Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

The Oceans beyond All Oceans. Transcripts of Suhbahs from Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (q)

Dua Nifsu Sha’ban

English Transliteration Dua Nifsu Sha’ban

Allāhumma yā Dhā ’l-Manni lā yamannu `alayhi aħad,
yā Dhā ’l-Jalāli wa ’l-Ikrām yā Dhā ‘ţ-Ţūli wa ’l-An`ām.
Lā ilāha illa Anta.
Ļahara ’l-lāji’īn wa Jāru ’l-mustajirīn wa Amānu ’l-khā’ifīn.
Allāhumma in kunta katabtanī `indaka fī ummu ’l-Kitābi
shaqīyan aw maħrūman aw maţrūdan aw muqataran `alayya mina ’r-rizq
famħu-llāhumma bi-faļlika shaqāwatī wa ħurmāni wa ţurdī
wa iqtāra rizqī wa thabitnī `indaka fī ummi ’l-kitābi sa`īdan
wa marzūqan li ’l-khayrāti
fa-innaka qulta wa qawluku ’l-ħaqq
fī kitābik al-munzal
`ala lisāni nabīyyika ’l-mursal:
yamħullāhu mā yashā’u wa yuthbitu wa `indahu Ummu ’l-Kitāb.
Ilāhī bi ’t-tajallī al-ā`azhami fī lalayti ’n-nišfi
min shahri sha`bāni ’l-mu`azhami ’l-mukarrami
’llatī yufraqu fīhā kullu amrin ħakīmin wa yubram,
an takshifa `annā mina ’l-balā`i mā na`lamu
wa mā lā na`lamu wa mā Anta bihi ā`alamu
innaka Anta al-A`azzu ’l-Akram.
Wa šalla-Allāhu `alā sayyidinā Muħammadin wa `alā ālihi wa šāħbihi wa sallam.

*** English Translation ***

O Allah, Tireless Owner of Bounty. O Owner of Sublimity, Honor, Power, and Blessings.
There is no Allah except You, the Support of refugees and Neighbor of those who seek nearness, Guardian of the fearful.
O Allah, if you have written in Your Book that I be abject, deprived, banished, and tight-fisted,
then erase O Allah, through Your bounty,
my misery, deprivation, banishment, and stinginess
and establish me with You as happy, provided with blessings,
for surely You have said—and Your Word is True—
in Your Revealed Book on the tongue of Your Messenger,
Allah blots out or confirms what He pleases, and with Him is the Mother of Books.” (13:39)
My God, by the Great Manifestation of the Night of the middle of the Noble Month of Sha`bān
in which every affair of wisdom is made distinct and authorized,“(44:4)
remove from us calamities—those we know and those we do not know,
and Thou knowest best—for surely You are the Most Mighty, the Most Generous.
May Allah bless Muhammad (SWS) and his Family and Companions (RA).


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The Virtues, Adab and Awrad of Rajab Shahrullah

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Indeed Rajab is the Month of Allah, Sha’ban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my nation.”

Sayyidina Anas (RA) narrates that Prophet ﷺ said.

“Whoever fasts a day from the Month of Rajab with Imaan and hoping for Allah’s reward, they will be bestowed with RidwanAllah Al-Akbar (The greatest pleasure of Allah Almighty) and be placed in Firdaws al Alaa. ”

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Respect the month of Rajab! Allah will respect you with a thousand miracles on Yaum’ul Qiyamah.” As this is the month of Allah, you if respect it. It is as if you have respected and honoured Allah Almighty.

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said. “Whoever fasts the first (1st), middle (15th) and the last day (29th/30th) of Rajab, all their sins are taken away as if they are new-born from their mother.”

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Rajab’s superiority over all the months is like The Qur’an’s superiority over all other speech.”

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Rajab is specially associated with forgiveness from Allah Almighty, Sha’ban is specially associated with the Shafa’ah of RasoolAllah ﷺ and Ramadan is specially associated with the endless grants and gifts from the Divinely presence of Allah Almighty where its beginning is mercy, its middle is forgiveness and its end is Freedom from Hellfire.” And all the gifts of Rajab and Sha’ban is given in Ramadan.

The Month of Sha’ban is a month of love and respecting Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. The Greatness of Sha’ban is like the Greatness of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ over all creation in the sight of Allah Almighty.

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Increase in abundance your Istighfar for indeed Allah Almighty in every hour from the hours of the month of Rajab is freeing people from Hellfire and there are heavenly cities that cannot be entered except by fasting the days of Rajab.”

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “These heavenly cities are above the Arsh.” They are not from the 8 paradises rather they are from Al-Firdaws al-Alaa Fee maq’adi sidqin ‘inda Maleekim Muqtadir.

Indeed with Allah Almighty are heavenly cities that no one can enter except through fasting the days of Rajab. Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said. “Know that Rajab is one of the sacred months.” and Allah forgives the sinners from the Ummah of Sayyidina Muhammadﷺ. Any good deeds done in this month is taken directly by the Divinely Hand of Power of Allah Almighty and no interference from the Malaikah during this month.

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said, “Whoever fasts the 15th of Rajab, it will be as if they fasted and prayed 30 years with perfection. So it’s recommended to fast the 1st, 15th and 30th Rajab as well as every Monday and Thursday in the months of Rajab and Sha’ban. It will be rewarded as if you fasted the whole month.

Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said. “That none of you should neglect the first Friday night in Rajab, for it is the night that all the angels call the Night of Desires (Laylat’ul Raghaib). Because is because, by the time the first third of the night ( after Ishaa for 3 hours) has elapsed, there will not be a single angel still at large in the heavens, nor in any region of the earth except they will be gathered together at the Ka’ba and the area surrounding it. Allah Almighty will condescend to notice that they have assembled there and He will say: “My angels, ask Me for whatever you wish!” Their response to this will be: “Our Lord the request we wish to make is that You grant forgiveness to those who faithfully keep the fast in Rajab,” whereupon Allah Almighty will them: “That I have already done!”

Sayyidina Anas (RA) narrates from Sayyidina Mu’adh (RA) who were with Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ and said, ” whoever fasts a day from the month of Rajab, He will see The Divinely Face of Allah Almighty and enter into Paradise without any accounting.”

In this great month, we have Laylat’ul Isra wa’l Miraj where Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said. “If someone keeps the fast on the 27th of Rajab, he will be credited with the same reward s that which is earned by fasting and praying for 60 months.

Sayyidina Salman al-Farsi (RA) narrates from Sayyidina Abu Hurayrah (RA) that Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ said,” Indeed in Rajab contains a very special day and a very special night. If someone fasts during that day and keeps worship throughout that night, he will be entitled to a reward like the one that would earned by a person who fasted for a hundred years and who kept worship throughout all the nights in that period.”

The Adab of Rajab – The Month of Allah Almighty

This adab (practice) is performed on the day before The Month of Rajab begins between Salatul ‘Asr and Maghrib and continued every day either in the Last Third of the Night or between Maghrib and Isha

  • Bathing of Purification – Perform Ghusl/Shower between Salatul ‘Asr and Maghrib. Dress in best clothes and perfume
  • Pray 2 raka`at Salaat al Wudu
  • Move 3 steps forward, right leg first, facing the qiblah and niyyah:

Intention–Nawaytul Arba’een, Nawaytul ‘itikaf, Nawaytul Khalwah, Nawaytul ‘Uzlah, Nawaytur Riyada, Nawaytus Sulook, Lillahi Ta`ala l ‘Azhim fee hadhal masjid (or fee hadhal jami`)

I intend the forty (days of seclusion); I Intend seclusion in the masjid, I Intend seclusion, I Intend isolation, I Intend discipline (of the ego), I intend to travel in God’s Path for the sake of God in this masjid.

Intention –Ya Rabbi, innani nawaytu an ataqadama nahwa bahri wahdaniyyatika ilaa maqaamil fanaa  fika. Falaa tarudani ya Rabbi, ya Allah khaaiban hatta tuwassilani ilaa dhaakal maqaam – al maqaamul fardani.

O my Lord, I am moving and stepping forward for the Station of Annihilation in the Divine Presence. Oh my Lord, O Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, I am asking you to vanish me in Your Existence and, O my Lord, I am moving toward your ocean of Unity, the Ocean of Wahdaniyah, O my Lord, don’t reject me until I reach the unique Maqam al Fardani.

Du’a –  Ya Rabbi, Ya Allah haithu hadha ashShahru huwa shahruka, jituka da’ifan wa nawian an ‘amala ‘amalan bidon ‘iwadun aw an yakona fihi talaban lil fadilati qasidan iyyaka Ilahi anta maqsodi wa ridaka matlubi.

O my Lord, since this month is your month – Rajabun Shahrullah (Rajab Month of Allah)– I came to you as a weak guest and intending to worship You, without asking anything in return. My God, You are my aim, and Your good pleasure is what I seek. That is why I am coming, please don’t reject me.

Ya Rabbi, kullu ‘umri qad amdaytuhu fil ma’asi wash shirkil khafi. Wa innani uqirru bi annani lam ati ila babika bi ‘amalin maqbolin ‘indaka anta Allahul ladhi la yati ahadun ila babika bi ‘amalihi bal bi fadlika wa jodika wa karamakika wa ihsanika. Anta Allahul ladhi la taruddu ‘abdan ja a ila babika fala taruddani ya Allah.

O my Lord, all my life I spent in kufr (disbelief) and hidden shirk (polytheism), and bad behavior, and I am declaring wholeheartedly that I did not do any deed that is accepted by You. You are Allah, Who never threw away anyone that came to Your door. You are Allah, and no one came to Your door by his deeds, but (only) by Your grant and reward

Ya Rabbi, Kullu umori fawwadtuha ilayka, hayati wa mamati, wa ba’da mamati, wa yawmul hashr. Kullu umuri hawwaltuha ‘indaka. Wa fawwadtu amri ilayka, la amliku min amri nafsi shayan. La naf’an, wa la darran, wa la mawtan, wa la hayatan, wa la nushoran. Kullu umori wa hisabi wa suali wa jawabi hawwaltuhu ‘indaka ya Rabbi, Ya Allah. Nasiyati biyadika wa ana ‘ajizun ‘anil jawabi wa la mithqala dharratin.

O my Lord, I have given all my affairs into Your hands – my life, my death, my afterlife, and Judgment Day. All my affairs I have transferred to You and You are the One Who controls me. O my Lord, I do not possess anything with my nafs (ego) and my soul. I cannot give good to myself or bad to myself, or life to myself, or death to myself, but I have transferred all my accounts, and all Your judgment on me, and all Your questions to me and all my answers; I have transferred to you. Whatever You want to do with me, You do. My neck is in Your hand. I am helpless from answering Your questions, even the smallest answer I cannot answer. (With all this weakness, and helplessness, and hopelessness, I am coming to Your door.)

Law kana laka Ya Rabbi, babayni ahada huma mukhasasun lit taibeena min ‘ibadikal mumineen wal aakharu lit taibeena min ‘ibadikal ‘aaseen. Ji tuka ya Allah, nahwo babikal ladhi yahtaju an yadkhula minho ‘ibadukal ‘aaseen. Wa innani uqirru wa a’ tariff annahu yajibu an ujaddida Islami wa Imani min hadhal bab li izharil ‘ajzi.

