“I Didnt See The Kabah”

The one whom is making himself to be blind, meaning his heart is blind not his eyes, but blind from all realities will be much more worse and blind on the day of Judgement, not able to see the face of Allah Almighty, not able to see the face Rasool'Allahﷺ, Nowadays there was a women... Continue Reading →


The Last Seven Breaths

Never one will pass away until in the last breath when he is dying, Allah will send for him first of all, if he is a non believer, the prophet sent to them, for Christians Sayyidona Isa (AS), for Jews Sayyidona Musa (AS), for Hindus, the whom they worship, for Buddhists whom they worship, to... Continue Reading →

Who Is A Real Dervish?

Who is a real Dervish By Shaykh Adnan Kabbani ق A lot or people claim to be a Dervish (i.e. of the sincere servants of Allah), and claim to be related to the World of Truth, to the World of Awliya, to the World of the Prophet (S.A.W), to the Divinely World of Allah (S.W.T),... Continue Reading →

Basic Adab in The Naqshbandi Way By Shaykh Adnan Kabbani

The Basic adab in this Naqshbandi Way: Don't feel vain. don't be proud, don't appreciate yourself and don't look at the short comings of other people. Keep the respect of the living, and don't forget the dead, Remember the dead and think about death. Don't follow your desires. Never obey what is unlawful, and never... Continue Reading →

Enter The Muhammadi Cave

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to go to the high mountains, in the cave of Hira' for seclusion with his spiritual powers' and go through the ranks of the spirit' in order to attain his original world, the World of Allah Almighty, the Most High, where he is in the cave of the worlds,... Continue Reading →

If You Enter, Don’t Back Out

This means if you start a deed, complete it and excel in it for the sake of Allah Almighty. Your deeds should not be like iblis, done for a certain objective, or in order to gain Karamats, or to obtain a title or rank, or a wage. Deviating from your goal and your aim that... Continue Reading →

Rank Of Real Faith

When you reach the level it is when the veils are removed, hence the sense or hearing rises in him, so he hears solids, things, animals, human beings, .Jinns and the Angels or the Most Merciful glorify Allah Almighty, but like the sound of the buzzing of the bees, it is all mingled with one... Continue Reading →

Every Child Is Born On Fitrah

The original existence is the Fitrah that Allah Almighty created, on the religion of Allah - Islam. The eyes of the heart of the new born remains open, connected to the world the world that he came from, though he is in the world he was born in. Everyone of us has spiritual senses, like... Continue Reading →

Shadow Of Sayyidona Muhammad (S.A.W)

The 124,000 Prophets who inherited the secret of Muhammad Rasool'Allah, were also Perfect Men. Each of these Prophets during his period of time was also perfect. Then, amongst the Prophets, Allah Almighty created key positions. Who are all of them representing?They are representing Muhammad Rasool'Allah, and they are the Shadow of Muhammad. It must be... Continue Reading →

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