Shadow Of Sayyidona Muhammad (S.A.W)

The 124,000 Prophets who inherited the secret of Muhammad Rasool’Allah, were also Perfect Men. Each of these Prophets during his period of time was also perfect. Then, amongst the Prophets, Allah Almighty created key positions. Who are all of them representing?They are representing Muhammad Rasool’Allah, and they are the Shadow of Muhammad. It must be noted that they are the Shadow of Muhammad Rasool’Allah and not the Shadow of Allah Almighty. This Shadow of Muhammad Rasool’Allah started with Seyyadina Nuh (Alai), then Seyyadina Ibrahim (Alai) and then Seyyadina Musa (Alai) then Seyyadina Esa (Alai) and then the physical body of Muhammad (Sal) which thereafter appeared 1,400 years ago. A beam of Light about the size that can pass through the eye of a needle was dressed by Allah Almighty to these Prophets to represent the Shadow of Muhammad Rasool’Allah, which is up in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty connected His name with Muhammad His messenger in La ilaha illallah Muhammad ur Rasoolullah, in pre eternity before anything yet even appeared or was created.


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