Every Child Is Born On Fitrah

The original existence is the Fitrah that Allah Almighty created, on the religion of Allah – Islam. The eyes of the heart of the new born remains open, connected to the world the world that he came from, though he is in the world he was born in. Everyone of us has spiritual senses, like the ordinary senses on the World of Humanity. Those senses go back to the pale of the spirit, and the spirit is a gift from Allah (SWT) and is from the World of Allah’s command. Allah dresses the new born, by Islam, the Absolute surrender and perfect surrender to Allah. We see new born between creation as a suckling baby, but he has all the worlds unconcealed to him, from the world where he descended from to the World of Mulk and the World he now inhabits, and by the Wisdom of Allah, he is forbidden to talk so that these secrets remain concealed.His parents make him a Jew, Christian ect. From the time he starts sucking milk, by the reflections of the conduct of the one giving him milk, all of the darkness surrounding him. Then the eyes of the heart & senses of the spirit withdraw into darkness. His spiritual senses break and are substituted by his materialistic senses.The eyes of the heart of baby closes, the eyes of the face of baby opens, then follows by his hearing and all other ordinary physical senses.

– Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani 


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