Love (2012)

Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad, madad Ya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani Assalamu alaykum First of all salams from Mawlana Shaykn (qs) for everyone and he is giving all his love and salam and respect to all of you and always you are in his heart, mentioning & praying for all of you. Insha Allah soon he will be in between us again, as before. Now only sending salams and love and cares for all who come to visit him, even they are not able to see him but it is already malaikah that they have been as if sitting with Mawlana and they are blessed and they have the good tidings of when Sayidina Abu Bakr as Siddiq (ra) on his last visit to Rasulullah (sas) when he was so sick and he came to visit him and was not able to see him except only looking on him. Rasulullah (sas) gave good tidings that on every step of Sayidina Abu Bakr Siddiq(ra) on the way until he reached to Rasulullah(sas) Allah making all malaikah of heavens and earths to bless and give mercy and high maqam to S. Abu Bakr (ra) for this visit.

If all the Sahaba were not able to have this good tidings and this maqam which Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) got for his last visit to Rasulullah (sas). Mawlana says that at the end of time the one who is visiting Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs) he is sick and even were not able to see him come to his awliya, to dergah, it is enough, Allah will give them. Mawlana say, Rasulullah (sas) was giving good tidings to all Sahaba that this was given to Sayyidina Abu Bakr (ra) like this but at the end… if anyone visits the one who inheriting my Divinely secret and he is a good believer and he is Awliya especially Sultan of Awliya if Allah Almighty will give whatever He gave to Sayidina Abu Bakr (ra) and to Sahaba, it is not going to be enough he said. Allah is going to be as if he is in not enough to give them all these good tidings, 70,000 times more Allah is going to open oceans of high maqams and blessings 70,000 times more than was given to S. Abu Bakr (ra) & Sahaba If anyone visiting at the end of the Ummah, the end of the time near time when the signs of Yawm al Qiyamah appearing they will be given for every step 70,000 times higher than what given in the time of the Sahaba. Because Rasulullah (sas) he said, “You are my Sahaba, you are my companions, but at that time, the Ummah will be beloved to me. You are my Sahaba, my Companions to me but I am so anxious so in love to see the end of my Nation, the end of my Ummah by these eyes. I love them, they are beloved to me, because they believe in me, they respect me, and when my name is mentioned they give salat-u-salam & they cry from love and they didn’t see me. If they saw me what will happen? And for this they are beloved to me”.

Sayyidina Umar (ra) says “O Rasulullah can be at that time, can be sharing these good tidings?” He said “No Umar, no Umar, no Umar,” 3 times, “these good tidings are only for the end of the Nation.” This Ummah, which we are now living, and for this the main important thing and the title for our small meeting today is ‘Love’. Rasulullah (sas) built Islam on love built faith, iman on love, on love of Allah almighty, of Rasulullah (sas), love of Ahlul Bayt, Awliya Allah love of Mumins to each other, not to be in enmity, & hatred & jealous from each other but to love each other, to love Rasulullah (sas). To love Allah Almighty as Rasulullah (sas) saying “no iman, no faith will be dressed to anyone to whom I will not be beloved to him from his money, from his father, from his mother, his family & children, if I am not the most beloved to him from his self , from his soul. Then no iman will be dressed to him. Like this Rasulullah (sas) built Sahaba and his Ummah on love and to love each other saying also no iman will be given to the heart if you don’t love your brother as you love yourself. No iman if you don’t love, “La yu’min ahadukum hatta yuhibbah li akhihi ma yuhibbah li nafsih”