O my Lord, if you had two doors for Your servant to enter through – one for the believers from Your servants and one for the unbeliever from Your servants – I am coming to You from the door that the unbeliever needs to come through. And I am declaring and believing this is the only door for me to come through. I am saying to You that I have to renew my Islam (Shahada – testimony of faith) and my Iman (faith), from this door to show humility and helplessness.

Wa hadhal ‘amalu huwa awwalu ‘amalin li ba’da ma shahidtu bil Islami haqqan Ya Rabbi. Wa Anta wakili ya Wakil haithu naqulo Allaha ‘Ala ma naqulo Wakil wa Shahid.

This Deed and this Shahada is the first deed for me after I am pronouncing the Shahada and entering Islam and You are my Wakeel (protector) from whence we say: Allah is the Protector and Witness over what we say,

  • Shahada 3x with raised finger Ash-hadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh

Iqamatu ‘s-salt wa ita’u ‘zakati wa sawmu Ramadana, wa Hajju ‘l Bayti Haqq. Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa’l-yaumi’l-akhiri wa bi’l-qadari khayrihi wa sharrihi min Allahi ta’ala.

  • Re-Affirm Five Pillars of Islam – Tajdid Urkan al Islam

Iqamatu ‘s-salt wa ita’u ‘zakati wa sawmu Ramadana, wa Hajju ‘l Bayti Haqq

I believe in the establishment of prayer, paying the poor-due (charity), fasting of Ramadan, and the Pilgrimage of the House of God. Re-Affirm Six pillars of Imaan (Faith).

  • Tajdid Urkan ul Imaan – Amantu billahi wa mala’ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa’l-yaumi’l-akhiri wa bi’l-qadari khayrihi wa sharrihi min Allahi ta’ala.

I believe in Allah, His Angels, His books, His Messengers, the Last Day, and the Destiny – its good and its bad – is from God, the Most High. Supplications

Du’a : Ya Rabbi, ya Allah, kam zhahara minni minadh dhunobi wal ma’asi zhahiran wa batinan wa sirran min ‘ahdi ijadi dharrati wa rohi, wa dukholi ruhi ila jismi, wa zhuhori minal ‘adami ilal wojodi, wa zhuhori fi ‘alamid dunya ila yawmina hadha, raja’tu ‘anil jami’ee ilayka bit tawbati wal istighfar.

O my Lord, from the Day of Promises, whatever there was of promise from me to You,(“Alastu bi Rabbikum, Qaaloo balaa (“Am I not your Lord?” They said, “Yes”)(Quran 7:172) – I accept and promise to do it all. O my Lord, Ya Allah, from the day You created my dharrah (atom), my essence, and from the day You entered my soul to my body, and from the day my soul came from absolute abstract to existence, and came into this world, until this day; how much of the disobedience has appeared from me and my essence, and from my soul and my body, spiritually and physically! I am regretting them all, and regretting what I did, and coming back to You asking forgiveness and repentance.

Wa innani qad dakhaltu wa salaktu fi rahmaati shahrika hadhal Mubarak fala taruddni ya Rabbi, ‘an babika wa la tatrukni li ahwali nafsi wa law li lahzah wa ana astaghfiruka.

O my Lord, I entered and I moved into the ocean of blessings of Your praised month. O my Lord, do not reject me from Your door and don’t leave me to my ego even for a blink of an eye and I am asking forgiveness by saying,

  • 70 x Astaghfirullah – I ask Allah’s forgiveness
  • Now sit down and continue with the Adab of Tariqah til Ihda
  • Dua Al Mathur of Grandshaykh Abdullah Al-Fa’iz Ad-Dagestani
  • Do this Adab every day in Rajab either Last third of the Night or between Maghrib and Isha.



The Awrad of Rajab – The Month of Allah Almighty

  •  Read Surah Anam every day
  • 1 Juz of Qur’an every day
  • 1 Juz of Da’lail al-Khayrat every day
  • Subuhun Quddusun Rabunna wa’r Rabbul Malaikatuhu Wa’r Ruh” [100-1000x]
  • “Astaghfirullah dhul-jalali wal-ikram min jami`il-Dhunb wal-Ãtham” [100-1000x]

Then if you have more time you can say:

  • “Subhaana-llaahi Walhamdu Lillaahi Walaaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wallaahu Akbar” [As much as you can]
  • Daily Awrad Everyday


From the 1st Rajab til 10th Rajab

  • SubhaanAllah al-Hayy al-Qayyum 100x
  • La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu min az’zalimin 100x

From the 10th Rajab til 20th Rajab

  • SubhaanAllah Al-Ahad As-Samad 100x
  • La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu min azzalimin 100x
  • Astaghfirullah al-Azeem wa atubu ilayh 100x

From the 20th Rajab til 30th Rajab

  • SubhaanAllahi’l Ar Rauf x 100
  • La ilaha illa Anta Subhanaka inni kuntu min azzalimin 100x
  • Astaghfirullah al Azeem wa atubu ilayh 100x

Increase fasting, particular on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays as well the 7th Rajab, 15th Rajab and 27th of the month.

