Jewels Of Reality (2012)

Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim… Always use Siwak Every time you use siwak you have 100 Shahid-blessings of martyrs Allah (swt) gives you blessing of a 100 Shahid. Always use it. I never see Grand Shaykh or Mawlana Shaykh Nazim..Always using. For every Sunnah even they want to recite any Ayat– verse, even one Ayat, they used it. Everything, whatever, making wudu, for everything they used to use it. Until Allah (swt) will take the teeth of one, then it is not any more obligatory. But still you have (teeth) then you must use it. Because Allah Almighty descends special Malaika on using this Sunnah of Siwak.


Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Dastur Ya Sayyidi,Madad! We ask Madad of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qas) and we will see what he will open on our heart for us. As you’re listening,I am listening also. Only I am translating what is coming – waves from his station to my heart. I am listening as you are listening also. I am not making myself. I am not a Shaykh, no! I am a darwish. Like anyone. I am one piece of rice from a bag of rice. First of all, Mawlana Alhamdulillah, he is Alhamdulillah Masha Allah very good. Better and better too much improving and giving salams. Says: Assalam aleikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu, to everyone of you and to everyone who will listen to this sohbah.


To everyone of his murids all over the world he is giving Salam, Mawlana S.Nazim and all means of blessing he says, & forgiveness & mercies upon all of you and Allah Almighty insha’Allah makes us to meet with him under the flag of Sahib ul Zaman, Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). Sayidina Isa (as) and insha Allah Yawm Al Qiyama under the flag of Rasulullah (saw) Liwa’ Al Hamd. Insha’Allah as in this life he said we are with him also in the other life insha’Allah we will be with him. And he is giving salams to everyone & he is happy that everyone is praying for him, loving him, respecting him Alhamdulillah. Specially the ones coming visiting him they’re not seeing him but it is written there is special type of Malaika Allah (swt) appointing from the time of Rasulullah (saws) whom anyone visiting real Mu’min, believer by this visit, these Malaika will write for him good tidings & blessing, as used to be written to S. Abu Bakr Al Siddiq when he was visiting Rasulullah (saws). And in this time Mawlana says, now Rasulullah (saws) he said 70.000 times higher because now Allah Almighty opening over this ummah, (nowadays ummah), the last of the ummah, which means because all of ummah of Rasulullah is last ummah, but now we are the last of the last ummah – the end near to Sayidina Al Mahdi (as), Allah (swt) is dressing all the earth & all children of Adam (as) & the ummah by His Greatest Name, now In every century, or every period of time Allah (swt) used to dress the earth by one of His (swt) 99 Names, plus the Name of Al Rahman.


The Name of Rahman going on from time of Adam (as) to Yawm Al Qiyama, plus it in every period of time Allah (swt) Will dress another name over mankind. Just in this time Just the last century entered. Because to Awliya’ the century is not 100 year, to Awliya’, to Ahl Al Haqiqa, to Grand Shaykhs, to Sahaba, the century is according to the age of Rasulullah (saws), which is 63 years of age. This is the century to Awliya’. And for this in every age, in every century Allah Almighty, or period of time sometimes twice a century, He (swt) Will change His Name over mankind. Just the last Century entered, the 23rd Century entered. And it is the last Century of the age of ummah of Rasulullah (saws) Allah (swt) Is dressing all mankind by His (swt) Greatest Name. Because at this end of this Century it will be the end of the ummah of Rasulullah (saws). The age finished. And for this Allah (swt) Is now, planting this earth by His (swt) Greatest Name. Lightening it so it can carry The Throne of Allah Almighty. Because Allah Almighty making Yawm Al Qiyama on this earth. And He (swt) Is going to re-survive all people from their graves, from this earth, not from another planet. No! & He (swt) Is going to descend to this earth & everyoneYawm Al Qiyama, as Rasulullah (saws) saying he is going to see Allah Almighty.


