Salat’al Kafara Az-Dhanoob

Salat'al Kafara Az-Dhanoob is to be done on the night of the last Friday in Ramadhan, either after the Witr of Isha or during the night, it equals a thousand months of worship, it covers all the worship one has missed in one’s lifetime, and extends to cover your ancestors and all your family - such... Continue Reading →


Blessing of 16th Night of Ramadan – The Night of Sahib Az Zaman Sayyidina Mahdi

Tonight is eve of 16th Ramadan. This eve is a very precious night to Awliyallah, it is called eve of Sahib Az Zaman Sayyidina Mahdi (AS). In this eve, Allah specialising him for all AWLIYAA TO MEET WITH HIM AND HE WIL BE DRESSING ALL THE AWLIYAALLAH EVEN THE GHAWTH AND QUTBS for the coming... Continue Reading →

The Prayer of Forgiveness – Salah At-Tawbah

Mawlana Shaykh Adnan (Q) recently opened another practising which will attract the oceans of forgiveness from Allah Almighty and allow us to be saved from the cursing of Allah Almighty especially when reading Qur'an if we are not reading the secrets behind the letters. Mawlana recommend we pray 2 Rakats Sunnah Salah At-Tawbah every day at... Continue Reading →

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