The Adab of Laylat’ul Raghaib  – The First Thursday Night of Rajab

After Salat Al-Ishaa – Make Intention

  • Niyyat Nawaytul Arba’een, Nawaytul ‘itikaf, Nawaytul Khalwah, Nawaytul ‘Uzlah, Nawaytur Riyada, Nawaytus Sulook, Lillahi Ta`ala l ‘Azhim fee hadhal masjid (or fee hadhal jami`”
  • Adab of Tariqah
  • Dua Al Mathur of Sultan’ul Awliyaa
  • Khatm’ul Khawajghan
  • Reading of Mawlid An-Nabi (s)
  • 4 Rakats Salat At-Tasbeeh
  • 2 Rakats Salat Ash-Shukr
  • Fast on the First Thursday of Rajab
  • If one can afford to, Make a Sacrifice thanking Allah Almighty for the Holy Blessings coming with Laylat’ul Raghaib.

The Adab of Laylat’ul Isra Wa’l Miraj – Night of 27th Rajab

Make Intention

  • Niyyat Nawaytul Arba’een, Nawaytul ‘itikaf, Nawaytul Khalwah, Nawaytul ‘Uzlah, Nawaytur Riyada, Nawaytus Sulook, Lillahi Ta`ala l ‘Azhim fee hadhal masjid (or fee hadhal jami`”
  • Adab of Tariqah
  • Dua Al Mathur of Sultan’ul Awliyaa
  • Khatm’ul Khawajghan
  • Reading of Mawlid An-Nabi (s)
  • 4 Rakats Salat At-Tasbeeh
  • 2 Rakats Salat Ash-Shukr with Du’a Qunoot
  • Ihda
  • Fast on 27th Rajab and on the Last Day of Rajab.
  • If one can afford to, Make a Sacrifice thanking Allah Almighty for the Holy Blessings coming with Laylat’ul Isra Wa’l Miraj  

The Virtues of Rajab, Sha’ban & Ramadan (1439AH)

On Saturday will enter the month of the holy months of Rajab the month of Shaban the month of Ramadan Allah make us to reach them and to best one as much as he can to fast through the month of Rajab and Shaban.

Rasulullah saaws he used to fast the month of rajab until they said he will not break his fast. Sayyida Aisha rah said he used to fast all month of Shaban totally. And the month of Ramadan is obligatory wajib from Allah swt no one can miss it except for some excuse. The excuse is not acceptable unless you are in a deadly situation to much illness or too much fever that makes you to allowed to fast or vomiting or like this.

But only for ordinarily flu or cough/cold. I am travelling in the month of Ramadan no traveling except you must fast because before the traveling use to be traveling by camels donkeys horses very difficult and for this they use permission to break the fast. But nowadays with plane and cars can’t be considered traveling. So no one has excuse to break the fast in the month of Ramadan unless he is so sick that he not able to fast but even he is sick but able to fast he must try to fast and to not break his fast.

The month of Rajab and Shaban is the one he likes to be loved by Allah Almighty  and Rasulullah saaws he will be fasting as much as he can especially Monday Thursday Friday in every week. Very good days to be fasted or Monday Thursday and the one who can fast more especially the 7th  of month of Rajab it is very holy to be fasted and Allah almighty will be fulfilling all the hawaij all the hajat of the one who have any hajat and fast the 7th of the month of rajab. But according to the calendar of awliyah not according to his calendar of his country or whatever they used to play with these countries.

The one who fasts this day Allah will fulfill all his hajat the 7th day of Rajab and the 27th of the month Rajab shukr to Allah almighty for the Miraj of Rasulullah saaws also a holiday to fast and especially the one who fasts 1st of rajab 15th Rajab and 13, 14, 15th of Rajab and also 27th 28th and 29th of month of Rajab.. very good not only very good Rasulullah saaws promising these ones they will be entering jannah Allah will not question them.

The practicing of the month of Rajab as much as you can Subhun Quddusun Rabunna wa’r Rabbul Malaikatuhu Wa’r Ruh 100 times to 1000 times and also the practicing of the month of Rajab as much as you can Astaghfirullah dhul-jalali wal-ikram min jami`il-Dhunb wal-Ãtham 100-1000 times Astaghfirullah dhul-jalali wal-ikram min jami`il-Dhunb wal-Ãtham (3xtimes) and Subhun Quddusun Rabunna wa’r Rabbul Malaikatuhu Wa’r Ruh .. then free Subhaana-llaahi Walhamdu Lillaahi Walaaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wallaahu Akbar because the month of Rajab is the month of Allah almight.

Rasulullah saaws said from hadith qudsi meaning like wahi from Allah almighty from but on the tongue of Rasulullah saaws Allah saying it the month of Rajab is month of Allah almighty .. Allah choose the month of Rajab to be his month related to Allah almighty and the good tidings of this month is appreciate and value of this month as the value of Allah almighty as creator of all his creation and this month of Allah almighty.

the awliyah Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and all before from time of Rasulullah saaws and sahaba and alwiyah fasted all this month. And in this month Shaban thousands and thousands of time salawat sharif on Rasulullah saaws and the one who will fast 13th 14th and 15th of month of Shaban will also holy days and make itikaf like seclusion and sulook khalwah isolating himself fasting during the day and keeping the night to be always be worshipping as much as he can to be not involved with his people and to make his food only to be vegetarian only one kind of food not fulling himself to much one at maghrib time and one at suhur time sahr time is very good.

Rasulullah saaws in a  hadith he said I promise Mohamed Rasulullah saaws say I am promising mohamed Rasulullah saaws the one who is going to be crowded with me to enter jannah under my shafat and be under liwa al hamd my flag without questioning fast first Thursday and the last Thursday of the month of Shaban protect yourself and save yourself from jahanum by fasting the day and keeping worshipping in the night of the first Thursday in the first week of month Shaban and the last Thursday of the week of  the month Shaban I will guarantee for him jannah and my shafat will be covering him like this Prophet saaws promising in the hadith.

