The Secrets behind Grandshaykh’s Dua al-Mathoor

What is the secret and benefit of reading Grandshaykh's Dua al Mathoor? Every Awliyaa has a speciality. So Seal of Awliyaa (Shaykh Abdullah Al-Faiz Ad Dagestani). He was ordered by RasoolAllah to use the Du'aa of every unknown ones who was accepted by Allah Almighty and used to be the worst. But he used to... Continue Reading →


Benefits of Reading Surah Ikhlaas 100 times daily

The one who recites Surah Ikhlaas 100 times daily will have: Allah Almighty will be happy with him - He will be well appreciated by Allah. RasoolAllah will be spiritually attending their funeral and burying them in the grave All Malaikah of heavens and earths will be attending their funeral All Awliyah til Yaum al... Continue Reading →

Adab of Laylatul Qadr

All are advised to attend the Taraweeh prayers in their locality and to pray 4 Rakats Salat'ul Tasbih and 2 Rakats Salat'ul Shukr before or after the Witr. The one who does this will be as if they have given the rights and respect for Laylatul Qadr. They will dressed by the Divinely lights of... Continue Reading →

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