Rank Of Real Faith

When you reach the level it is when the veils are removed, hence the sense or hearing rises in him, so he hears solids, things, animals, human beings, .Jinns and the Angels or the Most Merciful glorify Allah Almighty, but like the sound of the buzzing of the bees, it is all mingled with one another, because he is still advancing on the path of the awliyas in his faith. By this travelling at the hand of the perfect sheikh, he will rise to the rank of distinction between the sounds, able to distinguish between the speech and the glorification of the angels to Allah (S.W.T.). He knows whom each speech and glorification comes from, each one: from human, from jinn, from things, from solids- it is all distinguishable and by his spiritual dressing he can understand every tongue and know its owner, hearing their glorification like the peals of thunder, till he becomes the manifestation of the rank of Hujjat Al-lslam, the speaking tongue of Allah’s Qudrat. By that tongue, the manifestation of his state, he ascends by the guidance of his sheikh to be promoted to the rank of closeness in the heart of his human self, which to the ignorant but a piece of meal, but in reality it is where all your worlds (related to the Mulk and the Malakut) are folded, and through it you ascend to reach the House of Allah, in which absolute Light descends and settles on the throne of your heart..

-Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani


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