He who doesn’t love good things for his brother as himself also, he will not be dressed by iman. How about us who are the students or lovers of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, murids of Mawlana & we say we love Mawlana Shaykh but we don’t love this or that, or we don’t love each other, then we will be a bad example for people all over the world because everyone coming here by love to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. So everyone must love each other as they love Mawlana Shaykh Nazim otherwise we will not be dressed by the fruits of spirituality. They will not be given spirituality, they will not be given vision they will not be given connection with Allah Almighty, & Rasulullah (sas) & Mawlana & Awliya. Even if they imagine they are something important, they have title, or they are big awliya but in reality it is all imagination, illusions. Because to be like this you must fill your heart with love, even respect the cat on door of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. How about his murids? How about the ones serving Mawlana Shaykh Nazim? If you don’t love, that means your heart is empty of all kinds of spiritualities and from all of mercies and all kinds of blessing coming from Allah almighty to Rasulullah (sas) and from Rasulullah (sas) to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (qs). Because as Rasulullah’s (sas) revelation from Allah almighty the same, the revelation of inheritance of secrets of Rasulullah (sas) will be his revelation coming from Rasulullah (sas). Never he say anything except by what Rasulullah (sas) will make revelation to him to say. He never speaks from himself but speaks according to what revelation is coming from Rasulullah (sas). Or sometimes he will tell the one who doesn’t care to listen from him according to the ego of the one, he will tell him like this, but it doesn’t mean that Mawlana is happy from what he is saying to him. And he is not happy from that one. Mawlana likes everyone to love each other and to respect each other and to be all of them as one. Not to be different hearts and different bodies and all of them they are sitting together in the same dergah & zawiyah & no one is respecting & loving the other.

You must only be one group, group of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Allah says to Rasulullah(sas) “All your Sahabah, Ummah are one group.” They are the party of Allah Almighty and they are the successful ones. They are the party of Allah almighty and Sayyidina Isa (as) was saying to Disciples and Children of Israel “man ansari il’ Allah -those supporting me for the sake of Allah Almighty who support Allah Almighty, Allah doesn’t need to be supported, He is supporting all of us but Allah likes to see people who are supporting & raising the name of Allah Almighty by love & so He say “O who is supporting the name of Allah Almighty, who is supporting Allah Almighty who is supporting me for the sake of Allah Almighty and the real lovers the real true ones say, “We are the supporters of Allah Almighty & for you & witness us to be good Muslims, Which means good ones submitting ourselves to Allah Almighty & to you”. This for Sayyidina Isa (as), how about you Nation of Rasulullah (sas)?

All over the world how much you must be supporters for Allah & Rasul (sas). Specially murids of Mawlana Shaykh how much they must love each other respect each other & be good with each other. And to respect each other as they respect Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Don’t differentiate between anyone, don’t say “this is good this is bad” All of them have baya’ with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. All of them are under the eyes of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim all of them are under the Shafa’a of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. And for this deed Mawlana always happy, & don’t make him ashamed in front of Rasulullah (sas) or shyful, because Rasulullah (sas) will tell him “Your murids are in their hearts in enmity to each other and don’t love each other. Why? And I am giving you all power to make them love each other.” Plenty of shaytans in between the murids plenty of satanic, and devils who try. Satan tries to take the jewels of the Naqshbandi Way the Light of the Naqshbandi Way, the Light of Reality steal the Light of spirituality from their heart, he plays with them to make them talk on the back of each other to take from them this light and they will go to bed and he will laugh “Why you follow me, I was only trying to make fitna between you? Why did you listen to me? Why are you following me? And you have Sultan of Awliya to follow, follow him. I’m not telling you to follow me but you are following me as you like, since you follow me, go to Hell”. And so no one to follow his thoughts specially devils’ thoughts.

No one to follow his imagination. Always follow teaching of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, always follow to love each other because Rasul (sas) built us on love and Maulana Shaykh built us on love, all Grandshaykhs built us on love. And you can see through books, because no one was in time of Sahaba. How they loved each other & loved Rasulullah (sas) that they give their soul and their bodies and selves to save Rasulullah (sas) in battles and all the wars. How about all of us nowadays, murids of Mawlana in this time how much we must be united ones, loving each other to be good examples for everyone to come & join us in this line of spirituality and reality to reach safely to Allah Almighty & Rasulullah (sas). May Allah Almighty forgive us & bless us. Ila Sharaf al Nabi… …on the intention Mawlana Shaykh, Allah give him long life & health and to be between us soon bi hurmat al Habib bi hurmat Al Fatiha.

By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan Kabbani (Q) – 2012 – Lefke



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