Rasulullah saaws said as much as you can try to fast in the month of Shaban as much as you can to make yourself well trained so that month of Ramadan will be easy for you.but really because in the month of Shaban what Allah almighty  dressed children of Adam and honoring them in his month of Rajab will be given to Rasulullah saaws by Allah almighty to dress them and distribute them over the first awliyah, ahlbayt Nabi saaws , and then from them to all the nation of Rasulullah saaws to ummah of Rasulullah saaws for this all our deeds from year to year will be presented to Allah almighty by Rasulullah saaws in the month of Shaban.

Rasulullah he say my death is better for you than to be living between you my sahaba and my nation because all your deeds malaikha bring  to me if they are good I will make them to be survive by divinely life  and if they are bad deeds full of sins and mistakes will repenting on behalf of you and asking astagfirullah and forgiveness and make shafat for you in the divinely presence of Allah almighty so no angerness or from the ego Allah to be writing you on the blacklist every year the names will be changed either in the blacklist as bad end or good list which means good end in the eve of the 15th Shaban  for this Rasulullah said don’t forget this eve and this day to pray all this night eve of 15th Shaban nisf shaban to be worship as much as you can especially between maghrib and isha to recite 3 sura yaseen sharif to make the Dua of nisf shaban if you don’t know the dua  you will say I will ask you Allah almighty according what Rasulullah asks you from every goodness and I ask you to takeoff from me all badness that Rasulullah saaws asks you to take these suffering and badness from him and his nation.

Allahumma inni as’aluka min khairi ma sa’alaka minhu nabiyyuka Muhammadun sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam. Wa `a’udhu bika min sharri mas-ta`adha minhu nabiyyuka Muhammadun sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam. (check this dua not exactly the same as mawlanas)


