The Responsibility Of Awliya’Allah 

Awliya'Allah are always busy in purification, purifying people and completing them, erasing their sins, cleaning their diapers. Washing them by eternal water. Dressing them by the seven ranks of Imaan. They dress them by supportation from Allah Almighty and Seal of Prophetsﷺ. Then they will leave and go to another one. Even if there are... Continue Reading →


Celebrating Mawlid Un Nabi ﷺ

If anyone dies from the crowd of people whom celebrate the Mawlid of Rasool'Allah ﷺ . The Praise of Rasool'Allah ﷺ especially in these holy days of Mawlid of Rasool'Allah, Allah Almighty will never make the 2 Angels of questioning to approach to their grave because of the lights which are in the grave buried... Continue Reading →

Ya Ahad Ya Samad Salli Ala Muhammadﷺ.” 

These 3 words, they are the Password and key to enter into all The Divinely 99 Names and The Greatest Name and to The Endless and Countless Names which lead you to the Divinely Godly World of Attributes. To lead you to The Ocean of Oneness ( Wahdaniyyah) to The Ocean of Uniqueness ( Ahadiyyah)... Continue Reading →

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