He told the sahaba as you are seeing the sun in a very clear day, noon time. Like this everyone will see Allah Almighty, Yawm Al Qiyama. So be careful, he said. How you are going to face Allah Almighty. If you are full with… jelousy, enmity, if you are full with hatred with ghiba – to talk on the back of each other, how are you going to face Allah Almighty? How you dare to look at His Face? And Allah Almighty saying, that Yawm Al Qiyama. When Allah Will Shine His Lights on mankind and all creation at that time. Descending The Throne all day “Wa Anati AlWujuhu Lilhayyi Al Qayyumi Qad Khaba Man Hamala Zulman” (20:111) Allah Almighty Saying they never dare to look at the face of Allah Almighty,all of them like this. They will look down in between their feet. And O so pity for the ones who are carrying badness! Anyone who is carrying badness, then he is going to be very ashamed. from Allah Almighty. Because now he is seeing Allah Almighty. Especially the one who doesn’t have faith & believe in Rasulullah (saws) Allah (swt) saying in The Holy Quran, “O earth open & swallow us.” When they will see that Allah Almighty, how much make Rasulullah (saws) in a very high Maqam, so close to Him (swt), inviting him to sit on The Throne, of Allah Almighty. And how they used to treat Rasulullah (saws) & how they used to have no faith in Rasulullah (saws). Allah (swt) saying “Falamma Ra’awhu Zulfatan” (67:27) now we recited “Falamma Ra’awhu Zulfatan Si’at Wujuhu Al-Ladhina Kafaru” (67:27) When they saw Him, Zulfa, means close. When they saw him, so close to Allah Almighty and Allah (swt) rising him in a very high Maqam, all of them their faces, will be so ashamed. The nonbelievers or the one who treated Rasulullah with badness, that they will say “O earth open & swallow us”, ashaming from  Rasulullah (saws). And like this so that you will not be shy or ashamed try your best in this life to do everything which Allah (swt) likes & Rasulullah (saws) likes. And especially you are one who are searching for reality, for spirituality.


Rasulullah (saws) saying “Al Haqiqa Dallat Al Mu’min”- The reality is the missing point for a real mu’min, a real believer. The missing point for him, is to find the reality. And Mawlana S. Nazim said “everyone has 7 realities.” In the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty, everyone has a Reality. Not this human body is our Reality, no! The essence of everyone of you. The essence of mankind. The essence of human being has a reality in The Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty. And Allah Almighty saying that “every Reality is in My Hand.” Fasubhana Al-Ladhi Biyadihi Malakutu Kulli Shay’in Wa Ilayhi Turja’una(36:83) “Praise be to Me, who is the reality of everything” The Malakum means everything “The Malakut of everything, in My Hand & you are coming back to Me. Wa Ilayhi Turja’una (36:83).


You are coming to Me again. So be carefull” You must be ones who are searching to find nowadays, your reality better than after death. After death it is very difficult to search for reality. But now everyone try his best to search for his reality. And the reality. To find the reality is not something you can do it by yourself, you must have a guide. You must have a one who already found his reality and to take you in this way of Allah Almighty to make you to reach to the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty and Divinely Presence of Rasulullah (saws) to dress you by your reality. And Allah Almighty saying how much you will try to purify your ego, you cannot.

Because the ego in the Hand of Allah Almighty also. Try your best to make Allah Almighty to purify your ego. And the dua, Mawlana always making dua of Rasulullah (saws) “O Allah Almighty, give, purify our ego. Give our ego taq’wa, and you purify it, wa dhakkiha. You purify it, because Allah Almighty He is the One to purify the ego. But you must be always careful watching your steps, watching yourself. Not to be going far away even in thougths. Behind this one or that one. Behind people through ‘hasad- to be jealous from them. Because jealous ‘hasad’ will eat people. Plenty of the sickness of nowadays and plenty of the burdens on everyone of us is from the ‘hasad’ of people on him.