 if you do not know this dua .. this dua is well known and written and you have it written in Malay and they translated. You can do it with your family you can do it with crowd if their doing in masjid but now wahabis are not doing it so you can do it in the zawiyah or in your house with your family gather them and also after reading Sura Yasin during reciting Sura Yasin Sharif which kind of food you like to eat the most and prepare and put it   under the blessing of Yasin Sharif Allah will make you so prosperous and all the year full of this Baraka and blessing and this food will not be cut from you it will be provided by Allah almighty threw maliaka to have it all year and then after isha the one who is able to pray 100 rakat in this eve of nish Shaban because it is a sunnah which Rasulullah saaws encouraged the sahaba and all awliyah to do it if they are not able to do it atleast 10 rakat from this 100 rakat .. 10 rakat in every rakat after fatiha 11 ikhlas sharif and if he is able to do 100 rakat is ok even sitting and if not able atleast 10 rakat after salatul witr .. after every rakat 1 fatiha 11 times ikhlas sharif then in your days and night with salat and salam on Rasulullah saaws in month of Shaban and at least try to fast the 14th and 15th and the first Thursday and last Thursday and the one who can fast Monday and Thursday very good and the one is able to fast as much as he can from this month also very good and the one who fasts all the month will be guaranteed by Rasulullah saaws to enter to jannah with shafat of Rasulullah saaws and the one fasts the month of rajab will be guaranteed by Allah almighty to be entering jannah Allah almighty will be guaranteeing jannah without questioning. And as much as you can in month of Rajab Subhun Quddusun Rabunna wa’r Rabbul Malaikatuhu Wa’r Ruh and Astaghfirullah dhul-jalali wal-ikram min jami`il-Dhunb wal-Ãtham because it is the month to ask forgiveness from Allah almighty and to be always asking tawba and repenting and the month of shaban as much as you can to get shafat of Rasulullah and prayers of Rasulullah by salat and salam from Rasulullah saaws. Month of Ramadan as much as you can to recite obligatory fasting you can say as much as you can to fast you must all of it .. as much as you day or night to recite Holy Quran and if you don’t know how to read it read by your eyes the letters and if your not able as much as you can from 100-1000 , 2000, 5000 ikhlas sharif. Every 3 qul hu allah ahad like one full khatm of Quran so as much as you can recite ikhlas sharif with la illah ila allah 100-1000 times and with 100-1000 times with astagirfullah atheem wa atub ilahi to always protect your tongue from backbiting ghiba from talking useless things no need only use your tongue from what is important for your business and your work and then for praising and glorifying Allah almighty and salat and salam on Rasulullah saaws and istigar sharif and tawba and reciting ikhlas sharif like this the main practicing of these months and the one who wants its open permission to make 40 days of seclusion  khalwah from the first of rajab until the the 10th  of shaban as a full khalwah he can and the one who wants to take  every 2 or 3 days total khalwah is also he can Thursday Friday or Thursday Friday Saturday same practice as the khalwah and same food of the khalwah he will be eating in these days or if he wants to make 1 weeks .. 10 days also he can anyone he want to make 40 days he can. And the one wants to make khalwah and itikaf in the 3 holy time of of month of Rajab and month of Shaban and the month of Ramadan which mean from before the athan of subh by 2-3 hrs until sunrise and then from asr-maghrib then from maghrib to isha time to be isolated himself alone in a  private room and to be always busy with Allah almighty and Rasulullah saaws especially with rabitah and observation connecting showing love to Allah almighty not showing to much worshipping .. Allah doesn’t like to much worshipping without love .. you must show love to Allah almighty by always connecting your heart to the lights of Allah almighty lights Rasulullah saaws light of alwiyah lights of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim qs and you will be well connected with Rasulullah saaws and Allah almighty and this can be only by to much sujood to Allah almighty and observation to be sitting and seeing Allah looking at you Allah wintnessing you Allah present with you to observe Allah almighty always his face facing you seeing you and facing your face. As much as you can you can do it especially in the nighttime after midnight in tahajud time where Allah almighty will be descending to the first heaven and asking anyone want my love I will give ..anyone want own me I will give myself to him, anyone has any hajat I will fulfill it, anyone asking tawba and istigar I will forgive him and dress him with tawbah, anyone asking mercy I will give him , anyone asking cureness I will give him anyone asking rizqi I will give him and like this Allah will be mentioning by himself every kind of what the one needs for his prosperity and life and anyone who will ask Allah almighty in these months he will not refuse and he fulfill directly what they wish and ask Allah almighty until the athan of subh. Then athan of subh Allah will ordering maliaka and Rasulullah saaws to be conducting the prayer of subh with all prophets awliyah sahaba ahl bayt who passed away and who are also living and then it will be for Rasulullah saaws to sunrise to distribute and to dress all of  what Allah almighty accepting from the 3rd of night before the subh from the prayer of everyone or the dua of asking and he will give it to all whom they be asking Allah almighty and make shafa for them and between maghrib and isha of everyday Allah almighty sending maliak all over his creation human being children of adam or jinn or malaika or there is plenty of other types of creation of Allah almighty like shayateen devils different kinds of creation that are unseen for us but awliyah can see them and they will be taking like video clip for all the 24hrs and Allah almighty will be invited All whom passed away from time of Adam as until everyday at maghrib to be attending .. Allah will making a huge screen showing all  what they people doing in their life on this earth or in other universes what all creation of Allah almighty either worshipping fasting close to Allah almighty and loving to Allah almighty or doing badness and sins and mistakes and disobeying Allah almighty or obeying Allah almighty or following shaytan or following how much to collect as much money of this life and one day they will leave it and go empty hand to Allah almighty and Allah will show to all their ancestors creation awliyah sahaba and all those who passed away and for this the one who is doing goodness and worshipping showing love to Allah almighty and Rasulullah and to all Prophets and all awliyah in the grave they will say to Allah almighty give him a long life we will carry all his suffering all his sickness all his badness give him healthy long life. They pray like this and Rasulullah saaws will take all these prayers and will present to Allah almighty and Allah will be fulfilling for the sake of Rasulullah saaws it is between maghrib and isha of everyday of these holy months and if the one who is doing badness and prosperity for his luxury life to be prosperous happy putting Allah almighty  and Rasulullah saaws on his back doesn’t care for his akhirat commiting sins and mistakes watching tvs movies theater in these holy months Rajab Shaban Ramadan also Allah will be making them to be running infront of these ones who passed away and their ancestors they will say to O Allah almighty make us to be very ashamed and shy from you and Rasulullah saaws take them quickly send the angel of death and take their soul no need to be living and disobeying. And like this Allah almighty will be for this some people they quickly die because of the dua of their ancestors when they saw them doing badly. Sometimes Allah almighty already programming  preternal and his will when before he created creation that some of the people will be of every family Allah will choose some of them from all the centuries and period of time to be carrying from all the badness of their ancestors and to pass away early by these burdens from childhood until young or old Allah will choose someone’s to be sacrificing themselves for the badness and mistakes and all kind of disobeying of Allah almighty from all their ancestors until Adam as. And these will be crowded as shaheed and awliya to Allah almighty even they passed away at 7 or young or child or babies or young or adults or old Allah will be choosing them to carry all the badness of these families. And for this be careful for month of Rajab month of Shaban and month of Ramadan which coming in front of us starting on the 14th March.. next month after 2 weeks 2 ½ weeks they will be starting. Be careful in these months always to be well seeing Allah almighty present with you witnessing you seeing you facing you don’t approach to anything bad or to do anything bad or to do anything to harm anyone from the creation of Allah almighty especially to break the heart of each other or to break the heart of anyone from the children of Adam Allah is saying every sin and mistake I forgive except to break the heart of anyone in humanity of brotherhood or sisterhood as a human being for you it is very difficult because I will be forgiving after the one whom you broke his heart on the day of yawm al qiyamah will say I forgive him ya Rab then Allah will forgive him if that one who you broke his heart  declaring on yawm qiyamah I am not forgiving punish him Allah almighty Allah promising  will punish that one how he will punish him not to throw him in jahanum not in hell No .. Allah almighty will take from his paradise from his jannah from his palaces from his good deeds and give to that one who he back bite him or broke his heart until he will be satisfied and pleased and he will say now I forgive him but that one will be losing to much from what Allah almighty wealth of akhirat and paradises and goodness and then he will be biting his finger that he lost his akhira for only breaking the heart of the one or to be enemy to one or to be hate to one or to have bad thoughts of one Allah almighty to break down the kaaba much more easier to Allah almighty then to break the heart of one mumin or one muslim or one in humanity with you because Allah saying is choosing neither kaaba or throne or any place to be a house for me only I am choosing the heart of children of Adam as to be my house and for this Allah almighty making the heart of every children of Adam as to be house for him settling himself his throne his lights and if you break any heart of anyone as if you are insulting Allah almighty directly as if your cursing Allah almighty directly as if your breaking the house of Allah almighty and it will be dangerous for the one who do like this. Until that one will forgive you and he doesn’t forgiving you than Allah almighty will take from all your good deeds all your goodness all your paradises and give to him until he is satisfied . all his sins and badness he will make it to be carried by you and soon in these months to keep always yourself well respecting each other well loving each other and if not able well ok if that one is so angry with and temper from him and hate him its ok but try not to hate him .. talk in his back not to be sitting where he is sitting or you can make yourself at home don’t go out of home if you can’t control yourself. So you will not be attacking anyone and for this Rasulullah saaws in one hadith says the oppressor if he sleep it is worship for him. It will be considered for him a worshipping and Allah will dress him with good tidings why because no more harm to come from him over people he is putting himself aside. Once in the time of Rasulullah saaws a one who used to make all badness he was stealing the dead bodies and the kafan of them and all kinds of badness and cursing sahaba but when the month of Rajab enter first he will bath himself shower himself pray 2 rakat repenting to Allah almighty and he told Oh Allah almighty this is your month I am respecting now all of them and have no enmity in my heart I forgive all of them I am not going to be out of my house not to harm anyone for your sake Oh Allah almighty because I am respecting and appreciating this month for your sake as I am respect you and appreciate you so I don’t want to do any badness or harming or disobeying in this month or Rasulullah saaws and he used to sit all day and night and repent ask tawba and say istigfar in this way


