“Always Be On Istiqama” (2012)

One must do his best to be always in the right way/istiqama. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q) says, be always in istiqama – you will gain. Once upon a time, Prophet Suleiman (as) was flying on a flying carpet, making him over all his soldiers. On the right hand were mankind soldiers. On the left hand used to be jinn soldiers and over his head were the birds, who were also soldiers; Allah Almighty made them soldiers for Prophet Suleiman because Allah gave him a kingdom which was never given to anyone before or after him, but will only be given to Sahibul Zaman Sayyidina Mohammad Al Mahdi is 70 times higher than what Sayyidina Sulaiman(as) was given. On one end he was putting his chair/arsh throne on the carpet. It was flying over all the soldiers. Then all of a sudden S. Sulaiman(as) saw that the carpet made an inclination(tilted) like this. Then he brought his whip & flogged the carpet, telling him, “Stop him! Return as you were.” Allah made the carpet talk -“When your heart will be in the right way/istiqama then I will be on the right level. Because your heart has a little pride that I am Prophet Suleiman & all these are under my command, all these soldiers.
This pride made Allah Almighty to be a little bit upset from him,teaching him through the carpet that your heart is a bit lying, not on istiqama.

-Shaykh Adnan Kabbani


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