Everyone making ‘hasad’ on the other, the other will feel tired, will feel burden on him, because the eye will eat the one. And for this nowadays, Rasulullah (saws) hiding all awliya’ so no hasad coming to him. Because they are so busy in preparing the time of S. Al Mahdi (as) to come. And for this Awliya’ Allah (swt) all of them under the order of Rasulullah (saws) how to arrange the heart of the ummah, of the nation. How to arrange all the mankind to be able to carry whatever going to come in front of us from big events & big wars & burdens which mountains cannot carry it. Is going to be thrown from each other on each other, these burdens. Not coming from Allah Almighty because Allah Almighty Promised”I am not going to punish your nation from Heavens & I am not going to punish your nation from under their feet. No! But burdens, they are going to attack themselves by themselves.” All against each other, even not by hands, even by hasad, even by ghiba- to talk on the back of each other, make you also to be very low spirituality because everyone is eating from your meat. Because Allah Almighty saying, you like anyone to eat the meat of his brother in humanity. “Anyone like to eat the meat of his brother? Ya Rasulullah, how we eat each other?” He said by “talking, ghiba- by talking on the back of each other”. Once 2 sahaba came to Rasulullah “Ya Rasulullah pray for us we are very painful stomach, stomach ache too much. We didn’t left any herbal medicine, at that time. We took it but stomachache too much.” He said “vomit, because you are eating too much meat. Don’t eat too much meat, makes you like this.”


At the time of Rasulullah, most of the food of the sahaba was dates. Dates and flour. They eat the barley or wheat like this. They ate as much as they can… grilled it & they eat it with dates, with salt, with water. Like this they use to live, & Allah(swt) gave them too much strength and power. So he told them don’t eat too much meat. They said “Ya Rasulallah 3 months we didn’t find 1 piece of meat to eat. How is it we are full our stomach is full of meat. Rasulullah got a little bit upset from them, because Rasulullah never saying anything except through revelation from Allah Almighty. Allah telling him,tell them like this.


To show the other sahaba, to show the ummah in Yawm Al Qiyama. He say “If you are not believing.””No we are believing Ya Rasulullah but we didn’t eat meat.” He say” Vomit!” And they vomited & coming out plenty of meat which is green. spoiled meat coming from their stomach. Vomiting & coming meat. “From where this meat?” He told them. “We didn’t eat meat, from where” He told them because when you’re passing by the fence of one of the rich sahaba you were talking on his back.” Making ghiba on him, and Allah Almighty saying the one who make ghiba, Allah Almighty Will change it to be as if meat in your stomach, as if you are eating his flesh. So for this, all this flesh & meat in your stomach. For this all this pain. And then after they vomit, no more pain. Teaching the ummah, teaching us that “be careful, be careful from ghiba.”, from to talk on the back of each other. Don’t be one whom they are jealous from each other, for this life for this dunya. Which is going to be, going to an end. If you want to be jealous from each other, in good deeds for Akhirat! To be everyone making his best to be like the other, making goodness with Allah Almighty, so that to have high Maqam & to Allah (swt) be pleased with him & to have paradises. Not to be jelous for this dunya. All the money of this dunya, all palaces of this dunya, all these gardens of dunya, is going to have an end.


By Yawm Al Qiyama is going to be finshed. Allah(swt) is going to finish all this earth, all planet. Not only this earth but all Heavens & earths. Allah (swt) Is going to finish them. And Allah Almighty is going to re-create them again. But it will be not like this earth. Allah (swt) saying “I am going to change this earth to another earth – to an earth, which the element of it from the Lights of Allah Almighty, lights of Rasulullah (saws) and also mean that your bodies, which is going to be re-created, re-survived, is going to be the element from it from the element of Akhirat – The element of the Lights of Allah Almighty & Rasulullah.


