The Spiritual Shaheed (2012)

Allah Almighty taking oath on all prophets, if Rasulullah (sas) appeared in your time or before you, you will not be prophets but one of his Nation and companions of Rasulullah (sas). If he didn’t appear in your time then everyone in his time will be prophet, to take people from darkness to light. Allah sending prophets to take people from darkness to light because Allah Almighty descending them on this earth and descending on them burdens, to test them, to examine who will be with Allah Almighty, who will be against Allah Almighty. Who will be with Allah Almighty? Who with his desires, ego, shaytan? Who will follow & obey Allah Almighty? Or obey & follow shaytan, & for this Allah in every period of time when darkness covering people, He will send a prophet to take them from darkness to light, until when it is a totally ignorant time, where darkness over darkness, then Allah Almighty sent Seal of Prophets, Sayidina Muhammad (sas), not only for his people but for all mankind. “Wa Ma ‘Arsalnaka Illa Rahmatan Lil`alamina” (21:107) For all godly worlds Allah sending Rasulullah (sas) to be the Ocean of Mercy where Allah Almighty dressing mercies over mankind through Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas). And for this Alhamdulillah we have honour from Allah that Allah chose us as Nation of Rasulullah (sas) so that we will have special light from Allah Almighty, that no one from other nations had, this light. And this light coming to our hearts through Rasulullah (sas) and his successors from Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) & Mawlana Shaykh (qs). And Allah Almighty showing everyone of us how to react, how to behave in this life. Saying Allah through Rasul (s) addabani Rabbi fa ahsan at-tadibee. Allah ‘behaved’ me and He ‘well behaved me’. And  Allah Almighty creating everything by completing everything. Allah Almighty, before appearing us on this Earth, before appearing us in this life, Allah Almighty, we were lights in His Divinely Presence. Allah Almighty created us, appeared us in the Divinely, Godly World of Allah Almighty, ‘La ilaha illa’Llah’, as Lights of Allah Almighty. And then Allah Almighty descended us in the Divinely World of Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas). And for this Allah Almighty saying ar-Rahman, choosing the name of ar-Rahman – The Merciful, Allah Almighty, choosing this name ar-Rahman, because Allah Almighty appearing everything in this Earth & all Children of Adam (as) from this name. And saying ar-Rahman, the Merciful, “Allama Al-Qur’ana” (55:2), he taught in pre-Eternal to these lights, to this manifestation, coming from La Ilaha illa Allah, He taught them Holy Quran, which means He taught them His Holy Words. He taught them all whatever they need from Divinely Knowledge from Allah Almighty. And the one who was translating the Revelation, teachings of Allah Almighty, the divinely, godly Tongue of Allah Almighty was Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas). He was the one translating the teaching of Allah Almighty to His manifestation, to His lights, & Allah Almighty making him the Imam, & saying Allah Almighty, ‘Everything We endorsed in an Imam’. “Wa Kulla Shay’in Hsaynhu Fi Imamin Mubinin” (36:12) Everything I endorsed in this Imam. Who is this Imam? In the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty – Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas). And for this, Rasulullah (sas) was Imam for all prophets. He was the Imam for all Children of Adam (as). He is the Imam of Sayidina Mahdi & Sayidina Isa (as). And Rasulullah (sas) saying, O my Nation, everyone of you must know whatever Allah Almighty dressed me & poured in my chest, I am pouring in the chest of Siddiq (ra), because Siddiq, I am the city of Realities & Secrets, Rasul (saws) said. And Siddiq (ra) is the door of it, & like this Sayidina Abu Bakr was dressing the Realities & Secrets from the Heart of Rasulullah (sas) to his successor & from one Siddiq to another, from one Siddiq to another, from one Siddiq to another, & nowadays Siddiq will be the successor of all Siddiqs of Grandshaykhs, of Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra), who is Sultan al Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Grandshaykh said, ‘Whatever Allah & Rasulullah (sas) dressed me & Sayydina Abu Bakr (ra) & all Grandshaykhs, in my heart I dress it to my son, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, to my son Nazim Effendi, he said. So follow him. He is the Imam in this period of time he is the Ghawth. He is Sultan of all Awliya not only for you, no. We are nothing – still on the maqam only as a lover; on the first step, as a lover we love. By love we are coming & by the love they are accepting us. But the Awliya who are appointed to be employed in the Divinely, Godly World of Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (sas), all of them are under the instruction & order of Sultan al Awliya of this peiod of time, there are 124,000 awliya. According to 124,000 Prophets every awliya inheriting a secret of one prophet & between them 5 who are inheriting