Adab To Remove Difficulties

Maulana Shaykh Nazim said that there are situations and problems, in which no amount of worship, no amount of do’a, no amount of praying (beseeching), no amount of charity, no amount of visiting Maqams, can solve – the do’a will not be lifted up, and the problem will not be solved by Allah Almighty. If anyone is dressed by such dire miseries, misfortune, bala’, or musibah, or is suffering from difficulty in sustenance (rizqi), or if he is in a difficult situation or is suffering, or if he has a serious disease like cancer or an illness which doctors aren’t able to cure, or he is not able to beget children, (or if a women is unable to get pregnant), or if he is facing anything he cannot bear, or something related to government (and they are not solving the problem for him), or if he wants all his issues to be solved, Maulana Shaykh Nazim said that the only medicine for all these kinds of serious matters, is for him to do the following adab, upon the intention of what he’s facing (eg to be done with the intention for Allah to fulfill his need, or to cure his illness, or to open Doors of Rizqi, or to solve the difficult problems which he is facing which neither he, nor anyone else, can solve, or to beget children etc) Maulana said, “No need to go to people, go to Allah Almighty, recite the following, daily, for 40 days.”

Make niyyah (intention) as to the problem you wish for Allah to solve in performing this practice, then recite the following:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

3 times Kalimah Shahadat (Ashadu an Lailaha Ilallah, wa Ashadu Anna Muhammadan Rasulullah)

Astaghfirullah, 70 times              

Then make presentation, the Naqshbandi Ihda, ila sharafin nabi wa alihi wa sahbihi wa hadrati ustadhi ustadhina wa siddiqiyun, Al-Fatiha. 1 time

Then sit and continue reciting Astaghfirullah, 300 times              

For couples who wish to conceive, they must, in addition to the adab above, also make an intention, that when the wife is pregnant, they will perform two Sacrifices (Qurbans), as an adab, on the souls of Sayyidina Shah Naqshband and Sayyidatina Nafisah Thohirah. Here’s how: Once she is confirmed pregnant, they are to perform the first Qurban, and after delivery, within the first 7 days (or on the 7th day), they are to do the other Qurban.


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