Allahuma innee istaghfiruka min kulli maa tubtu lahu ilayka thumma ‘udtu feeh. wa istaghfiruka min kulli maa ‘aradtu bihi wajhika wa-khaalatanee feehi maa laysa feehi ridaak. wa istaghfiruk li-ni`am allatee taqawwaytu biha `ala ma`aseeyatik. wa istaghfiruka min aadh-dhunub allatee laa ya`lamahu ghayruka wa laa yattali`u `alayha ahadu n siwaak wa laa yasa`uha illa rahmatika wa la tunjee minha illa maghfiratuka wa hilmuka. laa ilaha illa-Anta, subhaanak! innee kuntu min adh-dhaalimeen.

Allahuma innee istaghfiruka min kulli dhulmin dhalamtu bihi `ibadaka. Fa ayyaama `abdin min `ibaadik aw `amatin min ‘imaa’ika dhalamtu fee badanihi aw `irdihi aw maalih fa `atihi min khazaa’inik allatee laa tanqus. Wa as’aluka an tukrimanee bi rahmatika allatee wasi`at kulla shay wa laa t`uheenanee min `adaabik wa ta`teeayanee maa as’aluka fa-innee haqeequn bi-rahmatik ya arham ur-Raahimeen. Wa salla-Allahu `ala Sayiddina Muhammadin wa `ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma`een. wa laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah il-`Alee ul-‘Aadheem



All day and night he is busy by this and we translated this to english of dua mathur of Sultan Awliyah already translated to English this is istigfar Grandshaykh used on behalf of all the sinners of the nation of Rasulullah saaws to save  especially in the sajdah of najat he will say it every sajdah of najat on behalf of all children of Adam as he used to do it . Now no one is doing it. And so Allah was carrying from them all the badness now no one to carry because no one is saying this istigfar. But in the month of rajab plenty they do it because whom are following us because its in the dua of Sultan Awliyah it has been translated in English and like this he used to keeping himself like sulook seclusion all the month of rajab respecting Allah almighty and the month of Allah almighty. When he died Allah almighty bring all the sahaba all the people of Madinah munawareh they even they don’t dare to tell Rasulullah saaws they didn’t bath him or kafan him they take his body and throw him in the dustbin of the country where they throw the rubbish and garbage outside Madinah munawareh for dogs animals ..? . quickly Allah almighty sending Sayidna Jibril as to Rasulullah saaws and telling him and dressing you by salam and he is tell you that one of his big awliyah he just passed away and no one respect him and they throw him outside Madinah munawareh in the garbage and the dustbin go by yourself and the sahaba go bring him  bathe him kafan him respect him by your hand bury him and pray on him and bury him and stand on his grave to make talqin for him because he is an awliyah ? . then they went to see him and saw this one who used to curse all of them and curse Rasulullah saaws then Rasulullah saaws did what Allah ordered to do and he went to the house of this one and saw he has only a daughter and asked her what did your father do   Ya Rasulullah I was very ashamed and shy because you know better than me what he used to do I feel shy what he used to do. No tell me what he used to do from goodness. She told him just the month of rajab used to enter to see the moon of month of Rajab he used to bathe himself and to pray 2 rakat and to keep praying and reading this istigfar this istigfar was coming to him once he was stealing some of the monastery some worshiper of Allah almighty from the nation of Rasulullah from the sahaba he steal all his things and between them he found this istigfar he used to read it in the month of Rajab he used to say he respect this month its your month and as I respect and love you and obey I am obeying you and asking forgiveness and tawba all the month not showing any harm on anyone until the end of the month appreciating and respecting the month of Rajab because it is the month of Allah you said its your month to Allah almighty, and like this he used to do every year and all the other 11 months he was as you know and then Rasulullah taking this paper with this istigfar on it and was rubbing all his body with it making it to pass all over his body and was teaching to sahaba to all sahaba especially Sayiduna Abu Bakr Siddiq and Sayiduna Ali and then from them to all 40 ways and the Naqshbandi alliya way siddiqi way and to all the imams that used to say it and teach it to their mureeds because Allah will save the one who will be respecting and obeying Allah almighty and reciting this istigfar or any istigfar in the month of Rajab especially if its difficult for you to say it you can read it in the translation of it in English and also as much you can 100-1000 Astaghfirullah dhul-jalali wal-ikram min jami`il-Dhunb wal-Ãtham and Subhun Quddusun Rabunna wa’r Rabbul Malaikatuhu Wa’r Ruh and Subhaana-llaahi Walhamdu Lillaahi Walaaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wallaahu Akbar. Walaa Hawla Walaa Quwwata Illaa Billaahi-l ‘Aliyyil ‘Azeem. This is the practicing  of these holy months and respect of these holy months month of Rajab for sake of Allah almighty month of Shaban Rasulullah said my month ?? keep protecting and saving yourself I am guaranteeing to the one who fasts the first Thursday and last Thursday not to enter jahannum you will be entering to jannah with my shafaat and fast the month of Ramadan it is obligatory don’t make excuses to break fast but fast as much as you can all of it don’t break at all and read as much as you can ikhlas sharif in this month of Ramadan and salawat sharif . May Allah forgive us and Mercy us.

