HasbunAllah wa’nimal Wakeel



Bihurmati man anzalta alayhi, surat al Fatiha.

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Who Is A Real Dervish?

Who is a real Dervish
By Shaykh Adnan Kabbani ق

A lot or people claim to be a Dervish (i.e. of the sincere servants of Allah), and claim to be related to the World of Truth, to the World of Awliya, to the World of the Prophet (S.A.W), to the Divinely World of Allah (S.W.T), just because they mention the name of Allah but are they a dervish by the scales of the Prophet(S.A.W.) and by the scale of the Muhammadi inheritors, the adherent’s of Allah the Most High. So who is a dervish? ls he who smokes a dervish? ls he who does not lower his gaze a dervish? ls he who backbites a dervish? Is he who slanders a dervish? Is he who a dervish? Is he who shows rage a dervish? ls he who tells lies adervish? ls he who steals a dervish ? Is he who commits injustice a dervish? ls he who does not pay zakat a dervish? ls he who is a miser a dervish? Is he who enters coffee houses a dervish? ls he who ha no patience a dervish? ls he who is lazy a dervish? ls he who has no shame a dervish? ls he who is not generous a dervish? Is he who lies a dervish? Is he who loves the world a dervish?  By Allah, whoever possesses these qualities is not a dervish.

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Basic Adab in The Naqshbandi Way By Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

The Basic adab in this Naqshbandi Way:
Don’t feel vain. don’t be proud, don’t appreciate yourself and don’t look at the short comings of other people. Keep the respect of the living, and don’t forget the dead, Remember the dead and think about death. Don’t follow your desires. Never obey what is unlawful, and never abandon what is lawful. Know your duties and your place. Then you will not have time to look at the short comings of others, Allah granted you a tongue as a blessing, keep it. Don’ t stare at women and keep guard against all foes (Ego/Dunya/Hawa/Shaytan).  What you were granted of blessings is yours. Never use it in disobedience to Allah (S.W.T.) and His Messenger (S.A.W.). The strength, health and wholesomeness that Allah granted you should be used in the way of obedience, avoiding the prohibited. Allah{S.W.T.) granted us a great deal of blessings, but we seem heedless of them and of Allah (S.W.T.). Thank Allah for his blessings and be patient in the time of adversity. Kill bad conduct before it kills you. Always show clemency towards people, Whoever observes the Sunnah of the Messenger (S.A.W.) will be protected in this world and the hereafter from affliction.  Always look after the needs of people because looking after them is one of the strongest reasons for your receiving guidance. Here are some instructions conveyed to you of the symbols of the tongue of the idioms of the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi Order, to be obeyed and applied on the road to Allah, the Most Cherished and the Most Dignified, to His Messenger (S.A.W.), to the Awliya of Allah (S.W.T.) and to the Fardane’en. Grandshaykh, Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Al-Daghestani ق says:He who asks to enter the Most Distinguished Naqshbandi way should keep the orders of  Allah’s legislation because this honourable legislation is the one that keeps the rank of reality, as an analogy, the shell of a nut keeps its pulp. If you damage the shell, disease enters the pulp and it becomes diseased.

By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (Q)

Enter The Muhammadi Cave

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to go to the high mountains, in the cave of Hira’ for seclusion with his spiritual powers’ and go through the ranks of the spirit’ in order to attain his original world, the World of Allah Almighty, the Most High, where he is in the cave of the worlds, Mercy comes down upon him, Allah the Most High say, “…Whoever enters it attains security” (Al-Imran :97)

Allah Almighty ordered the companions of the cave, “…betake yourselves to the cave, your Lord will shower His mercies on you and dispose of your affair towards comfort and ease.” (Al-Kahf :16)  Allah Almighty showed off His Mercy in that cave. So, what about those that take shelter in the ‘Cave of all the worlds’? The one whom Allah Almighty made a mercy for all of the Worlds. Hence the Mercy of Allah descends on that Muhammadi Cave. “…whoever enters it attains security” (Al-Imran :97)

Allah made it an Ark filled with all creatures, in the Oceans of Wahdaniyyah, bringing blessings to the rank of His inscriptions and Lights and carrying them from the Oceans of Wahdaniyyah to the Oceans of Ahadiyyah. Allah the Most High says, ” …and a sign to them that we carried their issue in the Ark that was filled with all creatures” (Yaseen :41) Thus Lights shown, and Islam appeared, for it is the religion of Allah SWT.

The complete obedience and the absolute submission is to Allah, the Most High, as our Master Abraham A.S says as was revealed in the Quran, “For me, i have set my face, firmly and truly, towards Him who created the Heavens and Earth’ and never should i give partners to Allah.” (Al-Imran :79)  Sayyidona Muhammad (SAW) was surrounded by Allah’s Mercy, Care and Preservation, in order to penetrate the hearts and to get them out of darkness to the light, to be houses that Allah permitted to be constructed for the mentioning of His Beautiful Names, so that tranquility will descend from the presence of Allah, the Most High to the Worlds of Mulk and the Worlds of Malakut in order to make them adore Allah (SWT), have the attributes of his Wahdaniyyah and enable them to survive by Him, after annihilation in Him. Allah (SWT) says, “O ye believers, be Rabbaniyoon” The people entered the religion of Allah in crowds. That Godly light reached their heart from the heart of Muhammad (SAW) the Messenger of Allah (SWT).

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