Anybody who takes Bayyat from Moulana Sheikh Nazim, specially those from the Western countries, will not leave this world except as Walis. Regarding this Mawlana says “I have been ordered by Allah Almighty and by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to gather all the Lights that are now coming from Western and European countries and to return them to their origin. Any European or Westerner or anyone else making Bayyat will not leave this Dunya, except as an Auliya and he shall reach to the highest stations which Allah Almighty offers to His beloved servants.” Mawlana also said “the Light of the one who makes Bayyat with me, specially those who are entering Islam now and who come to me, shall be so bright and powerful that even the Sun shall appear dark besides their Light. I shall make their Light, brighter and more powerful than the Light of the Sun. They shall shine in every place, all over the universes and all over the Paradises”.