Ya Ahad Ya Samad Salli Ala Muhammadﷺ.” 

These 3 words, they are the Password and key to enter into all The Divinely 99 Names and The Greatest Name and to The Endless and Countless Names which lead you to the Divinely Godly World of Attributes. To lead you to The Ocean of Oneness ( Wahdaniyyah) to The Ocean of Uniqueness ( Ahadiyyah) to be starting ascending after the boundary of these Oceans dressed to Rasool’Allah as a reward and present from Allah Almighty for His Birthday. 10,000 Heavens, in every Heaven 10,000 oceans of lights. No one allowed to step or put one foot in the nearest lowest Ocean of the first Heaven. And the key for this to be Day and Night busy himself by it thousands and thousands of times. And meditating and focusing mentioning it by his Soul, by his spiritual senses, by the tongue of his Soul. All will be open for him and he will be start from just now until he reach after the court to be Chosen one to be VIP to be in highest level of these Heavens and Oceans of Seal of Prophetsﷺ. The key of them to be busy with sincerity and humbleness with ” Ya Ahad Ya Samad Salli Ala Muhammadﷺ.” It is The Soul of Bismillahi’r Rahmani’r Raheem.


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  1. Assalammualaikom Ya Maulana…syukran..how do i Recite this YA AHAD YA SAMAD SALLI ALA MUHAMMAD SAW FOR DAILY WIRID.


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