The Responsibility Of Awliya’Allah 

Awliya’Allah are always busy in purification, purifying people and completing them, erasing their sins, cleaning their diapers. Washing them by eternal water. Dressing them by the seven ranks of Imaan. They dress them by supportation from Allah Almighty and Seal of Prophetsﷺ. Then they will leave and go to another one. Even if there are billions of people and they are only 124,000 Awliya but Allah Almighty & Rasool’Allahﷺ dressing them by power to be going around between all the creation within 24 hours. Not just children of Adam عليه السلام but also Jinn, Animals, Plants, Oceans, Seas – they must serve everyone. They have a day time service for them before sunset and they have night time service for them before sunrise. All of them then must present them to Seal of Awliya who then will perfect them by himself according to what is written on Lawhil Mahfooz (Preserved Tablets). Completing their worshipping. Completing all their promises that they promised Allah Almighty in the day of Promises, before they came to this life what covenant they had with Allah Almighty. He will be the one perfecting them, fulfilling it for them and completing them. Then he will be the one presenting them all to the shafa’ah intercession of Seal of Prophetsﷺ before sunrise and before sunset. Otherwise don’t think Allah Almighty leaving his creation as they like no! Allah Almighty is well controlling them, well protecting them. Allah Almighty gave this Godly power to Seal of Prophetsﷺ who spread it to his asistants. 124,000 Awliya in every period of time. Everyone of them is inheriting a secret from everyone one companion of Rasool’Allahﷺ. Because Allah Almighty completing for Rasool’Allah 124,000 companions – Sahaba. And every Awliya must be representing one of these Sahaba and having the secrets of one of these Sahaba. While the Seal of Saints has the secret of the Seal of Prophetsﷺ. And there are amongst these Saints there are 4 key positions which represent 4 key positions of 4 key Prophets, Prophet Nuh عليه السلام, Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام, Prophet Musa عليه السلام, Prophet Isa عليه السلام. 

By Mawlana Shaykh Adnan At-Tahir ق


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