So it can be pre-Eternal,  forever. Otherwise it cannot last forever if it is going to be like this. Because this element of nowadays, has a certain age to live. A certain time to live & finish. But that time you will be forever living in the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty & Rasulullah in Paradises. And so everyone must always be careful not to go in badness so far away. But to remember Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws) because Rasulullah saying “everyone of you, all of you, all mankind you are sinners. And the best of the sinners is the one who repents. Who ask tawba from Allah Almighty. Always ask tawba from Allah Almighty. Always renew your Islam, your Iman renew your bodies, by saying “Ash’hadu an la Ilaha illa Allah wa ash’hadu anna Muhammad Abduhu wa Rasuluh (saws).” Otherwise, you will loose yourself. And the one who looses himself, finish! No more he is going to be a one who is accepted Yawm Al Qiyama & can look in the Face of Allah Almighty. He will be very shyful, ashamed from himself. He will look down. And so be careful to be in Yawm Al Qiyama in neighbourhood to Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws). And Allah Almighty first of all Will invite the one who used to be all the time busy themselves in remembering Allah Almighty. Who they use to be meeting in Zikrullah, calling Allah Almighty, mentioning the name of Allah Almighty.


They will be invited Yawm Al Qiyama. And Allah Almighty Will tell “now time to reward you. Because you were busy in this life by Me. And now I am going to reward you, what you want I Will give you.” And Mawlana said they will tell Allah Almighty “in the past life we were busy with you, now when we are in between Your Hands we want anything else than You. We want You Allah Almighty.” And so Allah Almighty Will open an ocean of Light, and these waves of Light will come & swallow them. And then they will be in a Maqam over The Throne, which no one can be able from people of this life to see in which Maqam they are. Like this Allah Almighty Inviting everyone to His Divinely Presence. To love each other, to respect each other, not to make ghiba on the back of each other. Not…to be humble to each other. Mawlana S. Nazim (qas) Sultan of Awliya’ from his childhood & he used to be always respecting everyone. Whenever his mother wants to find him, she used to go to the mosque nearby the house to find him sitting there, with the ulama’ whom they used to teach at that time the people Shariat or Sufism or like this, until he grew up. And when she was pregnant with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, once the door was knocking, it was Ramadan time. Two old men, one very old, his beard till the earth, so long. And another one knocking at the door, they told her “we are foreigners, strangers from this country, coming and we are fasting, have you anything to give us? Food.” And so she offered them. she was very generous, the mother of Mawlana. She offered them food, she offered them good breakfast. And she then put dinner for them. Then the other one told her “this one cannot eat food, only he eat milk. You have milk?” She said “yes.” & she brought for him milk. They finished their fasting day, they prayed in her house &then they make a special dua,that Allah make this boy you are pregnant with to be on a very high Maqam.


On a Maqam that no one in his time can reach to that Maqam. &at that time,Mawlana say Allah Almighty … Grand Shaykh told him this story he told him” it was Sayidina Al Khidr (as)”. With the Qutub of that time coming to look at your mother, because she was pregnant with you & to pray for you that you will be the Sultan of Awliya’, the highest Maqam of Wilaya. And for this, from just he was in the womb of his mother and awliya’ used to visit his mother, for his sake. As Rasulullah (saws) as his mother was pregnant with him, all Prophets (as) used to come & visit her for the sake of Rasulullah (saws). & same for Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. When she was pregnant all awliya’, the Qutub of the time, Sayidina Al Khidr (as) coming and visiting & making dua for him. And Allah (swt) to give him the very highest Maqam in his time over all awliya. And like this he grows, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, in this… Larnaka in Cyprus. All his intention was to search for the Imam of the time. He was all his intention about Sahib Al Zaman, S. Al Mahdi (as).


