Enter The Muhammadi Cave

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to go to the high mountains, in the cave of Hira’ for seclusion with his spiritual powers’ and go through the ranks of the spirit’ in order to attain his original world, the World of Allah Almighty, the Most High, where he is in the cave of the worlds, Mercy comes down upon him, Allah the Most High say, “…Whoever enters it attains security” (Al-Imran :97)

Allah Almighty ordered the companions of the cave, “…betake yourselves to the cave, your Lord will shower His mercies on you and dispose of your affair towards comfort and ease.” (Al-Kahf :16)  Allah Almighty showed off His Mercy in that cave. So, what about those that take shelter in the ‘Cave of all the worlds’? The one whom Allah Almighty made a mercy for all of the Worlds. Hence the Mercy of Allah descends on that Muhammadi Cave. “…whoever enters it attains security” (Al-Imran :97)

Allah made it an Ark filled with all creatures, in the Oceans of Wahdaniyyah, bringing blessings to the rank of His inscriptions and Lights and carrying them from the Oceans of Wahdaniyyah to the Oceans of Ahadiyyah. Allah the Most High says, ” …and a sign to them that we carried their issue in the Ark that was filled with all creatures” (Yaseen :41) Thus Lights shown, and Islam appeared, for it is the religion of Allah SWT.

The complete obedience and the absolute submission is to Allah, the Most High, as our Master Abraham A.S says as was revealed in the Quran, “For me, i have set my face, firmly and truly, towards Him who created the Heavens and Earth’ and never should i give partners to Allah.” (Al-Imran :79)  Sayyidona Muhammad (SAW) was surrounded by Allah’s Mercy, Care and Preservation, in order to penetrate the hearts and to get them out of darkness to the light, to be houses that Allah permitted to be constructed for the mentioning of His Beautiful Names, so that tranquility will descend from the presence of Allah, the Most High to the Worlds of Mulk and the Worlds of Malakut in order to make them adore Allah (SWT), have the attributes of his Wahdaniyyah and enable them to survive by Him, after annihilation in Him. Allah (SWT) says, “O ye believers, be Rabbaniyoon” The people entered the religion of Allah in crowds. That Godly light reached their heart from the heart of Muhammad (SAW) the Messenger of Allah (SWT).


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