Blessing of 16th Night of Ramadan – The Night of Sahib Az Zaman Sayyidina Mahdi

Tonight is eve of 16th Ramadan. This eve is a very precious night to Awliyallah, it is called eve of Sahib Az Zaman Sayyidina Mahdi (AS). In this eve, Allah specialising him for all AWLIYAA TO MEET WITH HIM AND HE WIL BE DRESSING ALL THE AWLIYAALLAH EVEN THE GHAWTH AND QUTBS for the coming the 15 days in the Diwan Ar RasoolAllah (s). RasoolAllah will order Sahib az Zaman for a big meeting with all AwliyaAllah and inform them whats going to happen.
What Allah decided, What Allah dressing the nation of RasoolAllah (S). The children of Adam, Malaikah, Jinn, whatever Allah want to dress on the Laylatul Qadr , it will be decided on this night.
From Allah Almighty to RasoolAllah to Sahib Az Zaman to all Awliyaa who are existing in this life. They will know tonight. Sahib az Zaman will give to all Awliyaa this night.
Grandshaykh used to say this night is very important where Allah Almighty is changing in it, how the gearbox of the car is changed. The Gearbox of the month of Ramadan will be changed tonight from the 1st 15th days to the 2nd 15th days. For this now, the lights, rewards and maqams that Allah opens are totally different form 1st day of Ramadan till tonight.
From tonight, it is starting of Awliyaa ascending to the Diwan of RasoolAllah (S) to be meeting with Sahib Az Zaman to be meeting to give them the information and dress them what to activating between the Ummah for the coming 15th days. This year is very special, Whats opened has never been opened before which is The lights descending on these 10 days from the Oceans of the greatest name of Allah Almighty directly.
Whoever prays the Taraweeh and Witr prayer in this eve and making Dua Al-Qunoot, Allah Almighty will dress him by Malaikah which will be dressed on Laylatul Qadr on the ummah.
This eve of 16th is different from previous years as its coming directly from Allah Almighty directly, then from RasoolAllah (S)directly, then from Sahib az Zaman directly. Then from all AwliyaAllah directly to the ummah.

Tonight is opening the lights of the greatest name of Allah Almighty relating to the last 10 days of this year in Laylatul Qadr and to be dressed who kept all the month fasting and praying Taraweeh and witr.
The one who is waiting and connecting himself well with the divinely presence of Sahib Az Zaman will be sharing with all the Awliyaa meeting this night from Maghrib til Fajr prayer.

The taraweeh tonight will be conducted in the 1st heaven by the Imamiah of Sahib Az Zaman Sayyidina Mahdi AS to all Awliyaa existing on this earth. In the witr, he will be making Dua Qunoot, Allah Almighty will descend over him all what is going on til the end of the month.
Especially the Laylatul Qadr and when it will be the Layatul qadr on which night and he will be ordering the Awliyaa whom serving the ummah to dress them by these lights and Salaams from Allah Almighty and these endless rewards.


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