Then when he finished his university & he was… his brother was… Shahid, in the second World War. He said “I want to migrate.” And he migrate & went to Hums. And stayed there 2 years in Sayidina Khalid Ibn Al Walid Maqam & studying Holy Quran, Hadiths like this. And searching about the awliya’. Because in Istanbul one of the big awliya’ at that time he told him “your amanat, your trust, your spiritual power, is with a Ghawth, the Sultan Al Awliya’ at that time called Abdullah, Shaykh Abdullah Al Daghastani & he is ordered to emigrate to Damascus,to Sham. And he is settling there, go search for him & be with him.” After 2 years of living in Hums, Mawlana then once the Imam of the Mosque he told him,”just now they told me a very big awliya’, the Qutub of the time, they used to say like this. He just arrived to Sham, to Damascus. I want to go & visit him, you can take my place.” He said “No, no I am here searching for him, I will go with you also to see him.” And like this he went. And at that time Shaykh was in seclusion in a Maqam of awliya’ called S. Hassan Jabawy, in the middle of the graveyard & he was there, in between graves. Making the seclusion, 6 years he made the seclusion there. At that time it was the end of the 6 years & so they arrived. And just Mawlana S. Nazim he met him, the first sohbah he did for him about Sahib Al Zaman, Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). And he told him, & he told me Mawlana S. Nazim he made the suhbah, was saying that he told him from Divinely Knowledge,which you cannot find even in S.Muhiyudin Ibn Al Arabi books – over the knowledge of S.Muhiyudin Ibn Al Arabi. Which between all awliya’ the highest knowledge used to be given from S.Muhiyudin Ibn Al Arabi even higher even much more higher.


He told him knowledge from the knowledge of S. Shah Naqshband (qas) used to give the Imam of the Sufi way. And so at that time Mawlana Shaykh Nazim he said” I’ve realised that this is my Shaykh whom I must continue.” He told him, “you are not only a murid for me, but you are going to be a successor of me. So keep yourself with me.” He told him, “I have intention to go to Madina, migrate to Madina.” He told him “no!  Return to Cyprus and then after me, you will continue all over the world wherever the Light of Rasulullah (saws) arrives to a heart of anyone, you will, like a shepherd taking care of sheep, you will bring him to the circle or Rasulullah (saws).” He told him “Ya Sayidi, for Muslims, believers.


How about all over the world they are not Muslims.” He told him plenty! Plenty! Millions! They are going on your hand to enter to Islam, because already the Light of Rasulullah (saws) they reached to their hearts, but there is no one to bring them. And this in The Day of Promises, Allah Almighty appointed it to you. You will bring them to Islam & to Naqshbandi Way.” And like this Mawlana, Grand Shaykh, he use to train him by seclusions – 6 months, 1 year, from every 2, 3 years like this. Then sending him here there to make as a traveller to go all over the nearby places. Until the last seclusion 1967 in Madina, he dressed him by the Secret of the Prophecy of Rasulullah (saws), by the Secrets of Naqshbandi Way and he told him”just now this year, I introduce you to be always by one step to be in Diwan of Rasulullah (saws). You are the Imam of Awliya’ by the order of Rasulullah (saws). And Grand Shaykh made a sohbah, that whatever Maqam related to me, and Rasulullah (saws) dressing me by the Qutub, Ghawth, which means highest Maqam of Wilaya, I dress it to Mawlana S. Nazim Effendi.” And like this from that time 1967 it was and after it 5, 6 years Grand Shaykh passed away & Mawlana S. Nazim take over the Naqshbandi Way & he told me “I am not going to stay in Damascus, I am going to go around the world because it is the order of Grand Shaykh.