Who is the Owner of the Owner of the Time (Sahib’us Sahib az-Zaman)? By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani QS

A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem.

La hawla wala Quwwata illa billah’il aliyyi’l azeem

Dastur Yaa Sayyidi Madad

Tariqatuna As-Suhba wa’l Khayr fi’l Jami’ah


From all Sahaba only Sayyidina Ali and Sayyidina Abu Bakr who Rasuluallah handled them their own Amanat, while the others their Amanats remained with Rasuluallah. Mawlana has told all other Sahaba why their amanat not yet handled to them and that because they still have their inner self and that’s why they didn’t take their amanat from Rasuluallah.

MAWLANA SHAYKH NAZIM SAID: In the morning time, I went to Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah and he said, “Yaa Nazim Effendi, after I finished that Suhba with the Sahaba and while Sahib az-Zaman and his Khulfaa were there.  All the Sahaba were very happy because I told them about what they still missing and when we tell someone about what he is missing.

It’s our job to give it to him and indeed that they did get their perfection and cleaned up in the Barzakh.” Also Sahib az-Zaman opened for them the same what he opened for the two Sahaba Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Ali and he gave them their Amanat and Mawlana give to them what was missing in them and this is the job of As-Sahib.

After that Mawlana explained: Who is Sahibu’s Sahib? Because there is a Sahib for Sahib az-Zaman and the Sahib of Sahib az-Zaman is Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Ad- Daghistani and Sahib az-Zaman is Sayyidina al-Mahdi. Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah speaking: Say Alhamdulillah and make Shukr for Allah almighty that you attended a Majlis with a man who is the savior for all Shaykhs and Awliya who they are prisoners for the 4 enemies (Nafs, Dunya, Hawa, Shaytan) because there are so many followers who Iblis captured them. Give shukr to Allah almighty that you attend a Suhba with man who has that power to save all the followers from the hand of Iblis.

Allah Almighty has dressed him with that power to save all the prisoners and I said, “Yaa Sayyidi is this power also can save the other Prophets nations before us? He said yes! That servant got the power for all other nations and to save them from Shaytan and also for the ones who didn’t follow and left their prophets. Oh how much Allah Almighty honored and dressed karamat to that wali!

About the meaning of the prophets are still alive in their graves. That means if we came to their graves and uncovered them, we will find them still like the day they were buried in and that means that Allah almighty made for every prophet, a Wali who does the prophet’s job for them at every time to protect the nation of that Nabi.

If you were a Wali heir for Sayyidina Moses, your job is to revive as the same if Prophet Moses was alive and that wali also his job is to save that nation like what is still missing in their inner self. That wali have to purify them and to protect them. In every time, in every age there’s a Wali who is a servant for that prophet to protect his nation. That’s the meaning of the Prophets still alive in their graves. Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah said: “After I leave, this job will be handled to someone after me and so to the end of the time.”

Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah said: when we speak or tell a servant about what he is missing and what is his flaws immediately he will be cleaned and purified because If we speak and didn’t fix then we will be only be upsetting that servant and this is Haram. Why? Because we don’t tell the people about their flaws and their faults and their imperfections to satisfy our self or to make enmity between people.

But Awliya are like doctors they have to know what disease that patient have in order to know what medication to give. Like these are Awliya, they don’t speak about someone flaws to upset and to do haram, but when they speak about any flaw they immediately fix it, so Allah Almighty don’t ask him for that flaw or mistake.  From the time the servant becomes an Adult to that time, the Wali purified him and he mentioned his flaws and his faults to purify him and to save him. Only for these two reasons Awliya speak.

About this power of guidance Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah said: This only given for Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah and never been given for anyone else before and anyone after him. Like this is his guidance. Mawlana’s guidance reached from west to east and in this time He is the Muhammadan Heir (Al-Warith’ul Muhammadiyah) and he have the power to be in 700,000 places at the same time by his spiritual powers. At the time of Sayyidina Abu Yazid, the Muhammadan Heir had the power to be in 24,000 places at the same time. But in nowadays the absolute Muhammadan Heir can appear in 700,000 places. With this power Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah works and now Mawlana can appear in different images (in looks or bodies) as much as he wants even he is in Barzakh but still can appear in thousands of different bodies walking in the markets and attending Suhbas. He can appear anywhere from east to west, always in Khidmah and this is a Karama to purify the nation of Muhammad and his services are still till now.

This kind of guidance is only for us Mawlana said: Allah promised us that in our Suhba about what maqam we are speaking and explaining even if the people in the Suhba their worship is not enough to realize that maqam only because they attend the Suhba and hear it and accept it. It’s enough to make them reach that maqams

Mawlana said: I have been ordered to dress whoever attends to my Suhba and accept it with that maqam, we don’t talk about something to the people who attended and then we hide it. No, we are not like this, we show it to him to dress him. Not to deny him. Therefore about what maqam we are speaking and telling in the suhba all who attend are dressed with that maqam. This order has been ordered to the one with guidance to take the people who attend to those maqams. Therefore not with our doings we became better. On the Day of Judgment we see all these high maqams because of the Suhba’s of Prophets and Awliyas and with their intentions how much they tell us we will be dressed with.

Bi Hurmat’il Habeeb Bi’Hurmat’il Fathiah




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