the secret of the 5 main prophets, Sayidina Rasulullah (sas) Sayidina Nuh, Sayidina Ibrahim (as) Sayidina Musa, Sayidina Isa (as). And between them the one who is inheriting the Divinely Secret – Prophecy of Rasulullah (sas). He is the Ghawth, the Qutb al Ghawth. He is the one called Sultan of Awliya. And all of them are under his order & instruction & he is always under instruction & Revelation of Rasulullah (saws). Whatever coming from Rasulullah (sas), he is spreading between the awliya & then awliya between the Nation of Rasulullah & the Ummah of Rasulullah (sas). All of us, one day are going to pass away from this life we are going to die, no one is going to remain, except Allah Almighty. He is the One, because He created death. So Allah Almighty created death for everything other than Him to show that everything is going to have an end except Allah Almighty. And for this, we are existing by the Existence of Allah Almighty. And Allah Almighty dressing all those who believe in Him by love. Allah Almighty is looking to believers how much love they have in their heart. How much they have respect & love to Rasulullah (sas). How much they have love & respect to His awliyallah. How much they have love & respect to Allah Almighty. And to respect Allah Almighty you must respect His servant. To respect Rasulullah (sas) you must respect his Nation. To respect Sultan al Awliya & awliya you must respect their murids & followers. Like this, Mawlana teaching us and be busy by Allah Almighty, don’t be busy by anything else.Everyone who is busy with anything else than Allah Almighty is going to go from this life as a blind one. The eyes of his heart never are going to be open, he is going to go as a dead one. And Yawm al Qiyamah, Allah will revive him as a dead one, a blind one. Allah says in the Holy Quran, one who is blind here, means eyes of the heart is going to be blind Yawm al Qiyamah & much worse than in this life. “Wa Man Kana Fi Hadhihi A`m√° Fahuwa Fi Al-Akhirati Am√° Wa Aƒëallu Sabilan(17:72) Mawlana saying for this, one who is busy by & with Allah Almighty, by dhikr Allah, Azza wa Jall, by salat-u-salam on Rasul (sas), by love of Awliyallah, azza wa jall, Ahlul Bayt, Sahaba of Rasulullah (sas), Allah will never take him from this life except by open heart, open eyes, open ears, open tongue, open feeling. He will be “Bal Ahya’un `Inda Rabbihim Yurzaquna” (3:169) He will go as shahid, but spiritual shahid. Mawlana says, there are 2 kinds of shahid, -there is a shahid of the words, to make La ilah illa’Llah Muhammadun Rasulullah -word of Allah, kalimat-ut-taqwa, word of taqwa – La ilah illa’Llah Muhammadun Rasulullah – rising up, this is shahid. And there is the spiritual shahid who Allah slaughters by the Godly Sword of Allah Almighty & this for the ones who spend their life even between people but always in seclusions. In khalwah, in suluk, only busy with Allah, then Allah will choose them & slaughter them by His Sword & they will be spiritual shahid. Mawlana says, spiritual shahid is 70,000 times higher than war shahid. The shahid of war is alive, Allah saying. How about shahid who Allah is slaughtering by His sword? 70,000 time higher because he is shahid of Ishqun-Ilahi, of Godly love. Like Sayyidatina Rabiya Adawiyyah, like all awliya. All grandshaykhs, sultans of awliya are ones who are already shahid, by Allah & Rasulullah (saws)slaughtering them by Godly Sword, which means Allah Almighty slaughtered their egos, slaughterd their selves. Slaughtered them means, remaining nothing with them, no humanity anymore, only the Light of Allah Almighty. They exist by the Light of Allah Almighty. And they are representing the Light of Allah to shine on heart of the Nation of Rasul (saws) & the Children of Adam (as). And for this try to be busy with Allah Almighty, Rasulullah (saws) says, try to be be busy – Mawlana & all awliya say: try to be busy with Allah Almighty. No one will benefit you except Allah, and Rasulullah (sas) is the guidance, Imam to us, to lead us to Allah Almighty. to Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. And Sultan of Awliya, all Grandshaykhs & Awliyallah are Imams to lead us to Rasulullah (sas). Without the Awliya you cannot reach to Rasulullah (sas).  Without Rasulullah (sas) never can one reach to Allah Almighty. And for this Allah Almighty says, ‘Don’t jump from window & come to Me. Come from the door & My Door is Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas)’. And Rasulullah (sas) says, close all doors of Haram of Madinah, in his time, keep only the door of Siddiq to be open & all Sahaba, even the highest like Sayidina Umar, Uthman & Ali (ra) the 10 dressed & granted to be Ahlul Jannah, were obliged to enter to Rasul (s) from door of Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra). No more was any door open except the door of Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) which leads you directly to door of tawba, the house of Rasul (sas). Where Rasulullah (sas) used to sit behind his mihrab, his pillar direct to the door of Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra). And so all Sahaba came to Rasulullah (saws) by the Imamiyah of Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra). And all awliya Allah, all awliya, coming to Sultan of Awliya all grandshaykhs, sultans of awliya, to lead them to S. Abu Bakr (ra). So S. Abu Bakr (ra), till Yawm al Qiyamah, is the one to lead everyone to Rasulullah (sas). Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) is not a dead one. Awliya are not dead ones. They don’t die like us. Rasulullah (saws) is not a dead one. Allah Almighty is not dressing prophecy, which is life for mankind & mercy for mankind, on a dead body. Never. And for this Rasulullah says, I am alive in my grave. I am hearing, listening , seeing, feeling. Anyone giving me salat-u-salam, I am giving him also salat-u-salam, & Allah giving him salat-u-salam. And for this the Sahaba said, O beloved Muhammad (sas), Ya Rasulullah, now we give you salat-u-salam, but when you will die & be a dead body in your grave how to give salat-u-salam, you are finished? He said, ‘Don’t say so.’ He was getting upset, Rasul (saws). Never will your Prophet be a dead one, never a decayed body in the grave. Your Prophet is alive & all prophets are alive & praying between the Hands of Allah Almighty to Yawm al Qiyamah. And anyone giving me salat-u-salam Allah Almighty dressing again. Just I am buried, dressing again my soul to my body. And I am in the Divinely Presence of Allah giving salat-u-salam to that one giving me salat-u-salam & Allah giving salatu-salam on him. Like this Rasulullah (sas) is seeing, he says, everyday whatever you do.  Children of Adam Allah first sending it to me. If it is good I say Alhamdulillah & raise it up to Allah Almighty. If it is bad I repent on behalf, ask forgiveness, and I will make shafa’a for you in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. Like this Rasulullah (sas) is busy & knowing everyone of mankind because he is alive in the Diivnely Presence of Allah. And the one who is busy with Dhikrullah, Azza wa Jall, Allah Almighty will open the maqams of his heart. 5 maqams of the heart will be opened until you go to make sujud in between the Hands of Allah Almighty, in your heart. You will find Allah Almighty as Sayidina Ibrahim (as), when he was saved from the fire by Allah, said, I am going to immigrate to Allah Almighty – which means I am immigrating from humanity to enter my heart, to reach the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty; to be a divine one, making sujud between the Hands of Allah Almighty. Allah says, I am sending you to this life to search for Me, find Me. But everyone is so interested in searching for a girl, to love her. Searching for a nice woman, to get married to her. Never is anyone searching for Allah, for Rasulullah (sas). No one is searching to meet Imam, Sultan al Awliya, Sahib al Zaman, or anyone of the Awliya. And for this, long ago, Mawlana teaching us – every morning when we want go out, “O Allah, make us meet one of Your awliya, to meet Imam of the Time.” Allah will send him to meet you on that day if you make this intention. Never will Allah Almighty make your intention, if it isgood, to not be accepted by Him. For this, one who asks, will find, -talabana, wajadana. The one who never asks about these things, is not going to find them. Everyone asking for money, finds it. Everyone asking business Allah will make for him a good job. Everyone asking a woman, Allah sending for him, nice girlfriend. Everyone asking to get married, Allah sending for him to get married. But no one is asking that I want to be engaged with Allah Almighty. No one is asking to be meeting Allah Almighty. No one is asking to be busy with Allah Almighty. And for this Allah Almighty is forgetting, making everyone to be forgotten. As Allah says: nasullaha fanasiyahum – The one who forgets Allah Almighty, Allah will forget him. The teaching of Mawlana Shaykh, teaching of Grandshaykh, of all Grandshaykhs, Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) & Rasulullah (sas) saying Shariat to make you to reach Haqiqah, to Reality. Don’t be busy only with Shariah, don’t be busy with knowledge of numbers, figures, or points, or this or that. These are like a car, like a donkey, like a camel, to carry you to Reality. When you reach the way of Reality then Allah will arrange for you missiles. Without missiles no one can reach Allah Almighty & Reality. “Wa Al-Ladhina Jahadu Fina Lanahdiyannahum Subulana”(29:69) The one who struggles & makes the best in Shariah & is busy with Me, I will show them the Way to Reality, I will show them how to reach Me. Allah will send for them a Buraq, like he sent to Rasulullah (sas) to ride & be taken to the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. And they will then be divinely ones. Once upon a time, Mawlana says, there was a woman, she was always busy with the greatest name of Allah Almighty. She doesn’t need seclusion, she doesn’t need to have suluk because she always busy with greatest name of Allah Almighty. Allah sending to her heart. My Greatest Name is hidden in Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. if you are busy with Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim so busy with My Greatest Name. So she used to say everyday, Bismillah ar-Rahman arRahim… Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim… She wants to dress by Bismillah… she wants to shower with Bismillah.. eat every mouthful with Bismillah.. she wants to sleep with Bismillah… speak to her husband with Bismillah.. Any movement, any action, Bismillah ar-Rahman arRahim… Then her husband got fed up with her – I am your husband or Bismillah is… She told him, no I am busy with Allah Almighty. Even if you are my husband, I love & respect you, but I am busy with Allah. To be busy with Him you must show love & intention that you are busy with Him so Allah Almighty inspiring me to say, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, showing my love to Allah so I am busy with it. He told her, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim gives you benefit then. Once he came, going now to teach her a lesson so as not to say all the time Bismillah, Bismillah… Whatever she wants to do, Bismillah. Bismillah… Bismillah… At that time there was no bank note, Mawlana says they used golden coin. He told her, my wife I am going on a journey so keep this bag of golden coins for me. Keep it until I will return. She takes the bag of golden coins, put it under the mattress. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim… Her husband went, for several hours she was busy, outside house, in garden, farming – like this they used to do, to prepare food. As a thief entered the house, taking the bag of money, throwing it in the well of the house. At that time there were wells. Even full of golden coins. He was fed up from his wife always saying, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. He threw the bag in the well so that all the time she will not say Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. He went then 2,3,4,5 days. When he returned he told her I am so busy, I want just now, now, now, the golden coins. She said here they are in the place where you gave me. Put hand under the mattress, Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim take your bag of golden coins. Malaikah who serve Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, greatest name of Allah, brought bag of coins from the well, without any drop of water. And she gave him -Bismillah ar-Rahman arRahim. Take. Then her husband was so ashamed of himself he started to say with her, Bismillah ar-Rahman arRahim. This story, the wisdom of it, Mawlana says who keeps Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim, no need seclusion for him, because all the time he is mentioning without fearing the greatest name of Allah Almighty. & He will appoint malaikah for him to serve him, to take off all burdens from him, & also no misfortune or bala will come over him. Allah Almighty will dress him by the owner of this name. Who is the owner of this name? Whom did Allah dress first of all after creating Muhammad (sas) connecting his name to His name in pre-Eternal? La ilaha illa’Llah Muhammadun Rasulullah -first Allah dressing Rasul (s) by this name, Bismillah arRahman ar-Rahim. Really Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim is a name of Rasul (saws). Which means he is the one who represents the Divine Ocean of Mercies and forgiveness of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty saying by the Name of Allah Almighty, you are the one by whom I am opening everything, My Beloved Muhammad. And for this Rasulullah (sas) to grandshaykhs, to Sultan al Awliyah, to all Awliyaullah, to Imam Sahib al Zaman, Sayidina Mahdi (as), Rasulullah (sas) is the one who represents the greatest name of Allah Almighty. Mazhar Ismullah al Azam. The representing of the greatest name of Allah Almighty Muhammadun Rasulullah (sas). May Allah Almighty forgive us, have mercy on us and give long life to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim insha Allah to reach time of Sayidina Mahdi & Sayidina Isa (as) & to dress him by health & cureness & make us to be sitting, listening to sohbah kissng his hand & his feet & be our Imam in this life, in grave & in Akhirah. Without an Imam no one can reach Allah or Rasul (saws). As Allah Almighty says in Holy Quran, “Yawma Nad`u Kulla Unasin Bi’imamihim” (17:71) When I will call every band, group of people by the name of their Imam. Insh Allah Yawm al Qiyamah, Allah will call us by the name of our Imam, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs). And like this, everyone will be called by his imam, to the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty to be questioned & if imam is like Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, & all Grandshaykhs will be as lawyers for us in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty & Rasulullah & Rasulullah for making shafa’a. And the one who is following this materialist, physical life & shaytan will be called by their imam the shaytan. He will be imam of them and all of them after him running. Allah will tell them, I don’tknow you, all of you. ila Sharaf Al Nabi…. Fatiha


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