Because Rasulullah (saws) ordering me to gather all these, whom the Light of Rasulullah (saws) reached to their hearts, I am the one to bring them to the circle of Rasulullah (saws). And I am going to take responsibility for them in grave & in Yawm Al Qiyama. I am the one who is going to be the lawyer for them in The Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty” And like this Mawlana was spending all his life travelling, travelling…and bringing from here from there whom Allah Almighty making the Light of Rasulullah(saws)to reach to their hearts to bring them to the circle of Rasulullah (saws). Even he said, “even by love to me, even they don’t say (Shahada). Only to love me & respect me is enough for them. I am responsible then. As if I am a perfumary I put for them some perfume by loving me & respecting. But without their feeling after one meeting or another they will say (shahada) & Mawlana giving the Naqshbandi Way- Bayat and all of them are going to appear in Yawm Al Qiyama that Rasulullah will be proud with them -all these whom nowaday entering to Naqshbandi Way & Islam through Mawlana S. Nazim. And for this, how much they try all over the word the deputies to imitate Mawlana & like this, only imitation. This is to Mawlana S. Nazim cannot be to anyone else. Because he is this..the Day of Promises, Allah Promising him. But they have the good blessing & good reward from Allah Almighty, because anyone who imitate an awliya’ Allah (swt) Will make him to be with him. And for this Rasulullah (saws) says “Man tashabbaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum”. The one who imitates another one he will be with him Yawm Al Qiyama.


If you imitate and try to be like an awliya’, you will be with awliya’. If you try to be to imitate like Rasulullah (saws). You will be with him. And the one who imitates bad people, also he will be  with him. So be careful not to imitate, the dunya people. The earthly, the decorated life people who are living only for their desires. But be ones whom all the time remembering to repent, to ask tawba from Allah Almighty. To be all the time in the way leading to them to be in neighbourhood to Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws). All the time to be connecting your heart with Mawlana S. Nazim. Don’t connect your heart with anyone else, but Mawlana S. Nazim (qas), you will not reach anywhere. But if you connect with Mawlana S. Nazim all doors will be open for you, spiritually doors. And also Allah Almighty will take off all burdens. For example you are under burden, quickly connect your heart with Mawlana S.Nazim Allah Will take off this burden from you Don’t be busy by what is written in the books or in stories or like this. But be busy with the teaching of Mawlana S.Nazim which coming from him directly. Be busy by making yourself.. Doing, what pleases Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws) & Mawlana S. Nazim. Because Allah (swt) saying the ones who obey & do according to the will of Mawlana S. Nazim & or awliya’ Allah (swt), then Rasulullah will be happy from him. Because nowadays Rasulullah (saws) is not in between us. Who is between us?The one who represents Rasulullah (saws). So we must obey & be with him, so that Rasulullah (saws) will be pleased.


Until he make…Mawlana to reach to be connected with Rasulullah (saws). The one who is connected with Rasulullah he will make him to be connected with The Divinely Presence & Lights of Allah Almighty. No one can reach to Allah Almighty!Allah is the Creator & we are the creation. But you can reach to be under The Divinely Lights. And the essence of Allah Almighty. You can be in the Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty, you can reach until where Rasulullah (saws) he reach. If you are a sincere one Rasulullah will ascend you to these Maqams. Over it no one is allowed to ascend. Rasulullah (saws) in the Night Journey when he ascend until he reached two bows or less between him & Allah Almighty which means not more than 1.5 meter, two bows. 90 cm the bow. “Two Bows or less” Allah (swt) saying. Which mean 150 cm, 1.5 meter. And from PreEternal & forever Rasulullah ascending in these 2 bows or less in between him & Allah Almighty, ascending to reach to be touching to Allah Almghty. Then Allah Almighty Will open a hole swallowing all whatever Heavens, creations. Rasulullah ascending in it & Heavens and He Will create new Heavens & new 2 bows or less. And Rasulullah will ascend again. And like this ascending in 2 bows or less between him & Allah Almighty from pre-Eternal & forever. Never finishing, never ending these 2 bows or less. And like this Rasulullah (saws) he has a van of awliya’ & sahaba with him in this Maqam of ascending. As Allah Almighty saying in The Holy Quran, Allah Almighty “I am witnessing that Muhammadun Rasulullah is My Rasul. Wa Allathina Ma’ – the ones who are with him – A group of Sahaba & awliya’ whom they all the time with him in this ascending. And these awliya’, they are not too much.


