“I Didnt See The Kabah”

The one whom is making himself to be blind, meaning his heart is blind not his eyes, but blind from all realities will be much more worse and blind on the day of Judgement, not able to see the face of Allah Almighty, not able to see the face Rasool’Allahﷺ, Nowadays there was a women who was going to hajj, and she was crying and crying, at the end of the Hajj saying I didn’t see the Kabbah, “why? It is here? You where praying with the jama’ah praying facing it” she said, I am not seeing it! And she is not blind, her eyes are open, then one of a good sufi ways one said to her, “what you did in your life that Allah Almighty make you not to see the Kabah which is infront of you? She said, I didn’t do anything bad, always I used to wash the dead bodies of women, to be well Coffined and dressed to be taken to be prayed on them and then buried, but I used to do something, “what you did?” These shuyukh and people who used to do black magic, these writings and spells, they used to bring for me when they used to do to harm male or female, they give me some money for it so I put (these writings) in the mouth of the dead women, dead body so no one can find it and to make it clear (the black magic), like this I did in my life, thousands of times, for some few money. She went to repent to Allah Almighty in Hajj and Allah Almighty make her not to see the Kabah, not to see it with her eyes or even heart, she was crying and crying, even Allah will forgive but he make her not to see the Kabah. how about us we want to see Allah Almighty and Rasool’Allahﷺ and the lights of Awliya’Allah and we are making ourselves to be proud and bad examples, not surviving the sunnah of Rasool’Allahﷺ, not making our heart to obtain all people, only seeing everyone as an oppressor, seeing everyone enemy to us, we want to backbite everyone, enmity to everyone, specially in our Islam as brotherhood and sisterhood, how about one who is against creation of Allah Almighty, do you think he is going to see Allah Almighty? Rasool’Allah? Or AwliyaAllah?, think about it, only I am advising, you may take from it or say I am wrong..

  • Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahir (Q)

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