They whatever gaining from that Maqams, dressing to their murids and then to the ummah of Rasulullah (saws). And Mawlana S. Nazim is one of them, these 9 big awliya’ whom they are with Rasulullah (saws). They are the ones whom they are protecting the Umm Al Kitab – The Mother of Books. 9 awliya’ appointed for The Mother of The Book. Lawh Al Mah’fuz protected by S. Jibril (as) all awliya’ can reach, can look on it but The Mother Book, which is The Divinely Presence, over The Throne. In The Divinely Presence of Allah Almighty, Allah appointing Rasulullah (saws) with 9 awliya’. And these 9 awliya’ always with Rasulullah &all of them from our Grand S. of Naqshbandi Way from the 40 Imams. They are the ones who are ascending all the time. with Rasulullah (saws) & whatever Rasulullah (saws) carrying getting gaining, dressed to them. And they will dress to their murids & then to all the ummah & nation of Rasulullah, all children of Adam (as). And for this, you will see that all whom have Baya’ with Mawlana S. Nazim nowaday even believer or non-believer, coming to be believer, all of them they have a special light on their faces. You cannot find this light in anywhere else. Because Mawlana represents The Divine Godly world of Lights of Rasulullah (saws). And he is stamping all his murids with this Light. And for this, don’t look at the physical body of Mawlana but the spiritual body of Mawlana,cannot be imagined, cannot be described. And what he has power from Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (saws) and all grand Shaykhs & S. Abu Bakr al Siddiq, S. Ali (ra) cannot also be described or imagined. And for this you will see, shaytan- satan always, the devil coming behind his murids. Because the theif never comes to a ruin, to steal anything in a ruin, it is empty. He comes to a place where full with jewels. And the most place full with jewels is the nowaday the ones who are connected with Mawlana S. Nazim.


And so he is after them to steal these jewels, these lights. So must always everyone be careful watching his heart, not allowing shaytan to enter & take these jewels, but to make Allah Almighty to be the One in his heart. Rasulullah (saws) to be in his heart. Mawlana S. Nazim to be in his heart, Sahib Al Zaman to be in his heart. Because we are so near to time of S. Al Mahdi (as). Between us & Sayidina Al Mahdi (as) months now, not more. Not very long time, no! Very short time specially what come over Mawlana S. Nazim, this seclusion which nowadays is he was carrying from the ummah, it was the last one before Sayidina Al Mahdi (as).And for this insha’Allah now so near, perhaps all awliya’ now they are waiting till the month of Rajab & like this, everything is going to be changed. Till the month of Ramadan everything will be finished, so near all these events. It is only a button. With the hand of Rasulullah (saws), Allah (swt) will say “Be!” it will Be”. All like this now, everything is ready. Sahib Al Zaman is ready,Sayidina Isa(as) is ready. All awliya’ they are ready all of them. And all the murids of Mawlana now and all murids, all over awliya’ there’s 124000 awliya’ whom they are hiding themselves. All they are ready with their murids,but only waiting the order  of Allah Almighty “Be!” Finished, one second. Everything will be boiling, will be exploding and Sahib Al Zaman is appearing. Wa Min Allah Al Tawfiq.


Ila Sharaf Al Nabi May Allah Almighty forgive us, mercy us, dress us by forgiveness. We repent to Allah Almighty & we say (shahada) astaghfirullah astaghfirullah… Allah Almighty dress Mawlana S. Nazim by high Maqam. O Allah Almighty dress him by long life make him Ya Rabbi, Ya Allah to reach time of S. Mahdi & S. Isa (as) and us to be with him reaching time of S. Mahdi & S. Isa (as) and Allah Almighty dress him by all means of cureness & healing, healing him, curing him. Dress him by prosperity and long life. Dress him by health, O Allah Almighty! And make him again to be in between us as usual O Allah Almighty, leading us to Sahib Al Zaman, Sayidina Al Mahdi (as), S. Isa (as), to Rasulullah (saws) & to all awliya’, to You Allah Almighty. Bi hurmat-Al Habib, bi hurmat- Al Fatiha.


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